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Man, I don't know. Imo we shouldn't care that much about ahs - seeing as most of us are done with reddit now. The job of caring too much about what legal shit people post online is for the ahs jannies. Have you seen their sidebar "we only care about reddit, anything else can go fuck itself" well if you read between the lines, it's a massive cope - cope of the fact that they will never be able to censor the world wide web as a whole. Why care about something everyone will forget about an a few years. Of course if they are in possession of illegal stuff they must be brought to justice, but otherwise who cares. Btw this is coming from someone who still misses r/coomer.

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It's not limited to just reddit though

The splc has connections to various other groups with influence over tech

And AHS gets referenced as an authority on "hate" by msm quite a bit, including washingtonpost

Anyways I see value in organizing high quality info on them