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I don't know why you are showing me that retard's video above. He is clearly mentally challenged. Or at very least a super stoner, which is the same.

Also, this guy's "lunar wave" is missing two important elements from the original: the angle of the wave, as well as the panning effect.

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Okay Horrux, keep believing the moon is a Hologram, Icke might be a decent read for you, a shill, but a good writer nonetheless. It's fake, and Crow777 is a shill who bans anyone who trys debunking him. Others did the same, and anyone could do it much better by using after effects and creating the paraflex effect which would create the bulge. The panning effect is easy. Its a 1080p video all one has to do is zoom in a certain amount to create that effect. All of it is easy to do. Crow777, daboo77 have always been shills and pushed this crap which JewTube promoted while real conspiracies being exposed were censored.

No, Scientists did, and proved they were petrified wood. Watch Mazzuco's 3 1/2hr documentary called AMERICAN MOON!!

We never went to the moon. I find it hard to believe you believe we went to the moon but it was merely to cover-up the fact the moon is a hologram and they are hiding what it really is. That is Icke level buffoonery.

Would it not be more reaosnable to assume, excluding the evidence that we never went to the moon, that NASA was more about military contracts and the weaponization and surveillance of space?

Paulstal Service is NOT a shill or a stoner. I know him from his days exposing Sandy Hook, and the various shills pushing flat earth and the Mandela effect psyop. He's good at what he does, and asks for no money.

Unfortunately for him, he was threatened and doxxed for exposing psyops and government false flags.

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So you are saying the Mandela Effect is not real?

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Of course I am. It is an overt PSYOP promoted by YouTube to counter real conspiracies, just like Flat Earth. These two PSYOPs were promoted by all the YouTube stars as did they promote decadence and gender bending because their handlers paid them to do it.

They also were promoted by the algorithms to cover-up the moon landing lie, space weaponization by NASA, 9/11 truth, real political and government conspiracies, exposing real controlled oppositions, etc,.

Isaac Kappy, Lift the Viel, Seamen, and many other shills have promoted all these PSYOPs and have been called out tiresly by thr likes of Jeff Censored and others.

They don't even hide their famiy connections to intelligence agencies, such as Nathan Cat-tower. Their only goal ks to waste your time and to distort your rhythm. I would say nearly 95% of all truth seekers who have a face and patreon on YouTube are controlled.

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No. I KNOW the Mandela effect is real. I only heard about that term "Mandela effect" many years after the first, second, third instances in my personal experience.

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I thought it was real, until I realized it was created by YouTube and shills who were promtoed everywhere. Your mind can easily think up things and thoughts that are not your own can be placed within your mind by simple coutnerintelligence techniques.

So, it never happened to me. Nobody I know, only people on the internet and shileld by shills. The idea that CERN was used for them to go back in time to change certain workds on ceral boxes or on a kids reading books, is fucking stupid.

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Wow so you know better than almost everybody else what goes on at CERN too huh?

Listen, I don't know what the cause of the Mandela effect is. I am not going to pretend I do. But I know it's real. I know that, in part because I have acquired the EXACT SCIENCE of the mind: I am at the place where nothing goes on inside of it without me understanding perfectly what its origins, process and direction are. I can also detect with 100% certainty any tampering or influence. And I can of course remove anything that doesn't belong there.

And I have in fact experienced the Mandela effect multiple times.

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No, I think people need to back up their extroadinary claims with evidence if they want to be taken seriously. I don't see that at all with Mandella effect, Flat Earth, etc.

I don't know what the cause of the Mandela effect is. I am not going to pretend I do. But I know it's real. I know that, in part because I have acquired the EXACT SCIENCE of the mind

Multiple times, in what way exactly? Your mind and those implanting thoughts from outside forces through your subconcious can bring about these experiences. I thought it was real too, until I really started to think logical on the matter. And looking at the people who shilled it 24/7 led me to the belief it was a PSYOP. Sort of like the blue or Gold dress PSYOP.

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No, they can't tamper with my mind. First they can't, and second if they did, I would see it instantly. I have THE mind science on my side.

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Because you think they can not, you are much more susceptible to manipulation and subtle mind controls, which Bernay's denoted. When you know they can, and know there are all different ways in which they are hitting you from all different sides, in thousands of different mediums; matchstick conciousness will take over. And you will be able to unwrap the layers of unconcious brainwashing. Prayer or meditation helps. Seriously, conciously you have no idea, as I had not, about ways in which the well placed scum manipulate ours minds. It is the unconcious mind, they are after, and if you think you are foolproof they already have written you up as a far easier candidate than those who KNOW they can be manipulated.

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Also, when I state "people have seen this effect with their own eyes" you ask me if I know these people personally. But if I ask you if you personally know the scientists who tested the "moon rocks" then you point me to a 3.5 hours video. Which, le me guess, COULD NOT possibly be faked or contain any wrong information.

I don't know man, looks a little one-sided to me.

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I don't know that's for you to watch. It is of my opinion. It was only a recommendation. It might be onesided, but extraordinary claims need extroadinary evidence. The lunar wave doesn't do it for me and can easily be made in a studio.

I'd just recommend you watch that documentary and if not, we will just agree to disagree.

I just had a run-in with Crow years ago as did many other resaerchers and when they got their videos taken down whilst he and other so-called truthseekers are promoted by JewTube algorithms it makes me wonder.

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Yeah for sure that's definitely suspicious. And I don't "believe the moon is a hologram". I am open to the possibility it might have a hologram covering it.

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Actually, it's missing A THIRD and all-important element: THE CURVATURE observed on Crow777's recording.

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Yes, it is, but that would easily be done is after wffe ts using a 3D bulge. This isn't a hard effect to accomplish and other exposed crow when he first released the video but were all banned by YouTube.

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Watch AMERICAN MOON by mazzimo Mazucco. And maybe, September 11th New Pearl Harbor, also directed by him if you question 9/11 or believe the offical story.