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A crucial detail is missing.

May day is the international workers day to show solidarity with American workers who were being savagely beaten and murdered for demanding rights.

The US was a slaver nation only 40 years prior to this era.

I don't recall that US officially recognizes this holiday.

However, in the 80's Reagan declared May 1st "Law Day". Thanks Reagan, for a useless holiday. More brainwashing.

Americans rarely understand what is happening in the rest of the world. We are free to think our say what we want.
However, the truth if history has been stolen from us through historical revisionism.

We've been deliberately brainwashed, and we don't have a clue about the facts. :-(

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A+++ Great comment!

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After the Maypole dance the young used to pair off and head for the high grass to...look for four-leafed clover.

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It's also the day when you're supposed to load a sacrifice into The Wicker Man and burn it.
Just saying it's an option.

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What, you didn't?

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Wikipedia has sanitized their article on May Day even worse than the History Channel account:

Industrial Workers Of The World, A Union For All Workers, The Brief Origins of May Day, By Eric Chase - 1993.

May Day 2019 [Around The World]: Workers demand higher wages, rights, respect: