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For anyone that thinks this is at odds with anarchism. Many Anarcho-capitalists do not believe in the absence of a civil legal system. He is currently taking a civil action.

He is also potentially going to eventually attempt criminal action against agents of the state and those who lobby it to behave more tyrannically. Using the system against the system is a form of hypocrisy that anarcho-capitalists are comfortable with, and largely praise. Some deontological anarcho-capitalists, such as myself, believe the correct morality to apply to someone is the morality that they apply themselves. One can consent to a moral paradigm being applied to them. Agents of the government have consented to the application of law through their actions, and so criminal law being applied to them is not a violation of deontological ethics. So one who finds themselves most aligned with anarcho-capitalism because of deontological ethics finds them selves not misaligned with criminal law being used against government agents.