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Yeah the guy who made that is /u/sierrakilobravo

He has another sub too, with his vlogs:

He stopped posting a few months ago, I have wondered where he went. His vlog content was fun. Maybe he'll come back some day :)

Anyway, thanks for the link! I've been looking for a new show so maybe I'll give this a try

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Oh you should check out Tony, Mr. Magnora. It's not just about food. He gets real philosophical sometimes, and always digs deep into the crevices of a culture. Like the effects of war in a forgotten place like Laos, and how that effects the current day people's attitude, culture...and food! Here's another place he went that got pretty real: Liberia. When did a food TV host ever go to a friggin Liberia!?

But it's not always far from home either. Sometimes, he takes you into the absolute nitty gritty of the restaurant industry's subculture, and exposes any pretence of glamour.

And if nothing else, Tony himself is never boring...nor is he a performing seal. He knows what he is and keeps it that way; a cynical, yet humble, burnt-out New York chef, with a burning curiosity for knowledge of cultures.

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Sounds like my kind of show!

Your description reminds me of a show called "Travel Man" with Richard Ayoade. Such a good show, and hilarious and insightful perspectives on travel. All the eps used to be on youtube, but they got taken down recently. But anyway, I think you'd like it based on the way you describe No Reservations.

Thanks for the recommendation!