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We could even call them communities and do /c/, or groups and /g/, or just /a/ for AntiExtremes. But whatever we choose, we definitely need to get away from /r/

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*1. we could also do this on site for people without the extension

*2. sounds doable if that key combo is not used by the browser already

*3. Also a good place to link to RESAE downloads

*4. Would prefer to call them something straightforward like groups or communities, but the actual url param could be ae or x if we wanted.

*7. good catch! this is on my list too.

x: i have a list of additional issues we should get sorted before launch, like random not working. i will review my list and post these items here tonight.

your 2 week timeline sounds reasonable and works for me. remember we still need to wipe the db before posting real content.

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  1. That would be cool, I've spent a little time looking for this code but haven't found it yet. At one point reddit had the information available about individual up and down votes, and RES would access this information and show it. But about 2 years ago reddit disabled that information, so RES changed their code to follow suit because it used to display ?/? because it couldn't find the information. So if we could just re-activate this code (if it hasn't been removed entirely, which is possible) and then have reddit itself display the info, that'd be great. Because I think doing it through RES would require more work, since both reddit code and RES code have been changed to not allow this.

  2. All I know is ctrl+enter works on reddit to submit stuff, and it's awesome. edit: This one works when RESAE is enabled. I now consider it solved

  3. Great idea about linking to RESAE, I'll do that.

  4. I'm leaning towards /x/ just as it's shorter and more memorable, but I like the idea of calling them groups or communities.

So I'll let you take 5-7 to start, and I'll look at the 1-4 starting with 3 (the bottom bar).

I think we should get RESAE out of developer mode as well.

Why do we need to wipe the DB? We can just clean up what we have here already, delete all the sample content and so on, that's fine with me. Or is there some technical reason we must do so?

Anyway, glad you're on board for 2 weeks. So let's shoot for Oct 18 then as the public announcement date. Do you think we should have a closed beta stage, or just go straight to public alpha? I'm fine going public right off the bat even though it's a bit more risky. I'll keep a hawk-eye on the server usage and upgrade the server plan as we go if necessary, I think that'd be our only real problem with a public release, as long as there are no unforeseen security issues (which I don't think there will be).

Oh one more thing, we need to figure out a way to have permanent operators in every chat room that is created. Right now the operator of #MusicVideos[ae] is a random guest because they were the only person left in the room, haha.

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Sure, I'll tackle 5-7 next.

Oh, I didn't notice RESAE was in developer mode. Added to my list. I also need to build extensions or .zips for the other RES supported browsers.

Wiping db: yep, there's no technical reason. If you can clean it up that would work fine.

Do you think we should have a closed beta stage, or just go straight to public alpha?

I think your technical plan is sound (and we are pushing it with only 4GB RAM), so I vote for whatever will maximize the audience in the long term.

Oh one more thing, we need to figure out a way to have permanent operators in every chat room that is created. Right now the operator of #MusicVideos[ae] is a random guest because they were the only person left in the room, haha.

Yeah this is going to be hard and I think it entails writing a standalone IRC script that reddit calls when new subs are created or when the chat feature is enabled for a sub. And then sub moderators might want to actually login as operators so that gets challenging too. 5-7 and edit: a bare minimum permanent operator feature would fill my 2 weeks for sure.

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Ok I'll just clean stuff up then instead of doing the DB wipe. I'll clean up things for newcomers as much as possible, I'll add that to my personal todo list.

I think a public alpha would maximize usership, so let's try that.

Okay don't worry about the permanent operator thing if it's that hard. It's honestly not a big deal unless we get people taking over IRC channels and doing bad stuff like kicking and muting users, although eventually we should build some safeguards for that. It's not a high priority for the next 2 weeks.

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I disabled developer mode in chrome and RESAE still works, so I guess that issue is solved now with the SSL certificate or something

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I think you have to put Chrome in developer mode to install an extension from a .zip. We could post proper extensions to app stores to smooth this over.

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I think that would probably make users feel a lot more comfortable installing it, probably worth doing eventually

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Wait I spoke too soon, it's still in developer mode. I think it has to be in the app store not to be

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Hey d3rr I've cleaned up the site and removed all the test posts and stuff like that. I also changed the graphics to reflect we're in alpha mode, and changed the links at the bottom to go to actual things.

I'm still planning on announcing the URL publicly on the 18th, I'm going to start building hype for it over the next few days.

I'm going to start focusing more on posting content now, and getting actual appealing things for people to read when they visit the site, and start fleshing out a few of the subreddits. As well as registering a patreon, and getting wallet accounts for all the cryptocurrencies we accept as donations. I'm going to try and get all that done before opening day.

If you could get the chat summon thing working (perhaps each thread or maybe even sub-thread has it's own chat room when summoned in comments), and the RESAE in to the app store, I think we'd be pretty well set up for opening the doors to start the alpha on the 18th.

I'm excited to reveal our work to the world! Hopefully we can hook a few dozen solid users and start building a real community around that nucleus.

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Nice! I know I've slowed down a bit but I have been in progress with the chat. I hope to update it here tonight. Love your header artwork and logo. If you want to work towards RESAE in the app stores, you could register for accounts and get all set while I prepare the releases.

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Sounds good. Glad to hear you like the artwork, I was hoping you would! I'll look in to the app store stuff.

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So the first stab at 5. and 6. is done. I forgot about your other comment, so for now the chat summoning text is "!chat_widget" (with two exclamations). I'd be happy to change that.

Have a spin and let's see if it can be improved.

Known issue: guests chat as different guests if multiple chats load at once. Try in incognito:

Known issue: this same link is failing for me as a logged in user. I think multiple on the same page sometimes works if you only join a single new channel. So the same page loading different channels case is quite a bit different and potentially harder than the multiple tab case. If this can't be easily improved we might have to consider "click to load chat" everywhere but the sidebar, and then they don't all load at once.

Maybe subreddit settings should have more options too, like sidebar chat on/off, post and comments chat on/off

Also notice there are "open chat in new tab" links everywhere it shows and new chat user preferences.

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So it was working awesome, and then I tried to create a !chat_widget beneath your functioning one in that link, and then it broke all the chat windows and is asking me to log in to the Lounge. Is there a limit to how many channels you can create? Does creating a chat window in reply to a chat window break it? Or maybe the settings are wrong so it doesn't work in the first place except when you do it?

Anyway, it was working great, other than it seemed to see me as a guest in the !chat_widget you created, instead of as magnora7, and now it's logged out of the lounge because I made a new one.

Is the lounge username and password just one for the whole site to make the app function, or does each user have their own login and password with the Lounge?

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Maybe subreddit settings should have more options too, like sidebar chat on/off, post and comments chat on/off

Yeah I think this definitely needs to happen. I'll start looking in to it.

Quick question, does the site load slow on mobile for you? I got rid of the banner for mobile, but it still goes very slow on my phone. Is it also that way on your phone browser?

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Last comment: It is working fine in incognito mode, but i'm still logged out of the lounge in every chat window in my non-incognito browser and I don't know the username and password. Also if I log in as magnora7 in incognito, it logs me out of the lounge again. Did I break lounge policies or something?

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/r/antiextremes - the link works, that's cool