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Good luck Mag. Hope this takes off

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Thanks. We hope so too. We think we've got a decent shot

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Did you remove the personalization settings that were hidden in reddit? I know reddit implemented them in, without really saying anything and I had to uncheck all that crap. Do any of these data harvesters exist here?

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I don't know, honestly. We suspect there is a some harvesters, possibly. There's a lot of code we're going through and learning what's what. I'd say I understand about 40% of the code right now, in terms of the overall structure, there's quite a lot more to comb through, imo.

I can guarantee you though that if we find data tracking stuff we will strip it out and get rid of it. It slows down the site, and the only reason to gather that data is to sell it to some shady 3rd party, which we do not plan to do.

We'll be looking more in to that over the coming weeks and seeing if there are inbuilt data harvesters, that's a great concern that I'd only really considered for mobile so far (because it used to be slow). But point being, we don't want that either so we will root it out if we find any.

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Thank you! This is the page I mentioned, could be hidden within this website too.

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Ah yeah, thanks for that link. I'll look in to this more. We at least don't have a corresponding so we've got that going for us. I'll have a look under the hood about this personalization stuff over the next week

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Another cool feature is that posts never expire or get locked, so after 90 days or whatever, people can still comment and vote. It now takes 9999 days for a post to expire.

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This comment is only to see if this is true haha. Edit..... success

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:) good test

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The true test will be on February 25, 2045.

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Also, I know this is sort of anti free speech but my suggestion would be do ban any obvious shill. One needs to read the cryptome . org internet disinformation document to understand all the tactics the use. Obviously, this place will get bigger and when it does there might be some shills lurking. However, that too depends on the moderators. For instance, CST on reddit was great at keeping shills away. In the beginning of voat pizzagate, there were zero shills but someone exposed something and then all these pedo shills started to post CP and the mods who were compromised allowed it.

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I agree. It's a problem that requires a delicate touch. I think the pyramid of debate (link) addresses almost all the concerns with this issue. If a person is consistently dragging discussion down levels on the pyramid of debate, they are exhibiting trolling behaviors almost always, behaviors we don't want in the community. I plan to protect the quality of discussion on this site from people who wish to poison the well (so to speak). I am aware of this problem and we plan to have the community flag these people down in a way they can be removed for reasons that are transparent to the community, after exhibiting a long-term pattern of behavior of dragging discussion down the pyramid.

That's the plan.

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Awesome, is there anyway to combat users using dozens of alteregos? If you spot a shill based on their history and the communities agreement, what stops them from having multiple new accounts for them to spam, as this was and is the number one problem at voat and most subs on reddit.

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There are several layers of protection we have against this, but cloudflare is one of them. We can even turn on cloudflare DDOS protection if we need to, as voat has been doing for the last month or so.

Plus their behavior on the pyramid of debate will expose them. And if there's an IP associated with those, and it's causing a lot of troubles, we will ban the IP.

A lot of this will have to play out as it happens, there are limitations to the protections. But there are methods for every layer of attack, and while none of them are perfect, I believe if we form a tight community and remove bad actors on a regular basis, we can sustain a higher quality of conversation than there is on voat or reddit.

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Hell yes!

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And please let me know if you have any problems, you can reply to this comment, or create a new thread in /r/AntiExtremes (which is for conversation about the website itself)

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Go to /r/all where you can see all the posts, and subscribe to some subreddits :)

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I hope it goes well, I just think that you should try to develop your own identity for the site, rather than looking like a literal clone of reddit. You can have a reddit and a voat style in a user's preference, but the default should have more differences that the voting arrows and the banner. But this is your site mang, you do you.

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Glad to see this. It'll be a good show. Is there advertising on here?

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No advertising, just donation funded

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What are the Reddit and Voat extremes?

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Reddit is so censoring and left-leaning that you can't get a word in edgewise and voat leans so right they literally think the nazis were good. There's a huge gulf in between the two that we hope to fill

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Thanks for the explanation. SJWs vs Alt-Right. We are the third way.

I'll never go so far as to say Nazis are good or even tolerable. All power is corrupted evil and there are no good wars. That said, the Nazis were actually the lesser of three evils, the underdog set up (starting from the previous century) and sandwiched between the Russians and the Anglos. Contrary to all the propaganda that makes Americans think they won the war, ignoring the Russian efforts and $20 million dead.

Really, Germany had lost the second world war before the first one even started.

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SJWs vs Alt-Right. We are the third way.

Exactly, you got it! Good points.

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I'm in baby ;D

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Sounds promising.

Speaking of "sounds", I thought I'ld just include some parts of an oldie that have been ringing in my head today. Enjoy.

You're old enough to kill but not for votin'

And marches alone can't bring integration

Hate your next door neighbor but don't forget to say grace

Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction

[Barry McGuire, Eve of Destruction]

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Ganaram is here. Not digging the black background. Cheers.

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Click the color mode change button in the top-right, it's the half black half white square. Welcome to saidit

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As you created the RES plugin clone why not just add the functionality by default?

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That's our goal, but it's probably going to take 50+ hours of programming to accomplish and we've got other goals to finish. Our priority list has 19 things on it right now

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so what changed? howd reddit end up like it is?

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Reddit is basically redesigning the site to make it more ad-friendly, as well as turning a blind eye to mod takeovers and rampant vote-brigading. So we made saidit in reaction to that.

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Sadd..but I mean to say, is people the problem it turned into an extremest site? will people always end up like this if reddit had mods and admins like they do? Sorry if not clear

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Voat turned in to an extremist site. I guess reddit did too, but only corporate extremism, which is unfortunately the status-quo culture in mainstream America.

I don't think every site will turn out like reddit. It really comes down to what the admins and mods allow, and I think we've got a really great group of free-thinking people overseeing saidit. People who are more concerned about quality of information than user numbers.

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Dare I say it's difficult to keep the servers run with so little money, so you'd want more traffic. I feel soon enough you'll have to make a you want to welcome more people or cater to the community?

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Has this been updated? Did it work for the

We have developed a RES plugin for this website, called RESAE. It enables all the features of RES, like user tagging, friend tracking, vote per-user tracking, and many many more features that you've come to enjoy from RES. You can install it here:

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Yes it did work for antiextremes. I think we did switch it over for saidit, but the downside is it requires your web browser to be in developer mode because we haven't technically published the app yet.

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Awesome man

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Happy to be here from the beginning.

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I'm on board!

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Glad to be here, think this is the best option. Give it a go and see if it works!

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Fuck yeah, let's do it.

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I'm in. Good luck.

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hey OP. New sub creation appears to be disabled ( and I haven't been able to find any information or public statement about this anywhere on the site. Can you share anything about this that might be relevant to me or other interested users? Thank you.

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Yes there is a 3 day delay on creating new subreddits at the moment, after you create a new account. We're sorting out some issues to make sure everything is good before we want new subs being created. We just need to make sure everything is unfolding properly as people join, doing testing and so on, so we have to kind of stage things day by day so we have a good eye on everything here right at the start.

Thanks for your patience.

If there's a specific sub you want right now, let me know and I can create it for you and make you mod. Or you can wait a few more days and do it yourself, either way.

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pro extremes* this site is built on a partial lie, voat is filled with truth, not blind hate and racism.

by lying about voat, this site is already an extreme, of disinformation. voat was built on the found of freedom of speech.

to create the original reddit, you must first unlearn what you have learned from today's reddit.

also, i suggest avoiding the use of the term subreddit here, as cancerous as reddit is, they might start a copyright troll on the term.

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We are transitioning away from the term subreddit

voat is filled with hate, but there is truth there sometimes, but it's drowned out by people looking for a hate echochamber mostly.

That's my opinion, but if you think voats so great, then by all means go hang out there.

I've been on reddit 10 years, so I think I have a decent handle on the situation, but I'm always taking user input if you have something more specific to say.

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no, itsd not filled with hate, thats disinformation, by saying that, this site you have created is already filled by blind hate.

its reddit thats filled with hate, and you created this site on the foundation of hate, fear and disinformation.

and you have been on the reddit you once used to know, for 7, maybe 8 years. you've been on cuckit for 3 years, lol.

actually research voat, before you place your label blindly, lol.

the real hate is on reddit, voat is a collection of memes.

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I've spent dozens of hours on voat. There's always some front-page post about hating black people, and it has 100 upvotes and no downvotes. Every time I go. It's not even intelligent racism, it's just cherrypicking followed by generalizations, 9 times out of 10. Plus many people on there still believe in Trump... It's just not that great. You may think so, that's okay, but I'm not happy with it (just like I'm not happy with reddit) which is part of what inspired me to create this new place, where maybe people can be a little more intelligent. But that's just my dream. I remember what reddit was 5+ years ago, and I'm trying to regenerate that sort of a community, because it was awesome and very high quality and I think it can be done again.

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disinformation, i havent seen any black hate posts rofl. you mustve had to rly dig to find legit hate, lol.

anyways, freedom of speech, you've already defeated yourself and the cause of this site if you make a mountain out of the few.

btw, bad recruiting tactic, you dont tell peeps to gtfo just cause you dont like what they have to say, squished.

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Currently on the front page, 88 up, 6 down. Clearly just blind racism.

Thanks for your comments.

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thats a meme, gg, away with your lies.

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So racism is okay as long as it's in meme format? Lol ok man

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putting words in my mouth? lol, ok man. but this post you just made, shows this site is already extremist, checkmated, gg.

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That is what you are implying.

I'd ask you treat this website and conversations on it with more respect in the future please.

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I tried voat. My experiences don't match your words. There was more unproductive vitriol than I care to expose myself to.

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Agreed. As far as my experience with Voat goes, it was filled with anger, hater, bigotry, vitriol.....etc. (but hey, perhaps it's different now, I haven't been there in quite a while, so I can't judge really).

If one wants a productive space for conversation, one needs to move away from any kind of hate. Intelligent conversation cannot flourish with unchecked anger going around.

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What use is a collection of memes?

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I softened up the wording about voat in the OP post, because perhaps it was worded a bit harshly. I just hate voat because it was supposed to be the chosen one, and it became messed up so badly so fast. Sometimes good things leak through, but it's honestly painful to read.

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nah, it didnt go either way, rofl. thats reddit's disinformation, you need to unlearn what you have learned.

rly learn, jdont just hunt for the few legit hate posts. reddit did go left extreme, and voat has its own path, what voat is, is people enjoying the ability to post freely, on any subcuckit. they would see a sub ban at the least.

alot of people seen voat for what it is, and hopped on board, this is where the voat hate came into play.

old code, dont judge a book by its cover, rofl. except nobody seems to follow that code anymore, its instantly labeled as racist or extremist.

and that banana post is not legit hate, thats a meme.

its a joke, and its not on the front page, lol.

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reddit is RHP, voat is LHP, æ is MHP

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