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There is a 3 day delay between creating a user account and making a subreddit, at the moment.

We do plan to move away from the term 'subreddit' and away from the /r/. We're thinking maybe /x/ and call them 'SubXes', how does that sound?

As far as the vetting process, it all comes down to the pyramid of debate, shown here:

If a person is caught consistently dragging discussion down the levels of the pyramid, they will be eventually banned. A person who is consistently dragging things up the pyramid is very highly valued here.

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Thumbs up for subxes!

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This gets caught in my mouth. Subreddit flows, I think you should keep trying. Sorry, not being negative and I hesitated posting because I don't have a better suggestion.

For real though, this is the inception, think of how subs or Subreddit is the "brand" of reddit. This is an important decision. It has to be made soon but has to be wise. Wish I were wise enough to add a suggestion...

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This is an important decision. It has to be made soon but has to be wise.

I agree with this. Either way it might make or break the success of this site.

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Yeah it is a bit rough to pronounce, that's true, but thankfully it's usually just typed and read.

I think after weighing all the options personally I'm heavily leaning towards /x/ and then thinking we can call them subXes or subantiextremes to use the full expanded name. That both ties in to the site name and rolls off the tongue more easily.

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I have a voice in my head when I read, I know, sounds creepy. I like the way /x/ looks but calling it either of those is clunky when the inner-voice reads it.

Can you use a symbol instead of a letter? Like a star or something? Symbology is super catchy as a brand, just ask any corporate logo!

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nope, internal vocalization is a thing. but I think keeping it simple is important.

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Most everyone has some sort of inner voice when they read, it's not creepy at all, I understand what you mean completely. I thought about doing /æ/ for AntiExtremes, but I think it might cause some serious technical issues I'd rather avoid because it might have trouble interpreting the symbol on certain systems. Plus it's very hard to type, which is just annoying for the end user.

I think /x/ is kind of cool, it reminds me of 'x marks the spot' or 'Mr. X' (did you see that Simpsons episode?) or the 'x-files'. Has a kind of mystery about it, and I think that's catchy. Also a lot easier to remember than most other letters. Plus x is the default variable in math, in which you can put anything. So it works all those ways! :)

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How about SubExtremes? Same number of syllables as 'subreddit', and embodies the founding principle of the site. SubExtreme = less than extreme

Could be SubX, but pronounced subextreme...

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That's good! I like it. I may use that.

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But if you have to shorten it to one letter, stay with 'X' or you get subby. ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

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Excellent, thanks for the response. And I think SubXes is a solid choice

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I know I was against subXes but if you can portray it being pronounced "subzees or sub sees" it flows in my head and is fun in general!

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Great idea!

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Hey, there are some things going on in my head that a worth merit from time to time, few and far between! j/k

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We all have moments :)