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i like none of those.


like :D

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opensourcexchange? Popped into my head when I saw your comment.

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I like that a lot more than the other options.

Pplus, reddit isnt just about news, and I wouldnt expect this site to be either. It might be about connecting with people, building and organization, education, etc.

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Good point about "news". I think we've landed at a non news and non chat name.

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Well, a couple of thoughts cross my mind.

"Help us decide!" is a somewhat misleading lead in. Most of the deciding has already been done judging from the existence of the "finalists".

Additionally, I would echo the sentiment that none of the "finalists" are in the least bit inspiring. To me, they are a rather drab gaggle of would-be winners, more characteristic of the poor lot riding drag on the herd.

However, if you must, then "WorldNewsChat" is quite descriptive.

But whatever you do and whatever you decide to call this site, please do not include any form of the words, FACT or REAL or KNOW or TRUE, the foulest four-letter words in the English language to my way of thinking.

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great feedback, thank you. I think you're onto something with those particular words.

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Hey guys, congratulations to finishing your website. I am very positive to your project and I'm happy to have been able to join here. I'd choose as the site name.

Tell me if there is anything that I can do for your website. All the best, Gurgulus

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Welcome aboard! Thank you for volunteering to help. Hopefully we'll have a bunch of new users soon and need some help managing things. It will probably be quiet for a week or two though as we transition to a new name.

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None of these are interesting to me, sorry. They either sound real generic or reactionary to reddit (

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Fair enough, thank you.

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Did I understand correctly from Tinfoil Hat that you have settled on SaidIt?

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Did I understand correctly from Tinfoil Hat that you have settled on SaidIt?

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Yeah, it seems to be the overwhelming consensus so we've decided to go with that. It's easy to remember, and that's important. The overall impression was 9/10 for I think it'll be good for the site. We've already registered the domain as of yesterday, and we're commissioning new banner art from a professional visual artist. I'm going to make a post about it soon-ish