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I'll understand if you don't want to speak personally on a public forum, but I'm genuinely curious. why is this issue important to you?

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I'm happy to answer. Thank you for your question. I became interested in this conversation originally through feminism. I still view it primarily through that lens. But I diverge from postmodern feminsits. I believe that it is important to preserve masculine men and feminine women, and that those gender identities are natural to us.

I also became interested in the policy and psychological aspects of this topic originally through Jordan Peterson, when he came out against the anti-free speech laws implemented in Canada. I combined what I knew already with what he said, and from there I've done my own intense research.

In my opinion, this topic is severely un-researched, and not many outside of the medical establishment, and the transitioned community, have any knowledge of these definition changes, or how to interpret them.

These kind of language games are a common tactic in postmodern feminism. In fact, changing the meaning of words is justified in their theory, called, "Feminist Language Reform". Postmodernists believe that by changing the way we speak, we can change reality as well. I don't subscribe to that idea. I have also detailed this topic on my Reddit account:

It was my knowledge of these tactics that gave me insight into this issue. It's the same strategy being used. This is the result of postmodernism infecting the medical establishment. It is absolutely my prediction that these definition changes will not stop here. I believe they will continue until they have removed the biological definitions of "man" and "woman" altogether.

This is not only important to me, but I believe it should be important to everyone, but we cannot act without information. It's an issue for advocacy. The medical transition of children needs to end.

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Very insightful, thank you for your work.

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Thank you for reading it.