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The point of these quotes is not denying anyone's suffering. If you say you feel depression/anxiety/etc we accept that.

It's psychiatry denying your suffering:

ie, their belief is your flawed brain is the source of your suffering, as if you're imagining it.

Antipsychiatry is about accepting people's suffering is real and has a wide variety of causes, which are mostly oppression (eg exploitation, and socially caused suffering) but occasionally someone will have some form of brain damage as the cause. (eg could have been born with it.)

If you were born different, that's fine because different != a disease.

Everyone is different!

Antipsychiatry is understanding that when psychiatrists "diagnose" you they can't prove anything is biologically wrong with you. Or right with you. They don't know- they don't do lab tests. They're just making up stuff via "checklists" of behaviors which they just made up.

(And which they judge via their subjective opinions.)

ie, people have very real mental conditions and psychiatrists don't know what the causation is. They just blame your brain (the "individual defect view.") In other words, psychiatrists just push pills endlessly and very cruel "mental illness" labels.