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    There are a few theories here:

    1) Putin is doing what the NATO pedos want since they encourage conflict/war to justify NATO expansion (Sweden/Finland) and investment into the military industrial complex. Media, of course, plays into the narrative with their fake news.

    A) He's unknowingly playing into their hand

    B) He's working with them

    2) Putin's actions have actually upset the pedos as it has interfered with their NATO expansion into Ukraine. They're showing the world (especially China) what happens if you interfere with their world domination.

    Either way, the pedos have been itching for another conflict, trying to provoke Iran/China, who both didn't take the bait. Now they got their conflict and have been slightly backing off from China. However, I suspect that after the Russia/Ukraine situation is dealt with, China/Taiwan is next and after they successfully move/steal semi-conductor chip tech from Taiwan, they may conduct a false flag operation by attacking Taiwan and blaming it on China (as they're killing Ukrainians now and blaming it on Russia).

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    So, you are saying that e.g. $LMT has secret technology flying around above a war zone and hitting theaters and train stations, because you can't possibly imagine that someone who has been doing false flag operations since two decades (Putin), is just killing more civilians he doesn't care about in order to reach his goal. ARE YOU A RETARD?

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    Accusing nonwhites of so-called "war crimes" is racist. It's only a "war crime" when committed by white hetero-gentile male degenerates against anyone else.

    Oscumba is half-white so he's only half a terrorist. That's one half more than Putin who is about as white as Bruce Lee (no relation to Peggy).

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    By ignoring the main message, you are supporting the message, which means you are either stupid or a bot or part of a paid troll factory. Which one is it it? This is a classic Russian propaganda strategy.

    I guess, at this point, Russia is probably funding this website, because they have an interest in funding alternative platforms.

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    Omar al-Bashir: laughs in actual genocide

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    Feel free to show that in the various US wars or the last two decades the hit rate on civilian targets was comparable as in Ukraine and you might have something. If you can't do that, YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON.

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    The burden of proof lies on the one making the claim.

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    You are the one making a claim, dumbass.

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    Feel free to show that in the various US wars or the last two decades the hit rate on civilian targets was comparable as in Ukraine and you might have something

    Feel free to show that yourself.

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    You are the one claiming it's comparable by using "alongside". Just admit you are a fucking moron or a troll.

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    it's always the other side who commits the crimes, never the 'good' side, who's always right. They are so virtuous (in their own eyes).

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    Exactly. The US doesn't even belong to the International Criminal Court for that exact reason. That's why Biden's comment was so insipidly stupid.