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Only the (((powerful))) can organize a protest. If you try it you will be censored and no one will know about it. You will think no one is responding because they don't care, but in reality no real person is allowed to see your content. You will be engaged by a bunch of bots, many pretending to sympathize, but no real people actually see any of it.

All the protests that happen are the elite manipulating the public.

All lives matter is slandered as racist because it literally brings everyone together. The elite use racism to divide and conquer. They do the same with nationalism.

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Truth is, the war is already over, or at least 75% over, but they will keep the argument fires burning for another few generations.

We now live under Chinese rule, but they just haven't declared this publicly.

China own the manufacturing end of everything I buy, which means they effectively own all of the big box stores.

Truth is, as far as wars go, the Chinese were fairly humane about the whole thing.

They gonna keep you in fear and they will maintain multiple social conflicts brewing.

Technically, it is over.


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War is far from over. We're only at the beginning.

Biden just stopped ASML from working with/servicing China. China may enter a semiconductor chip shortage. If it causes any major damage, China has multiple retaliation strategies.

Thus far, they haven't adopted any significant strategies aside from retaliatory tariffs or import bans, but they can, for example, halt the exportation of rare earth elements. They could also call in US debt, which would cause inflation and increase interest rates, but also economically damage the rest of the world, including themselves.

The US also still have their NGO's, military bases, pedo rings and CIA journalists situated all over the world. China doesn't have the money, infrastructure or network to really counter US operations, which is why they're the country that's more closed off to the rest of the world and not America. The Anglo-Saxon deep state will also start a nuclear war before letting the Chinese take over.

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So you do not want the war to be over?

Your wish is my command.

The war is not over

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You and this retarded chinese bullshit again. Lmao

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ping pong

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Some day the Martian overlords will come looking for you, and when they do, they will serve you anchovies.

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Spoiled anchovies.

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the powerful are the (((media))))

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I just went on Reddit and searched for "nuclear war". Most posts in the last 12 hours have fewer upvotes or interactions than this post here on Saidit.

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Also, I just logged onto Facebook for the first time in ages and did the search. A few posts, almost none from anyone I know, and almost zero traction on the ones that do show up.

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Twitter has the greatest number of mentions, though the bar is low and the game is still rigged. When I type "nuclear wa" into the search bar, it's telling that the only other autofill suggestion is "nuclear war unlikely".

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they didn't ban you? wow!

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I didn't bother posting. Might as well be pissing into the wind.

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It only serves Putin to hype up his terrorist threats. So it's not at all surprising that most of his hypemen are on this Q-adjacaent conspiracy forum, rather than normal communities

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Call me old fashioned, but I like it when my chances of dying in a nuclear explosion are in the 0% range.

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Good, then you'll join the anti-Putin alliance, because stopping him is the best way of bringing that number back to zero.

Answer me this. If his nuclear terrorism is rewarded with territory. Do you think the number will go back to zero, or will it remain high for years to come?

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And here you were accusing me below of binary thinking...

NATO member states are all volunteer armies. Feel free to sign up if you feel so strongly about it.

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in the 0% range.

If his nuclear terrorism is rewarded with territory. Do you think the number will go back to zero, or will it remain high for years to come? What's your proposal for keeping the number close to zero? Mine is - we should ensure that Ukraine wins. What's yours?

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Negotiations worked 100% of time during the cold war. Both of these assholes need to get to the table, now.

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Ah so, you're thinking that Putin is sure to give up his illegal holdings in negotiations at a proper official table. It's just that nobody has tried to negotiate at a table with him. Is that your view?

Because you're wrong, in Belarus in March and Turkey in April and all around central Asia in August and September, Putin was taken to a negotiating table and asked to give up his illegal holdings. He declined and instead conscripted a million new soldiers.

So what now? Should we reward his nuclear terrorism by allowing him to keep his illegal holdings? Is that your recommendation now that I've disabsued you of the incorrect notion that, nobody has sat him down at a proper official table.

So taking your argument that one step further - we've met him at the table, and rewarded his nuclear terrorism by letting him keep some illegal holdings. Has the world tension gone to zero? Have nascent nuclear powers like Iran and Saudi and North Korea learned a good lesson: that you had better behave, or you'll get taken to a table where you can name any price.

Is that the world you want to live in.

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all brainwashed on reddit

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George Floyd was a fucktard ghetto reject, he was high, he just finished passing counterfeit cash..

Who passes a fake twenty, except for a desperate dope fiend?

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He died of a drug overdose. When he got pulled over he ate his stash.

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Black olives matter!


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Black olives, green olives, it's all good on a pizza.

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nobody lives matters fuck all you motherfucks

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Shhh, you just said the part they don't say out loud.

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You have this all backwards

Pro-Ukraine demonstrations are happening daily across the world.

Why would anyone go out and protest that a dictator should be appeased. Why should anyone go and protest that a nuclear terrorist should be given what he demands. It just doesn't make sense. His troops are raping and electrocuting and ripping out teeth - why the fuck would a "Ukrainian lives matter" protest against the teeth-ripping also be saying 'but you have to also give the terrorist what he wants, which is more Ukrainians'

It just doesn't make sense

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Or maybe the narrative you're being fed as The Truth may have a few things left out.

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Ok fill me in then.

Because you're saying that people can't be both "human lives matter" and "let's not give humans to Mordor to electrocute and rip out fingernails". According to you, those two positions are mutually exclusive. But you refuse to explain why?

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Only propaganda is one sided like that. There are no winners in a war. Unfortunately, innocent people suffer the most so the military industrial complex can grow, and arguably, noone is innocent. Can't believe people are rooting for either side of this conflict when both are rotten, and could be of the same coin. We're a silly species. Maybe seemingly having no natural predators does that. For all we know, we're alone in a universe we barely can see, let alone comprehend, and still threaten and kill each other over false ideals.

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The systems designed by evil people aren't here to help us.

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You've got that right.

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You ever wonder why Ferguson, where an unarmed fat man in flip flops was shot multiple times while being chased, then collapsed, multiple bullets in him, while laying in a pool of blood, was executed nearly point blank... didn't spark the large reaction from the public or corporations that the Floyd junky did?

I suspect it was all timing and the need for a movement to turn against political enemies. I swear I recall all those Democrats, even Obama, dismissively saying all lives matter, around the Ferguson days. Caring about the Ferguson slaughter was considered wrong-think, that would get you reddit/twitter-censored, but not-caring about Floyd was treated the same, in a stunning direct opposite.

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They say "never waste a good crisis". You hit the nail on the head there.

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The only protest that ever struck at the heart of the beast was "Occupy Wall Street." There's a reason they shut that down with prejudice, but let BLM run rampant for months without putting it down - Occupy was on target, and BLM was a farce.

Turn it up.

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I would like to personally congratulate George Floyd on 875 days of sobriety and not stabbing pregnant woman.