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Sometime YouTube really pushes the same "recommended for you" videos. I guess they're popular or promoted in the algorithms.

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Ancient mystery "impossible carvings" are obviously NOT IMPOSSIBLE! These small polygraph duplicating devices for dual hand written pages could easily be scaled up for large construction projects, set at other angles than just side-by-side AND with templates to guide and limit the resultant shapes. /s/AlternativeHistory/comments/emu/ancient_mystery_impossible_carvings_are_obviously/

It's not fucking rocket science! I'm so tired of stupid people pushing ancient mysteries being impossible!

Even modern day totem pole carvers still use the same techniques to "mysteriously" carve their totem poles with magical geometric symmetry.

IT'S NOT MAGIC! It's just clever and it's simple.

That's how they get those perfect corners and such. And if you change out the carving heads you can carve the impossibly hard materials.


How Michelangelo created his statues - the water method. Working large marble blocks carved top down, Michelangelo referenced small wax models immersed in water, gradually lowering the water line that he used as a cross-section outline shape to copy - not unlike a 3D laser scan. /s/AlternativeHistory/comments/emw/how_michelangelo_created_his_statues_the_water/

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