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Isn't this numerology?

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I don't know, but even if it were, why would that matter? I am not worshiping numbers and put no trust in them for my salvation, but numbers are helpful for looking for patterns and associations.

Have you ever used a concordance? Maybe you are not familiar with it. Every word of the Holy Bible has a number associated with it. Example: The Greek word #2424 = Jesus. That is the name of my Lord and the one who bought me from Lucifer with his blood.

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That number was arbitrarily assigned by people for convenience. Maybe there's some signs, but you can't just go looking out looking for them or you'll start seeing them everywhere.

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I believe there are no coincidences, but there is a meaning for everything.

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Can you help explain what the fuck is going on with me and cqtz?

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A "self-described attention seeker" that engages in discussions with "relatively hateful content", especially regarding sexual preferences, likes dragon artwork. But how can you tell if a dragon is male or female? It is also challenging to determine if a snake is male or female.

You can look at a lion and clearly see it is male by its mane. Jesus returns as a lion.

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A "self-described attention seeker" that engages in discussions with "relatively hateful content", especially regarding sexual preferences

Oh, that's It's a joke site. I also don't recall her saying anything about sexual preferences.

Where was the dragon artwork at?

As for the rest, I don't understand what you're trying to say.

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You should know more about cqtz than me. But I tried to answer your question anyway, and included some ideas to provoke thought.

The dragon artwork is a flag.... cqtz is the moderator of that sub.

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Okay that's a really huge stretch. So just because she's a mod of /s/flags, every single flag in the world says something about her? You can just go and pick any random flag and it says something about her?

Regardless, you're being very vague and cryptic. I can't tell what you're getting at. The way I read it is you're hinting that cqtz is the devil in disguise, but I doubt that's your intent.

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