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If you have been in healthy relationships with both those in your race and outside of your race, did you feel like you were missing something when you were dating outside of your race? by jupiterdreamsofpi in aznidentity

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The white worship is noticeable to non Asians too. I felt this belonged here and I’m glad this community exists. by sowhatgoaheadmane in aznidentity

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Some anti-china westerners bash/criticize China for being a far-right ultra conversative nation by chinainworldcup in aznidentity

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Looks like I got someone triggered, lol. Imagine how much of a worthless pathetic little grub worm you have to be to go through the trouble of doing this. Too impotent and scared to say anything in real life, but pretend to be a big man on the internet. That's how a lot of them are. LOL. by Bubbly_Employer_4962 in aznidentity

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Yet another pathetic shared sockpuppet of the aiNCEL fggts. Must censor 24/7 so we can win back "MUh lADeeEESss", win over "mUh non-AsiaN ''''''aLLieESSss''''''", and be (((Pro-LeFT))).