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Testimony by one of the Israeli activists arrested yesterday in Jerusalem, while blocking the American consulate in protest of the US involvement in the genocide:

"As we were all sitting outside the US consulate, with the signs and chants, the main policeman came to assess the situation. As he approached us, face to face, I quietly said "don't touch me". "You would love for me to touch you, look how ugly you are" I immediately shouted, in front of the demonstrators and the photographers, his full name, his senior position and the exact sentence he told me. A policewoman yelled at me, "Shut up, you idiot, be quiet!". When we arrived at the Jerusalem Center Police Station, a policeman and a policewoman took me out of the cop car. They held me and I walked with them, but the policeman tripped me with his leg. I fell down and the policewoman shouted, "Don't play games, do you want me to beat you?" while she gives me a kick. We reached the stairs while the policeman was still holding me. He shook me again and again and said "In a second I'm rolling you down the stairs", while the policewoman shouted "stinking leftist", "whore" and "why are you here while our female soldiers are being raped in Gaza". The last sentence was repeated as a rhetorical tool by almost every policeman at one point or another during the arrest. Especially in the moments when I was alone with them, for example on the way to photographing and taking fingerprints, or to the interrogation: "I wish they would replace you with the female soldiers who are being raped now in Gaza."

During the hours we spent in the holding cell, we wondered why the police were telling us to go all the way to Gaza in order to get raped? During our stay there they did two searches on each of us, and in my second search there were no less than three policewomen present. Between the bars we asked each other - in the eyes of the cops, when the attacker is Jewish, does that mean it is consensual? Or perhaps I even enjoy it?"