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I also think all felonies below f3 should be expunged in 10 years. What you end up with is people with hope, and education bc they can work. Lots of drug convictions, people wya smarter that zuckerberg become viable.

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I also agree with these two things. Additionally I believe there should be a change in social programs, I think they need more funding, but should be designed to prevent poverty, and made so they lift you out of bad situations and put you in a position to take care of yourself - Not keep you dependent. Citizens should not have to be Destitute or lose their homes before they receive assistance. No wonder these programs are hated. They cant be used until you have lost everything, then they give you just enough to get by, but never get out.

I stand firmly by the second amendment but I think you should be tested on your firearms and your precision and safety every four years and nonviolent offenders should also be eligible. *edit: Also, make defending yourself more cut and dry. I dont want myself or family hesitating to defend themselves and getting killed in their own home or car or on the street because they are afraid of a jury. the laws need to be more universal and written in clear precise language so both the criminal and the Defending person know exactly where they both stand. If I blow your dick off defending my home, I shouldn't have to finish the job just so I dont get sued.

Prison systems should not be made "for profit" in any way. Nobody should make money off the penal system. Focus on rehabilitation instead of just punishment. Three strikes laws should only be used on violent offenders.

Abolish Right to Work laws. They promote corporatism and only favor giant faceless corporations. Make it easier for small business to get loans and take advantage of bigger tax breaks to promote capitalism for the smaller guy. Make Getting Jobs jobs easier, pay better wages, punish business that have bad practices and high turnover. Make Capitalism Loved Again.

Better training, and review of police officers. Stop letting bad Officers transfer to different precinct. Officers should be reevaluated every Two to Four years and Racism needs to be a factor.

Maybe we will stop shooting brown people in their own houses, then.

Start focusing on real issues, not weather or not something is PC. If you look like a dude and smell like a dude Im going to call you a dude. Don't care if you Identify as a Monster-Truck-hamster-kin. For Fucks Sake I'm not perfect either, push down your outrage like everybody else.

Everybody needs to do their part for the environment. I dont care if climate change is man made or not, we dont need to be turning our only home into a land fill. Give benefits to those companies that try to lessen waste. Encourage clean up programs.

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Thanks for the long reply, copy pasta? Seems pretty well thought out. It's nice write out.

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Thanks, I feel better now! RedBeard 2020!

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This is a good idea. I know a lot of people with even f5 that can't get a job bc f5 is a felony, yet they are not even close to f1.

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I think this but never put it into words. I don't support open borders but I do support helping people out for a short time so they can be independent.

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the correct view would be liberal economics and conservative social issues, I mean you can have opinions but logic and facts are on the side of those views. Neither party lets us have that, this is by design. Both parties are conservative on economics and the dems push weird transgender bullshit to get people to not vote for them, the rich bribe them to lose on purpose so they can get tax cuts.

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I'm a conservative social democrat.

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I'm a conservative social democrat.

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I guess I could fit that description. I don't follow any political party. I use common sense, research and experience to decide my position on topics. I want the least amount of intervention in people's lives without leaving anyone to starve or die. You specifically write about former prisoners. First drug possession charges shouldn't require jail time in my opinion. Selling or huge quantities is different. We have more people imprisoned than any other nation in the US. If something someone does doesn't effect me it's not my business. And I don't mean effects your feelings. I mean real property rather your person or private property. I get the argument that drugs cause crime. So arrest people who are actually committing crimes, not be the thought police and assume because someone uses drugs they will then began to commit crimes.

When the prison system become privatized (thanks Hilary) there became an incentive to imprison people. One of the selling points to these investors was the high ricidivism rate.

My opinions make me hated by all sides. It can be lonely. But I think that in actuality a lot more people feel this way than they are willing to admit.