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Atheist. I do think some of the guiding principles of religion can be a useful moral compass, but I don't subscribe to the idea of a higher deity. The way I see it, god may or may not exist, but I'm going to assume he doesn't exist unless I see some damn good proof he does.

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By your description, I'd say you might be more agnostic than atheist.

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The teachings of the Buddha seem wise to me, but I'm not sure I'd call myself a Buddhist.

The teachings of Jesus seem wise as well, but I'm not sure I'd call myself a Christian either.

After all, the Buddha wasn't a Buddhist. And Jesus wasn't a Christian. But wisdom and understanding is what they both had in common. So I think that is worth striving toward.

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Budeo-Christian? :D

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Sounds about right. Maybe I should start a church, there aren't any Budeo-Christian temples in my area lol

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That's genius.

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Agnostic and a fan of Jesus Christ, Christianity not so much.

Mankind isn't even sure if fatty food is bad for you, or how much cloud cover impacts global temperature, so how the heck are we supposed to be able to correctly answer these biggest of questions?

Jesus was way cool:

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"jesus" is the face of a dirty dirty religion, his image is now a face of corruption!

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The Catholics and some other groups have certainly done a number on it

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"christianity" is a 2000 year old shitsrael psyop propaganda initiative to undermine neighboring and hated caucAsian roman empire's laws customs traditions institutions traditions... the apostles are mossad agents... "catholics" are cucked idiots as well as any other "christian"!

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That's a cool sounding theory. If you've supporting evidence it sounds like a good read. The Romans wanted it just as bad, they needed a state religion to unify their population?

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really, if i feed you poison... you want it?!.

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Love God and treat your neighbors how you'd want to be treated. That's the whole thing, I don't see any poison.

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are you a glow monkey or just to simple to read between the lines?!...

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Is there no third option? I guess I'm simple.

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we can't afford to be "simple" in a full scale domestic-american-guerrilla-war being waged against caucAsian/Asian males in a country we built by our own deepstateshit cia glow monkey operatives who are working whole heartedly with shitsrael with the intent of "changing the countries culture" beneath our feet!

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I'm ex-christian.

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What is your faith now?

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Atheist because I think religions are man-made.

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They are extremely likely to be man-made... Even if they are not man-made, I always have the problem to worship a god who committed genocide.

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For me, it is that only humans go to heaven in christianity. We think so highly of ourselves that we make religions in which only we count as souls. Maybe 2019 years ago pets weren't so popular because if they were, they would've changed that part for sure.

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Maybe small cults, but not religion.

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God is cool dude he hates the bible and thinks its gay. He just wants everybody to become sustainable bc that's what the simulation is built to do. We are a higher beings terrarium.

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I was an agnostic before I enter adulthood. After I enter adulthood, I gradually become an anti theist.

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There is only one being in the universe, and we are tiny components of it.
It has no volition: meaning it's not good, or bad. Things happen by chance and by choice, beautiful and ugly, and there is no naming or controlling any of it outside of our own choices. Even those choices are restricted by our limited understanding; but that doesn't mean we're not a part of it, as much as any rock or tree or ocean. All those things, including us, have being.

One of the great lines of my life came from "Hotel California" by the Eagles; "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."

We choose the world we live in every day by waking up.

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My "beliefs" are observation based, but that includes paranormal observations. I think that everyone tries to put a personal belief on this world, which is always wrong at some point. This includes the materialistic belief.

I used to believed in Dawkins atheism, but found that a lot of things were wrong logically. Then investigating further I started to observe that there were other dimensions around our physical world.

This also filled in the many holes in the atheist theories. But when I studied the science around it, I found that many scientists were either in denial or not knowing well enough about the subject. The "scientific" opposition is purely based on straw-man, ad-hominem or even gas-lighting. But there are also scientists that confirm my observations, often because they had such observations themselves. Sadly, they try to match it to some religious belief.

The best indication that I am on the right path, is when I discover that a certain belief breaks apart. And then I try to gain more wisdom and replaced it with a different paradigm.

My "belief" is closest to tao-buddism. This means that I respect other people's ideas and do not need to convince them.

Some links (with their own bias):
Science non-duality

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I mostly worship Moloch but I've been known to make sacrifices to all sorts of Babylonian deities.

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Bwahaahahahahahahaha XD XD XD

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    For example, Abrahamic faiths hold as much weight as the Norse or Roman pantheon or atheism. Without clear evidence to support any position I entertain the possibility that any of them has the potential, no matter how remote, to be true.

    I do enjoy simulation theory.

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    Christianity and Simulation Theory can both potentially be true at the same time too

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    Atheist. I really don't give a damn if you have an imaginary friend. I really don't give a damn about what you CLAIM you believe; even if you are an atheist. I much more care about how you behave. Words are shallow.

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    Pastafarian checking in

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    Hi, good to meet you. I'm planning to be a Procrastian, one of these days...

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    What is a Procrastian?

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    It's a joke...worshipping procrastination..that's why I said, "I'll get around to it one of these days" (not originally my own line; but I laughed when I heard it)

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    I believed this a while.

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    Our Honorable SUN/SOL is the true Master of the Universe, it's the center of ALL power, energy, light, creation, manifestation, knowledge, communication... it's where ALL of the fake gods get their energy, including you and me! Bee calm and praise Our Honorable SUN/SOL!!!

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    So you are joking.

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    babes... you think Our Honorable SUN/SOL is a joke?!... throughout history all "gods" come from the SUN/SOL, except a fake psyop "god" "jesus", who is obviously not a "god"... if our Honorable SUN/SOL were to disappear so would all of your "gods"!

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    Atheist, always have been.

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    Your name...........

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    No specific title for myself. I don't believe any intelligent being created the human species, but I absolutely don't KNOW this. Anyone claiming they know this is lying as much as anyone claiming to KNOW their God exists is lying. We can have beliefs and faith. That's about it.

    Some people place blind faith in science and "scientists" and other place blind faith in religion and the religion's leaders. Dr. Feynman had an interesting quote about how a vast majority of scientists are wrong, and it reminds me of the faith people place in religion as well. With all that being said, I think most modern religions have a good message, overall, and clearly helped make our species successful.

    And here's some concepts I find interesting: if God turned out to be an alien race that created life on Earth, would it still be God? And if the big bang created the universe, what created that? What was before that, and what created that? If it was God, then what created God? If the universe just magically materialized, what/who allowed it to happen? Laws of physics say that matter cannot just be created from nothing (I'm oversimplifying) so are we saying that an exception to a fundamental law is what created existence? If not, then the matter existed and something/someone had to have created it.

    Anyways, rant over. TL;DR no one knows. They just have a belief system that they have faith in. Except agnostics. Those are just honest people that admit they don't know wtf is going on.

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    Hold on, if I believe in something and tell you so, am I not honest with you?

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    If I said that, it wasn't intentional. I specified that people have beliefs and faith. People saying that they know (as in, for a fact) something in this context are not being honest. Not necessarily maliciously, but literally no one on this planet actually knows any of this. I mean, unless they ARE God, and then I would ask them who or what created them. Then back to square one. Sorry if I wasn't clear in my rambling.

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    Alright. But I think there is a difference between knowing there is no god and knowing there is no god known by mankind because that's what I believe, of course I can't know if something is false if it's unflasifiable but I can analyse human history and it's patterns, how different cultures created their unique gods in isolation. To me that proves that this is a game of manipulation to control the people.

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    Yeah, I completely agree with the distinction you made.

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    This already exists. Theistic Agnosticism and Non-Theistic Agnosticism.

    If you believe that a Deity exists, but it is totally unknowable and unprovable then that is Deism. Deism is pretty cool. It lets you analyze different gods without having to believe they exist as they have been described. For example: Maybe Zeus and Wotan are the same guy. Or perhaps Huangdi wasnt Chinese at all.

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    Technically I'm mauri.

    This would make me an Atheist.

    bluenigga the Islamist

    Im crying with laughter here

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    I like to choose a new GOD each day I wake up, depends on my mood. Today I went with Peitho.

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    Grew up in a fundamentalist Christian household. Became an atheist in the army. I find myself leaning towards Heathenry now. Not sure what exactly you want to know, but the basics are:

    Frith- literally means peace, but is more like a bond you share with your family. In Heathenry your family doesn't have to be blood related.

    Hearth cult- your home practice. Usually a small alter that you have inside to pray or begin the gifting cycle

    Gifting cycle- a bit more than I want to spend typing here but basically if someone or something gives you a gift, you give them a gift back. Doesn't have to be physical. Example: you buy a friend a random souvenir, they bring a 6 pack and hang out, you help them fix their car. Basically establishes a cycle of social favors

    Sumbel- during a blot or holiday, members of your kindred/hearth cult/people-you-trust will circle up with a horn of usually mead. It's passed around 3 times. The first each person gives thanks to a god or godess. The second you honor an ancestor or personal hero. The third each person in turn will give an oath, toast, or boast. An oath can be anything from passing a college class to Improving a skill, but oaths are taken seriously. If you take an oath it is public in the group and they are bound to help you. Like if you take that oath to pass a class. They will have to help you study and will call you out if you start slacking off, though you will be able to count on their help for whatever you need in order to succeed. A toast is recognizing an accomplishment of someone else in the circle. A boast is something that you are proud of accomplishing.

    There are 3 main targets of worship Ancestors- people who died that you are related to or you count as a personal hero

    Gods/goddesses- this is going to take too long

    Wights- "spirits" that may or may not hang around. Keeping your house clean is the easiest way to appease them

    Heathenry itself basically is split between 2 camps:

    Folkish: believe people should worship the religions of where their ancestors are from. Because of this most, not all but most, are white nationalist alt right racist Nazis

    Universalist: accepting of everyone. The gods in the myths married and slept with whomever they wanted or said fuck the gender norms when it pleased them. The historical vikings would routinely assimilate cultures and people that they came into contact with. This camp doesn't care what you look like or where you came from, as long as you are a good person

    This is already more than I felt like typing out. If you have any questions feel free to ask

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    Why you became an atheist?

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    I wasn't convinced there was a god

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    Non-denominational synchromystic monotheism combined with complimentary definitions of freewill/destiny (both exist in tandem) and a yin-yang philosophy concerning nature of God/Humans (as in, they fill in each others blank spots, are purposeless without & create one another).


    Molochist(1): JohnPodesta

    LMFAO, please tell me this wasn't an accident.

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    LMFAO, please tell me this wasn't an accident.


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    Fuck off fedposter

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    mainstream sunni islam

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    I'm capitalist.