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All politicians are deepstateshit glow monkeys who have abandoned their country!

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    "king" does not work in a "democracy"...!

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    I have no political beliefs. I don't trust in anything of it.

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    That's nihilism.

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    That's not nihilism. You can still have political views even as a nihilist.

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    Liberal, but I'm not sure that word means what I think it does anymore. Maybe it never did.
    I believe in the maximization of freedom and the minimization of tyranny. I dislike hierarchy, abhor bureaucracy, and the only authority I grant any legitimacy is my own over my self. Voluntaryist, Anti-Authoritarian, or Classical Liberal with deep anarchist sympathies might be more accurate.

    FWIW: Every few years since it came out in 2001, I retake the test to loosely gauge if and by how much my politics have changed with age/experience/wisdom/brain-damage. I consistently score in the far bottom-left quadrant (left-libertarian).

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    Wow I took the test and it ranked me as auth left when I’m lib right.

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    Ha, interesting. I never really dug much further into the origins of the test beyond the about page, and I definitely can't vouch for it's accuracy. A quick DDGO search for "politicalcompass bias" brought up a number of criticisms from wikipedia, rationalwiki, and r/ask_politics, who all call it pro-libertarian propaganda. Then again I don't consider any of those sources neutral either.

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    8values is vastly more accurate than politicalcompass

    My Results:

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    Right wing on most social issues and left wing on economic issues

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    I am close to the opposite of that.
    But I'm glad we are both here.

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    all parties are run from the real government overseas, like this....

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    Classical liberal. Pretty much a libertarian that rejects literal anarchy. And I disagree with a vast majority of our military efforts, but still support our troops. On that same note, I disagree with a vast majority of our laws, but still support our (most) cops.

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    far left on economics far right on social issues

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      are you a glow monkey?!...

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        i don't like checkpoints for any reason. An example is when they're checking for drunbk drivers. Ok it may save lives to catch a drunk driver, but they got caught not for driving erratically, just cuz pulled over and breathalyzed but otherwise they might have drove home fine, and say they also catch you with other drugs in the car at the time, or it is passed inspection etc a bunch of fruit from the forbidden tree and should be inadmissible in court. And maybe they catch illegal immigrants too, who I want caught but not that way. The slippery slope is what happens when we always have to pass thru inspection points like in 1984 world.

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          i hear you it is terrible and I know folks who have had lives ruined by drunk driving, I also know tho that say I am driving totally sober then go thru a checkpoint and they catch me on some minor issue and give me a ticket. I hate shit like that. Say a guy is a murderer and then tho cops investigate his apartment without a warrant and find the evidence that they can find him guilty with, well I want it thrown out as inadmissable and him to be free since it was found illegally, I would rather have murderers run free than for all of our freedoms taken away, tough choice but we have these rights for a reason, cuz in the past shit has gone down.

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          I agree. If it's supposed to be a dui checkpoint, that should be all they are checking. It shouldn't be a carte blanc to investigate a whole roster of other stuff.

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          and unless it's a friday or saturday night I think drunk driving will be less prevalent and they do it just to catch people on the ticky tack stuff, to make money for their municipality.

          One good thing about rise of uber and lyft is I think drunk driving will be way down. Taxis always cost too much to be viable

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          Beliefs are mostly conservative fiscally and libertarian socially - generally the least amount of government is best. I don't care what people do and it's not my business to tell other people how to live their lives as long as they're not hurting someone else.

          Otherwise = nothing. I've always thought politicians were little more than professional liars and con men. I've never voted in my life (and I'm over 60).

          I love Trump because I view politics mostly as Entertainment and he's the funniest President....ever. The more the left hates him the more I like it. US politics is the Greatest Show on Earth.

          By comparison our sadsack Canadian politicians are boring as fuck.

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          Neoliberal-leaning republican.

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          I am Nazbol. Or at least that what I say. My political beliefs are actually evolutionary psychology. But not ep as science but as philosophy.

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          im a socially conservative center-leftist. i hate the power of the state but deem it necessary to prevent a greater tyranny in society (ancap for example) and want the state to help people insofar as it enables them to help themselves but also believe in some level of economic freedom as necessary to keep society developing. i prefer when countries like the united states focus on their domestic issues instead of constantly waging wars overseas. also i dislike much of modern culture as it is ultimately destabilizing to non-state institutions such as family and community. i find that maintaining our freedoms is much more important than promises of safety and benevolence

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          u/d3rr, u/magnora7 answer the question for transparency~!!

          : )

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          I think the whole political system is a joke and both of the two major US parties are owned by corporations who run the political system as a trick so the peons think they have a say in what's going on, when in reality they basically don't.

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          Upvoted, I have to sleep now.

          (My time zone.......)

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          Democratic libertarian

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          Yes please.