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Absolutely, I believe there is a very real plot to destroy not just the US but all of Western Civilisation. Who is doing this you ask? Oh come on, we all know who.

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more than one group, possibly more than a dozen.

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To respond to OP: the answer is of course. You can't watch protesters burning the American flag, major actors calling to "Burn down this f*cking Constitution", and general hate against the US being taught in classrooms or repeated in the media and not recognize that the left doesn't like the United States very much.

I feel like we're in the middle of the French Revolution, and people are still questioning if the Jacobins really hate the monarchy or if it's all just for show. It's comical.

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I don't??? (I'm new here)

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(((me too)))

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There was a documented attempted coup of the US in 1933:

Left/right doesn't really matter. Some people just want power, and will use any means necessary to get it. It's always happening, from many different people and groups simultaneously.

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I had a feeling you were referring to the plot that led General Butler to write "War is a Racket"

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Prescott Bush (Dubya's grandpa) was one of the conspirators. He also helped fund the Nazis.

Neocons and Israel did 9/11, with the support of the senior Democrats.

You can be 100% certain that the Bush family supports the destabilization and the coup.

The Bush family are right wing banksters/oiligarchs.

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Yes. We are getting fucked from all angles.

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Oh come on. Even wikipedia says it's a hoax / conspiracy theory. Let me guess hardcore centrist who thinks fascism is everywhere?

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I'm not even going to narrow it down to "groups on the left" There are indeed (groups) that are actively trying to destroy the United States.

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Well it's certainly not boring, vanilla nationalists or Rush Limbaugh trying to do anything like that. But there are communists or other leftist politicians looking to 'fundamentally transform' and all that.

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It's both sides following and supporting political parties which are both indebted to the same wicked people.

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I'd beg for evidence, especially on the right, but it never goes beyond "politically friendly" normal, boring stuff that happens with tons of other groups too.

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It would be so helpful if we all stopped capitulating to this left/right fake divide illusion. The forces behind this destructive agenda are beyond red and blue, they are insatiable power-hungry maniacs with no respect for life or liberty, earth or country, and an obsessive desire for world domination simply for its own sake, as if "winning" that "game" were going to make them happy.

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That would be nice if the left would regard the rest of us Americans as Americans, and say we're all in the same boat. But to the left, we Americans are The Other. This is the best explanation I've ever heard at this link. A bit long but worth reading every word because it answers SO many questions.

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How does your disdain and blame for the so-called left differ from the so-called left's disdain and blame for your PoV?

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We consider all westerners as the ingroup, and non-westerners as the outgroup. But the left considers our outgroups as their ingroups, and their outgroup is US.

You can't say it's some kind of fake division. It's founded in human personality differences. Johnathan Haidt has done outstanding work in this field. Here's his TED talk, you really need to watch it:

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I think there's a lot of truth in what you're saying, but generalizing the actions of the extreme left onto half of the US population isn't very accurate. Most people are somewhere in the middle, and they aren't going to take up arms against you to defend antifa or open borders or communism or whateverthehell. You probably realize this too but maybe it's worth saying. "the left" is not unified or homogenous just like "the right" isn't, despite the media trying to make it so.

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I keep seeing this issue crop up here on SaidIt. I think there ought to be a big thread discussing it that people can refer to whenever it comes up.

I feel like a lot of people here align themselves with "the left", while they are actually classical liberals, 90s/00s liberals, or libertarian left socialists who care mostly about economic policies rather than culture war issues. I'll call this Group A

Then you have refugees from reddit's admittedly-leftist propaganda culture and censorship policies. Some of these are conservatives, others are anti-SJW, and still others are just frustrated moderates. I'll call this Group B

The pattern is that Group B criticizes "the left" on some issue. Group A then gets (somewhat understandably) offended, and chimes in that a lot of the left isn't like that. Group B then gets (somewhat understandably) miffed, and responds that it definitely is prominent mainstream leftists who are responsible for the issue (which is true). Both are technically correct, they just have very different perspectives of what "the left" is.

The thing is that Group A and Group B don't even disagree that much. Both groups seems very live-and-let-live, "I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone" types. But this one perceptual difference has led to a lot of disagreements on here.

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It's not the extreme left we're talking about. It's the whole left.

Go ahead, ask any of them if they have anything in common with West Virginians. Ask them if the West Virginians are even human. You and I both know what answers you'll get.

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I think consume too much anti-left media if you feel the left is all the same. How about saidit's lefties who haven't posted a single damn thing in support of BLM but instead choose to talk about the police? How about all of the Bernie 2016 supporters who bailed for Trump? How about all of the Green party supporters "throwing away" their votes to vote against war?

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Yeah, I know the view from inside the left, it's a mess of factions. But there is the maxim, "no friends to the right, no enemies to the left" to serve as a guide. The right has no similar idea. This results in the left going further and further left all the time, up until we get the insanity we have today.

The one thing that everyone agrees on is that the right is The Other. That's the source of today's polarization problems. In 1973, all six major US class segments were centrist. Over the next 35 years, five of the segments moved slightly to the right, but "Intellectual Upper Class" moved far out to the left. See:

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Nice links. I've never heard this maxim before, interesting that I'd hear it from a non-leftist for the first time. The media/extreme left is going further left, but that doesn't mean half of the country is genuinely along for the ride. The rural dems are not on the same page as the city folk.

Maybe you'd have better luck trying to flip moderates rather than demonize them.

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This is a pretty typical snippet of the "no friends to the right, no enemies to the left" view. You should be familiar with most of its arguments.

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Amen! Preach it brother

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    Tulsi? "I endorse Joe Biden" Tulsi? Come on, she played you like a fiddle. Just like Bernie did.

    You lefties who don't dehumanize the American people are rare as hen's teeth. You do a good job staying hidden. Hillary should have put you in charge of her emails.

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      I have no idea; I'm not a mind-reader. I would guess with a great deal of compassion and humanity. I doubt he would punch down and make mean-spirited jokes about buck teeth, the Islamic practice of cousin marriage, and intelligence being being a heritable trait in families.

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        Johnathan Haidt isn't a leftist. He's a liberal. You can tell because he's not calling for censorship. Free speech is a bedrock liberal ideal.

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        That would be nice if the left would regard the rest of us Americans as Americans, and say we're all in the same boat.

        Nobody thinks you're an American.

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        Dude this has been going on for decades. The New World Order

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        Well yeah. The model is the cultural revolution in China. Of course there it was class-based rather than race-based. In both it wasn't about you, it was about your genetics. Simply having unacceptable parents was enough to condemn you.

        Much like today, it was the Red Guard (far left) vs. Red Army (moderate left that just wants to rule without interference).

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        Last time I checked, the main idea of the left is to abolish borders and nations and have a global "workers government".

        As for the military, I think Obama and the Clintons got America into enough wars. Even the left need the military and the police for their own purposes.

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        Yes, but also from groups on the right, and from multiple countries/factions too. And the leader of the right can't even spell Constitution. We're fucked and on the way out.

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        Destroy the U.S and the west in general. It's a slow process that's been happening for decades and probably too late now.

        Yuri Bezmenov, ex-KGB who defected to Canada, warned people in the 80's -

        This article is relevant and intersting too -

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          You're trolling, poop. The only difference between a muslim and a christian is that a muslim will resist the devils smallhat tribe where christians have already succumb, unfortunately. However, when we talk about desert Muslims, their brains are indeed overcooked and they will do all sorts of crazy shit, like any other desert folk in the past, Islam or no Islam. There is only one enemy of Christianity and West culture, and it's the tribe you can't talk shit about, the rest of us are just casual victims.

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          This is very accurate. The desert-dwellers (of any race) can get pretty cooked, both in ancient times and modern.

          But we are casual victims, or willing goons.

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            First of all that story sounds hilarious, were you undercover for two years :D All of my life I had DAILY contact with the non wahabi, non desert Muslims, totally normal people. Those ideas you're talking about come from the Saudi sponsored, semite, jew cousin bearded freaks.

            The theory of dirty westerners is true tho. If you don't wash your ass every day, you's a dirty pig.

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            It's probably a variety of different groups, sometimes with actual conflicting visions, but all contributing to helping things utterly disintegrate.

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            i think it's more of a forth turning thing. it's becoming increasingly like the last 20's and 30's, where leftist (socialist) ideologies rise (not to judge any ideologies) and you've got yourself another hero generation, the generation that most laugh about, the millennials. see

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            It is a Brave New World....

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            Yes, this has been going on for years. An infiltration and enablers are behind it. A correction is necessary for America to handle her hostilities from within and save it from itself. There are members less productive and certain practices most destructive that need rectification for unification. Here is to current admin making it happen in a positive way.

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            The Great Awakening continues... The Silent War continues...

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            I think that's simple minded, assuming grand conspiracy and collusion when there's a lot of different groups, beliefs and opinions out there. Some of the things you claim are leftist positions are also held on the right or issues of people on the right as well.

            Weaken our military. Liberalize drug use. Anything goes immigration policy.

            Not in the negative way you framed it("destroy the US") but these three in particular are actually Libertarian positions, and also held by particular Republicans as well.

            The idea that liberalizing drug use would be a bad thing is ridiculous, honestly. Drug law has been a massive failure in this country and is actually one of the major factors that are causing this racial strife and anti-police sentiment, where it disproportionately affects minorities.

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            I think they're just trying to get rich, and if the consequence is a crumbling nation, so be it. They will happily live in their walled gardens, and ivory towers.

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            rich own both right and left and use both to destroy us

            the repubs ruin economy thru taxcuts for the rich and no regulations on wall st. Dems ruin country thru sjw woke shit. Voters want neither of these but it's all we get.

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            Yes. And they're funded by the Jew George Soros.