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I have two close black friends, my ex gf is black, and I am white as snow.

They're full of way more vitriol towards BLM than I ever could be.

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My mom agrees that the white people apologizing for their whiteness are insane.

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I'm sure a lot of white people would agree. It's crazy that they're pushing away the people most likely to help their cause just because of their skin color, it's just fighting racism with racism. All those white people that are on the side of equality are just feeling disenfranchised and out of place (just as some black people do). But it's just giving white racists more fuel.

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Parents hate them, and so do my friends.

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I love them.

I absolutely LOVE that the same fucking retards going out and protesting/rioting are the same people saying

When the fucking mainstream cucked assholes jackoff to riots but condemn Back To Work peaceful protests.

Yeah it's fucking political and your tin gods made it so.

I love that more and more people are getting wind of how bullshit the left is and how disconnected they are from reality