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Post every day.

If everyone posted just 1 link and 1 comment every day, we would have too much content to follow.

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It should be everyone's goal for at least a month. Most of the subs here are dead af, which drives users away.

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Pretty much just trying to be nice. Maybe gonna make a sub about it one of these days too. How about you?

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Within a month or two I hope to recreate a couple subs that I'm missing from reddit. It's a start!

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What do you think your first one will be?

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I think simpleliving would be a good one that a lot of people would like, and it'd have some good thought-provoking content. Also there was a subreddit called stallmanwasright that focused on ethical and legal issues of modern tech, important discussions there as tech continues to change the world.

Other than that there'd be a lot of niche ones for things I'm into like certain car models or vintageaudio. Those won't get much participation but the first step is having a place to do it.

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I'll participate in s/simpleliving when it comes up. Another option would be to post that kind of content on the clone I'm going to make of the sub I run r/weirdcollapse. That would free you up to start another hobby sub, because I think you only start like a sub a week or something like that.

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Is weirdcollapse about societal collapse?

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It is, but with some twists. Here's our sidebar

If you're cursed to live in interesting times, you might as well notice the interesting stuff. . . Doom for people who don't actually hate people . . . Check out the writings and explorations of Ran Prieur at

Basically, most people on the sub think that collapse is happening, but it won't go down the way most people imagine. I think that the super-wealthy are going to be able to keep and expand sci-fi like technologies while leaving the rest of us in the dust.

It looks like Ran Prieur is going to be sucked up by current politics and then the election, so it might be a while before he's back on his game, but he thinks a lot about the future.

Other than that, we have a regular poster who is trying to show what the future of agriculture will need to be like if we can't get our hands on cheap oil, and several people contribute links about technologies, urban development, and even how-to on local crafts and trades. It's a place for weirdos, many of them a bit left-leaning (and many too far disenchanted with political authority to correctly be called left or right), but not much woke-scolding.

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Ah that makes sense. Interesting stuff, I was subbed to a bit of content like that

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I JUST searched for /s/simpleliving and it's not here, if someone would create it I would gladly try to contribute with what I can.

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I'd do it but my account isn't 2 weeks old yet. I'll do it when I can unless someone beats me to it

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I donated money, switched the name of my account, switched the way i communicate on english (..again) and omitted the concept i should "waste" my time with memes or politics. I will only spend my time here playing with new ideas. In the background i will switch the direction of my own studies to more engineering and some friends and me will start a startup in the next 2 months, because we finally found sme with money, willing to spend it on us and able to trust us.

So you could say, saidit and corona fuckups by my administration changed my account from one that represents a single person, to one that is actually useful and progressive.

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switch the direction of my own studies to more engineering

Are you an engineering major? If not, wonder how one studies it outside of university?

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No. I'm in math, but i got no major but a diploma. We got part time studies at some universities, that is why i will move soon. And "pure" math is only done at universities in my country as far as i know. And btw. i believe anyone can study anything, once he / she finds out which books are used at the university for teaching. Asking people there can save you a lot of money, if you know a good university library to thoroughly study by the book. This is how some famous people studied completely alone, before they fucked up our university teaching system (basically they turned it into a school, which is NOT the same) with the bologna reforms. Fuck USA for this one. It killed a lot of natural creativity in young people trying to change the world, because studying in this time means a full schedule so you got almost no time to actually reflect on what you are studying if you want to keep a social life and sleep regularly. Its a total clusterfuck, pressing students into learning stuff they never wanted or will need again.

Real knowledge and progress can only be achieved by freeing minds not by enslaving them. University literally means "universal" .

I am a generalist and i will stay a generalist and i know why. Soon i won't need to read their fucked up "specialist" job descriptions anymore, because i will decide, which people we hire. And we're searching for good and trustworthy humans and not for obstinate "specialists" that cannot think out of their own box the university system put them into.

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Fuck USA for this one. It killed a lot of natural creativity in young people trying to change the world, because studying in this time means a full schedule so you got almost no time to actually reflect on what you are studying

That depends. In my uni - which was one of the best in my country - we actually got plenty of free time. Granted I wasn't that social myself, but then it's always a compromise between work and leisure and no system would change that.

Soon i won't need to read their fucked up "specialist" job descriptions anymore, because i will decide, which people we hire

Lol that's familiar. I'm learning programming and when I try to motivate myself with job descriptions I just get more depressed. Don't appreciate the idea of working for a corporation that would get rich off me. And do bad shit. Reddit has lots of employees who were ordered to do shit they did after all...

This is how some famous people studied completely alone, before they fucked up our university teaching system

Yes, but they lived in - before 20th century? There was less to learn back then, isn't it so?

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Yeah well. Now it gets tricky, because i worked in education for a long enough time and can't deny my own character.

I don't like seeing shitty systems at work and nobody directly involved at least trying to change it for the better. Of course shit always rolls downhill. For me people seem to have forgotten or just don't know that there are principles like Kaizen. There are many more solutions to this, because this problem occurs in many hierarchies and people mostly seem to rather fear for their own job than trying to change it for everyone for the better from the inside. This kind of bullying is pure bs and follows from the rising stress levels in all people, imo, which is obselete. But then there are these people trying to get rich and famous on others backs...

The role i'm growing into was given to me freely which makes me a very lucky person, because someone else recognized, who i truly am.

My point on your last point is: There was and will be always many more things to learn, especially when they are not that obvious. Creativity is imo 1 % creativity and 99 % hard work in finding the right ideas / principles you can recombine, to build something astonishing and "fresh" that people will accept.

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University literally means "universal" .

interesting. also catholic means the same thing.

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Thanks. Now i will most def marry my woman, even though she is catholic.

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Generally just trying to contribute, hope to find/make a unique sub in the future

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The two-week wait is gonna be the death of saidit. It's like an eternity to wait.

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I'm doing my part by posting rickrolls occasionally. Gotta bring some 2007-tier memes in here!

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I will try to post once every day on /s/TIL since TIL is one of those things I really appreciate with Reddit. I'll see how long I'll have content for it and how long I'll go on. I can't promise that I will not repost things that have been on Reddit previously; I reckon it is still better than nothing at all. Obviously it will be stuff that I consider interesting, so we'll see if the rest of you will like it.

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I wish there was a sports sub, everything is about news or politics right now. My account is too new to make a sub.

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There's s/sports. Start postih the content you wanna see there, maybe others will join in.

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Well, to be honest, me not participating on saidit will increase the average iq some 😅😂

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Nah we need some opposition to make it balanced.

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Uploading contents and joining in discussions.

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I make comments like this. :3

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Whoa . . . that's so meta. :)

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Nothing. What could i do?

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Maybe a post a day in a niche sub of your choice. Even just stealing links from Reddit posts so people can move the conversations here is worth something.

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My niches at reddit were and are content related to collapse, so my long term plan is to help grow that here. Reddit hasn't come for me yet, but I think it is possible.

In the meantime, I'm trying to do a little bit each day to give diverse content so this is more than just a place to argue.

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I'm here, aren't I?

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Well I have no idea how to post links or images. I am enjoying the different views without the name calling and idiocy on Reddit. I will donate money to help keep it running and will comment when I feel I have something to add to the conversation.