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We need a culture much closer to "Mind your own business" than we currently have. Everyone is convinced we have the answer for everyone else. If each of us stuck to improving our own interactions and making them a positive experience for ourselves and whoever we're interacting with, the world would improve.

Unfortunately, this doesn't sit well with people's desire for self-importance, which makes us want to have "influence". Can we all just STFU a little more?

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Outlaw the upvote. Outlaw following people. Make it a legit town square! Down with influencers.

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In a way, I think the answer is partially contained in your question. I think the focus should absolutely be on equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. How do we guarantee equality of opportunity? Well, the US constitution is a pretty good foundation. Government needs to reduce its existence considerably and get out of everyone's way. And we should probably stop pretending that a crime has been committed if there is no victim.

Let's just say everyone ought to be free to do whatever they want, until it immediately and directly causes harm to the person, Property, or rights of another. The golden rule: Do No Harm.

Of course, human nature tends to get in the way of utopian ideals.

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Break into smaller societies, where people are directly accountable to each other. I think the Amish have the right idea. At the end of the day, what does it mean to live? Does having shiny consumer goods really change that much about life? Does it change anything about love, laughter, and harmony? If the Amish can live that way without wanting to kill themselves or each other, then they're doing it more right than many of us. A lot of the time I think the juice isn't worth the squeeze.

Also I think you can't "give opportunity" to everyone, because not everyone is capable of rising to the top of any field. Some people are born with intellectual disabilities that they can't change. Some people are going to have fucked up things happen to them as kids, that leaves them scarred, dissociated, and more likely to abuse drugs to escape. You can't study in a house where terrifying things are happening. The amount of psychological intervention needed to turn things around for everyone in need of it, just isn't available. Other people have opportunity, but prefer to enjoy themselves in the moment, rather than put in a lot of work. There is a trade-off, and sacrifices that some people are willing to make that others aren't. I think it's too simplistic for it all to boil down to opportunity. I've had plenty of opportunity, but life gets in the way.

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well, probably about 6 billion less human beings and the remaining ones capitulating to one toltalitarian super power, i'd guess. that or maybe everyone on earth living this mantra " love god with all you heart, all your mind, all you soul and all your strength and honor thy neighbor as thyself". the former is more likely as its way more fashionable to be a 'socialist' than a christian.

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Tbh? Everyone needs to work together and be more mindful. Not giving a fuck is only gonna last so long, it won't change anything.

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Re-elect Trump.

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Organizing for harmonious and productive relationships and activity. Tech platforms could play a huge role in this.

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Harness the power of greed and money.

Greed isn't inherently evil, but right now the wealth produced by society is simply used to produce more wealth, increasingly at the expense of society itself.

Basic changes to: campaign finance so politicians actually debate the issues; shortening the election cycle so they can focus on governing; tying CEO compensation to the lowest paid worker in the company (ratio of pay and stock options); earmarking funds meaning actually using those funds properly; etc.

A lot of the world has some of these already, but the point of capitalism isn't to let corporations do whatever they want, but to ensure a healthy economy where everyone can get ahead if they work hard.