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I found my girlfriends password.

I shouldn't have used it. She was awesome and smart and professional.

She had a second life.

To clarify: not pictures of dicks, dicks, dicks. Hookups with dicks, dicks, pussy, dicks.

We went to concerts and galleries and exhibitions. To-do's with actors and sportsmen and producers. She talked me up big, and I did the same for her. I thought we were in love. I was making plans, big plans to move to a nice place and start a family.

I logged into her accounts, for whaterver reason. I had my suspicions.

It was just dick, dick, dick, pussy, dick. Hookups.

I knew she was kinda crazy. I knew her mother. The pomegranate doesn't fall far from the tree.

I was shattered.

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That sucks dude, proper heart break is the worst.

Kinda scary too, any more info?

I've been single for years, well by name. I think sometimes how easy it is to be deceitful now about situations like yours.

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I feel ya. How did you end it?

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I moved 900 miles away in the end. Too many friends, even business associates to really recover. I was too deep in the shit. Had to go where nobody knows.

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Sorry to hear that. I hope you're doing alright now.

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Ok I got one: when I was 15-16 I lived in a very conservative household that always stressed abstinence before marriage... especially my mom, we’d go around in circles debating the topic; my mom showing me bible verses and I’d counter saying they don’t apply to my gender and so didn’t need to worry about it (I was a great kid I know)... anyway months after the debate had died down I was helping my Dad clean our garage and noticing some photo albums I started perusing through ... well toward the back of the album I noticed a stack of wedding photos all stuffed into a single pocket... I made it about 3 photos in when I couldn’t believe I was staring at what I now know to be my very pregnant mom in a wedding dress! This lie was so deep - my parents had photos of the wedding framed all at special angles that I never noticed... until now! And they would always play word games with me saying they were married the year before I was born ... I just never put two and two together that they were married in December - that was the first Non-Santa lie I ever figured out my parents told me and it couldn’t have happened at a more rebellious time for me lol ... I did what any respectable teenage son would do: I made my parents lie to me again before pulling out the photo. Never quite saw my parents the same after that ...

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It's important to try to uphold your ideals, even if you don't always succeed. If you fail, get right back on that horse and try again. That is what is important in life.

If they hadn't gotten on the horse to try again, they would have just aborted you and you would have been parted out by Planned Parenthood for cash. Instead you got to be an insufferable jerk to the people who saved your life.

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Lol I totally was — you know a teen and all - we have a good relationship now - but damn was I probably annoying walking around calling myself a bastard for a while

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That's not what a bastard is. It's a son who is not acknowledged by his biological father.

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Honestly I thought it was a child born of an unwed mother which would have made me wrong anyway — either way I want to emphasize that I was a dumb teen, so I was wrong about a lot of things :)

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When I was 15. Staying at friends house; he fell asleep, I started faffing around on his PC. Found some paedo story he'd obviously written. Then found pics of neighbours son.

Was my best mate. Told him he could either tell the police and I remain the only one of our friends that know. Or everybody knows, and I tell police myself.

I ended up telling police.

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You are a good person. Good job.

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Found out my dad cheats on my mom. The first few times I couldn't really comprehend what I was seeing. Then I saw proof again and it sunk. He knows I know, my relationship with him has never been the same.

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You first.

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Ha. Your turn

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I'll NEVER speak openly about this one... Thumbs up.