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No, we're using their open source from 2015 and have followed all the appropriate requirements to use it.

It'd be a different thing if we were still trying to use the name 'reddit' or the snoo logo, but we're careful not to do that.

You can read more here:

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Can you add a sort of cross posting ability? One of the few things I miss from reddit

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This is one thing I've wanted to develop from the start, but it's hard. I'd love it if one post could be posted to like 10 subs, appear only once in the feed, and have a singular shared comment section. That'd be great, but it's like a 30 hour project at least. But if someone made it work with our code we would certainly integrate it in to the codebase!

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Was just about to say this. You forked the code from when it was open source.