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Your vocal chords move a little when you speak in your head as well.

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Which one of the 42 voices in my head are you refering to?

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Spoken voice, 95% of the time. I think.

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    no, but maybe my thinking speed slows down sometimes to match my speaking speed, like I want it to be more voice like

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    Same exact thing as you. I can't tell you how the "voice" sounds, but when I pay attention to it, it slows down. I "hear it" when I'm typing or reading too.. But is it really hearing lol? I don't know what the "voice" sounds like, I just "know it's there".

    It's also how I plan things.. Like when I'm planning something, I'll see multiple outcomes or possibilities in my head although I'm not actually seeing them, I'm seeing what my eyes see, and think or "talk it over" in my head, as to which possibility or outcome would be the best for me.. I do this when painting or drawing, or designing.

    Edit: I saw a video about this, except the video was the other way around, and it shocked me that people don't actually "see" or "think" like that in their head..

    I can't find the exact video, but here's one that's similar,

    Found the video: "Q&A with a person who does not have an internal monologue":

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    For me the same, I hear a voice that is familiar but it does not have a specific sound to it as you would have with other people. But if I want to, I can imitate voices of myself and other persons in my head, but it is hard.

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    There are words, but they're usually just the key words from the sentence I'm reading. Usually I see more pictures and vague diagrams showing the relationships between the concepts I'm thinking of.

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      Yeah, my own.

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      I hear my own voice in my head when thinking

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      There's a whole bunch of voices in my head at any one time and typically at least three differnt metal and classical tunes playing.

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      Yes I have the inner monologue.

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      I get a combination of both.

      The thoughts I have day to day, as I work or whatever, are mostly silent thoughts that instantly become actions, reactions, words out of my mouth, things I type, so on and so forth...

      ... But when I think about something, like sit back and take it in, it becomes almost conversational. I think the whole sentence through in my head as if I were speaking it aloud and, as I understand it, some research suggests that we actually move our vocal cords at an almost imperceptible level while doing this. I ask questions, answer questions, form full thoughts and ideas, toss them back and forth, debate them, question them to pick apart obvious flaws and preempt any issue that I might have or run into or others might rise... In short, I really get into it with myself. That guy's an arsehole, by the by. If you had half the conversations I have with me, you'd think I was a real tool!

      So, yeah, it's a bit of both. Most of the things that don't require real focus are almost instinctual. Things, like this post, that require me to express or really consider something are more like internal plays where I act out the outcomes aloud in my head, question the meanings as if there were a second actor or point out the flaws as if there were mean spirited accusers trying to drag the idea through the dirt.

      Could be I'm insane, but I've worked it into a viable system for now. Anyway, gotta go count my jars full of captured human voices. Thanks for listening!

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      It's more 'shouting' than speaking...but yes.

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      Not only do I hear a voice, I can't get it to shut up!

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      I hear an actual voice in my head. It doesn't quite match how my voice sounds out loud though. It's higher pitched in my head.

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        That said I can also visualize images in my head pretty well. To the point where I can have lucid daydreams on command (and I can still do something else while I'm doing that). It's not either or.

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        Zen.. Clear mind.
        Or words/voirces when I am writing/reading.
        Or images when I am thinking more about engineering/science.
        Or "systems/components" when I am programming.

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        Thoughts don't come from you. They are extradimensional in origin and are the source of all the problems on Earth, including the current, unstoppable insanity epidemic. In fact, thorough analysis of thought in general reveals they are of demonic origin.

        Don't believe in demons? Fine, I have something for you:

        Now you might think "No way, my thoughts are my own! For sure!!!" But psychology has never identified the source of thought. Only an exact science of the mind can do this. And it has been done, demonstrating what I wrote above.

        In the end, if thoughts were made by you, wouldn't you be able to stop them? I mean, you can stop moving your body, right? Why can't you just keep your MIND still? Because it's controlled by SOMETHING ELSE.

        Don't be scared, there is a solution to this problem.

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        what's the solution

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        Well firstly one has to admit that thought is a foreign body in the mind. From that standpoint, thought can be refused. To do so, one does simply this:

        1. Assemble 100% of your determination and willpower. Not 95%, 96%, 97% or 98% or even 99%. But 100%. Gather it all together in one moment in time. This one, right "now".
        2. Refuse thought by replying your refusal to it, using 100% of your determination and willpower: "Go away!", "Shut up and leave me now!" or other crude versions all work well.
        3. At first you may need to do this out loud, until you can hone your HATRED and ANGER at these demonic invasions of your sanctity. You see, hatred and anger aren't wrong in and of themselves: psience will make it plainly obvious that such is only the case when they are directed towards living beings. But thoughts are certainly not that and are definitely fair game.
        4. After a while, you get used to replying refusal to any and all thoughts in your mind. And as such, you will notice that the jibber-jabber of constant blah-blah-blah is dying down. This opens the door to hearing what religious allegories have referred to as the "Holy Spirit". You will notice that you are given perfectly actionable information about what's happening in your life RIGHT THIS SECOND, through non-thought, as if this information welled up from within you, rather than being voiced in your head. That means you are on the right track.
        5. If you smoke weed, don't even bother trying, it will not work: weed makes you NOT-WANT. That is, your resolve and willpower disappear. You might have justifications that they don't, but they do. Also, if you are a substance user, you will find it more difficult to achieve this.

        After a while it becomes easy to do this, and it makes you incredibly superior, mentally, to pretty much all mankind.

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        I try not to listen to the voices in my head - thinking just makes it worse

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        It depends on the thought, sometimes it's a process of hierarchy and other times it's thinking my way through an internal conversation.

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        “The word is now a virus. … Modern man has lost the option of silence. Try halting sub-vocal speech. Try to achieve even ten seconds of inner silence. You will encounter a resisting organism that forces you to talk. That organism is the word.” - William S. Burroughs 1962

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        When I'm home alone or just chilling, I think everything "out loud". When I'm with people or I have to think fast my brain switches to automatic mode.

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        It's a mix of both for me. Though I'm pretty sure I have aphantasia, which is basically the inability to visualise. I always used to think that when people said things like "see it in your mind" or "picture the outcome" they were speaking metaphorically :/

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          Umm, I guess the best way to explain it is that I think of the concept of the object (in this case the Mona Lisa), along with all the associations I've formed around it? If you were to put a copy in front of me, I would obviously recognize it, or if you asked me to describe it, I could name traits I observed about it in the past (woman's portrait, painted by Leonardo da Vinci, mysterious smile, etc.) but I can't properly picture it. A friend once said that my "mind's eye is blind", which kinda sums it up. Edit: a word

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            Can you picture colours at all?

            Nope. The whole experience has made learning art a lot harder than I think it is for most people lol.

            Saying that, what on earth do blind-since-birth people see in their 'mind's eye'? And deaf people who are in the has-an-inner-monologue group, what do they hear?

            That... is a very good question. Huh. I wonder how psychedelic it would be from the perspective of a sighted/non-deaf person? It's at times like this that I really wish I was a telepath.

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            I don't give a specific voice to my internal monologue, it just talks.