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In the documentary about him, they specifically mention how the Department of Justice (DOJ) was specifically targeting Swartz, and "wanted to make an example out of him". It's not totally clear why their reaction was so strong.

He basically scanned the MIT servers and made that info public. So he made publicly-funded research public.

But some say he found something else during the scans of MIT hard drives.

Things maybe related to this:

But who knows. I don't think he was suicidal though.

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Unfortunately, FBI harassment can cause suicides sometimes by it's own sake, including cases where the Feds are acting as part of a larger corrupt establishment

Bruce Ivins comes to mind, I do not believe he was the primary planned or perpetrator of the Anthrax attacks, and the motive they attributed to him was insane, yet he appears to have actually taken his own life:

...There was some speculation that Ivins had targeted Daschle and Leahy because he saw them as holding up funding that would have helped pay for his research into an anthrax vaccine. Now, officials close to the investigation say another possible motive could have been that Ivins saw the senators as bad Catholics because of their votes in favor of abortion rights.

Anyone familiar with the Anthrax investigation would be aware of how badly Mueller fucked up, and tried to pin the crime on random victims (not too different from Russiagate and random people like Roger Stone)

FBI DIRECTOR Robert Mueller, a Republican who was appointed 10 years ago by President George W. Bush, has been paid a supreme compliment: Bush’s Democratic successor wants to keep him on the job another two years. Before agreeing to extend his term, though, Congress and President Obama should examine Mueller’s role in overseeing one of the most consequential investigations in the annals of federal law enforcement.

My research for “The Mirage Man,’’ a book that explores the anthrax letter attacks of 2001, documents that Mueller exerted far-reaching control over the FBI-led “Amerithrax’’ investigation.

...The Ivins news came close on the heels of a far quieter announcement on June 27 that the FBI’s investigation of the previous top anthrax suspect, Steven Hatfill, also a USAMRIID bioresearcher, ended not with a trial and conviction but with a $5.8 million settlement effectively admitting that the bureau had the wrong guy. Hatfill had been hounded by investigators for three years, his career and reputation ruined.

Ivins was subjected to similar treatment. According to the AP, he complained to friends that agents had “stalked” him and his family. They offered his son $2.5 million and “a sports car of his choice” to rat out his father. They approached his hospitalized daughter to turn evidence on him, plying her at bedside with pictures of the murdered anthrax victims and telling her, “This is what your father did.” W. Russell Byrne, Ivins’s supervisor at USAMRIID, told the AP that Ivins, 62, was emotionally broken by the FBI’s behavior: “One person said he’d sit at his desk and weep.”

“The Feds pursued the same strategy against Ivins as they did against Hatfill—persecute him until he broke, which Ivins did and Hatfill did not. Dead men tell no tales.”

Ivins, says Boyle, just doesn’t fit the bill. “It does not appear that he had the technological sophistication to manufacture this super weapons-grade anthrax, which would have included aerosolization, silicon coating, and an electrostatic charge.” Jeffrey Adamovicz, who directed the bacteriology division at Fort Detrick in 2003 and 2004, told McClatchy that the anthrax mailed to Sen. Tom Daschle was “so concentrated and so consistent and so clean that I would assert that Bruce could not have done that part.”

Among the first suspects to come into the FBI’s sights was an Egyptian-born ex-USAMRIID biologist named Ayaad Assaad. He appeared on the radar because of an anonymous letter sent to the bureau identifying him as part of a terrorist cell possibly linked to the anthrax attacks. Yet, according to the Hartford Courant, the FBI did not attempt to track down the author of the letter, “despite its curious timing, coming a matter of days before the existence of anthrax-laced mail became known.”

So there were two confirmed innocent people whom the crime was falsely pinned on, that is a publicly known fact

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" his slim physique, a waist size of no more than 30 inches, a short length that makes it practically impossible to hang himself with a belt, as reported by the Brooklyn police."

– a bicycle helmet held up to cover his face, meaning Swartz was cognizant of the surveillance camera inside the computer-routing and wiring closet on the MIT campus. On an earlier entry into the closet he was videotaped without the helmet and must have noticed the hidden camera at that time.

– the steel rack stacked with routers and at least one server into which he had plugged a laptop for a download, which required an extraordinary amount of time, indicating that the content was high-quality video and not documents.

– his trespass was a physical “break in” or walk in, which indicates the targeted server could be accessed only via a dedicated line and not with a hack. A dedicated line indicates the transfer of illegal content to strong encryption.

MIT Has No Proprietary Right to JSTOR

The videotape of Swartz’s download led to the MIT complaint that spurred a federal prosecutor in Boston to indict him for pirating online journals distributed by JSTOR, a subscription-based electronic archive of scholarly papers. The charges are patently absurd.

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He was deeply depressed. He killed himself. But no question he was hounded and harassed by the DOJ thugs.

Rest you hear is the usual bullshit and conspiracy theories that are the lifeblood of altright right now.

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He hacked MIT computers and may have found incriminating info relating to Epstein and others involved (possibly at MIT). I don't know if this is true but that's what I've heard.