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Eh I’d argue western men are just bigger victims of toxic masculinity than the rest of the world. American men act much more normal or in your words, effeminate, in private with their families and partner.

I prefer a man who has good fashion sense and hygiene, who shows emotion, and who stays fit and active, which is probably why I’ve mostly dated non-Americans, they’re definitely allowed to express themselves more and take care of themselves growing up and are more well-rounded than an American man who can’t cook, dress attractively, keep a clean home, or cry in front of others.

I know WAY too many frustrated American men reaching 30 who don’t understand why women don’t want them despite “having a job/car/house” when it’s obvious they can’t take care of themselves( fat, dirty, think sarcasm is a personality trait) and are basically children.

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So... you want to date another woman?

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Your idea of what a man is, or what men are supposed to act like, is very sad. Clearly you are insecure about your own masculinity lol. If you were confident maybe someone would love you!

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Am not woman

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'Insecure'=being a man with masculine traits

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I love how the topic is immediately changed to "you men don't meet my standards". A laundry list of objectives is then set which men are required to meet in order to date her. It's like a parody of what stupid men think feminists are like.

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What I find funny is that, for as much as she rants on about the filthy American man - Other countries don't want to touch American women. Entitled, have that "Princess Syndrome", rampant narcissism and self-centered personalities. Out of control, if you ask me.

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    That's an insult, not an argument. Again, I remain convinced this is some kind of account set up to make feminists look like a parody of what their enemies think they are.

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    It's insulting, but remember that it's a single opinion by a single poster.

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    Insults and ad hominem attacks are prohibited by Saidit policy, the pyramid of debate. It's just how she immediately goes for them as a first resort. Typical reddit poster.

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    Technically the OP could have been seen as an insult too, but I understand what you're saying. When questions like these are asked, you know how things go: there's going to be a personal experience and usually an opinion and/or personal preference criterium. Can't defend the direct insults so much.

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    I used to get angry at insults. But now, I just smile. Getting an insult back means I made a really good point, and the other person has no argument. If she had an actual argument, she'd use it. But she didn't, and my argument made her feel funny inside. So to eliminate this painful cognitive dissonance, she just did the first thing that popped into mind - hurl a playground insult calling the other poster a low-status male.

    OP's premise wasn't an insult. Ask anyone the world 'round. European men are far more effeminate than one would expect. Ask Africans, Middle Easterners, Asians, Pacific islanders, you name it. We aren't the first to notice.

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    I didn't know it was such a meme in the eyes of other countries too. I'm married to a European, but Central/Eastern Eurodudes don't seem to be the same, that I've noticed anyway.

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    It's a provocative question. Why people get upset it beyond me. If you don't find being a feminine man bad, why get angry? If you're not a feminine man and quite masculine - good for you. No one would find me masculine from a distance. I'm not very tall, don't have a naturally tough build, the only thing I really have is a deep voice and masculine facial features. It's strange. Just wanted to see if anyone else noticed it.

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    Being tall is just lucky genetics, in that you can reach all the stuff on top of the fridge without a chair.

    It's body language and certain ways of expressions. To be honest, I notice it more when they're speaking in English and it stacks behind a thick accent. As if the inflection of words makes it seem a little theatrical. Metrosexuality comes to mind as well, which comes off as prissy and high maintenance.

    Keep in mind that I'm Southern and my views of heavy duty masculine aura dwells in with a motor oil-stained tank top.

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    If there is "toxic masculinity", then there is toxic femininity as well.

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    "Toxic femininity" is the endless pathological altruism.

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    Yes, women really want a man that cries in front of others, lol

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    Not unless it's something serious or you have a mental illness, but I don the ring of invisibility anyway.

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    Did someone just find out gender roles are cultural and differ from place to place?

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    Straight in sum country, homo in others ?

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    Shitty diet, sedentary lifestyles, and a society that forces them to act like women. American men are going on the same path too though. Eastern Europe isn't like that at all. And the countries with the weakest men will be easily conquered. Hell some of those European counties will be conquered without a war once the population replacement efforts have progressed a little further.

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    Right? I watched on of those "Irish people try American food!" videos and it made my stomach turn. I could not believe that these feminine, pierced up, high pitched men were Irish males. It destroyed my narrow vision of how I thought they'd behave. To the woman above, I am sure this is her dream man. Sensitive, open, has a menstrual cycle, can probably give birth - but not a man in any way. Like a woman in a mans body.

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    They're not 'Irish'. They're probably from Dublin, which is in Ireland, but does not represent real Ireland

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    Thank you.

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    YouTube is not a good representative of your average joe. Eg this is a 'trending video' (I have no account, history, cookies etc):

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    All the masculine genes got filtered in two world wars.

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    This is an underrated comment. Tens of millions of the best men of Europe were killed off in the world wars. Survivor bias ensured that the survivors were predominantly weak men unsuited for combat. They then passed on their genes, and nature will take its course.

    They were saved from being conquered by the muscular energy of the Americans...against whom they never stopped protesting.

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    It would've been opposite if the war was fought over Burberry giftcards.

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    That's a very good and interesting point.

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    Why do you care?

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    Because men are meant to be men. They are not meant to speak like a valley girl, skip, and have periods.

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    Maybe you saw me after I got food poisoning in Amsterdam. There was so much blood coming out my ass it would be enough to fool anyone into thinking it was a period. I may have even skipped to a bathroom at one point in order to balance speed with the ability to keep my butthole shut. Sometime a little shart would sneak up on me though and I'd be like, "oh heyyy!".

    So you see, this is probably just a big misunderstanding. Don't be a judgy little bitch.

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    Damn right.

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    Since you clearly didn't have a father figure in your life, I'll have to try and patch the hole a bit. Men don't have to go around unclean, unshaven, and brawling, in order to be men. On the contrary, men can be both noble and strong, stoic and brave, without acting or looking like trailer trash rednecks from your favorite NASCAR stadium. I don't know what you consider "acting like" a woman to be, but I've rarely seen that except when it truly is an act. More likely, you just have fucked up ideas of what being manly is. And this from someone who probably fulfills your fucked up ideas of "masculinity" better than you do in most respects.

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    without acting or looking like trailer trash rednecks from your favorite NASCAR stadium.

    Ooo, nice placement of the bigoted classist insult. You go! You show those deplorable morons in the outgroup who's boss! Punch down on the poor! Speak truth to the powerless!

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    Okay Girlfriend.

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    Sheesh. Shitting on rednecks is truly something. Redneck men, in my experience, are there with Natty Ice in hand ready to take on home and/or vehichle repairs or do what it takes to help out a friend. They're industrious and genuine, meanwhile the entire world has a superiority complex against them. Yeah, you've got your pieces of shit, but those are in every group.

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    Certainly. I do not mean to broadly declare them as somehow subhuman, only that it's a particular and extremely narrow culture that hardly applies to everyone. I grew up in that culture, though for privacy reasons I won't list specifics. I still remember when the drink of choice was Pabst, the hell is Natty Ice? Damn times change.

    Hopefully with the clarification you can see my point for what it is. Not a jab at rednecks per se, but ignorant types who think men are only manly if they're a certain specific way. I do not mean a certain way as in virtues men ought to hold, or tend to hold, like stoicism and things biologically men tend to exhibit. I mean in their cultural expression of these. Does this make sense?

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    Natural Ice. You don't remember Natural beer? It's extremely cheap, so a beer worthy of the functional alcoholic.

    It makes perfect sense. Thanks for the clarity.

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    Like I said in my day it was all Pabst, which is frankly IMO the best tasting bottom-floor cheap as shit beer. And I think I've tried every beer BUT the one you're talking about.

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    I forgot what your name was before s/basghetti, until I came across this old reported comment.

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    We really don't need the tranny perspective, thanks girlfriend

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    In what context?

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    As Tyler says "Is that what a man looks like?".

    Just be what you want to be OP and let others be what they want.

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    It seems men and women are disappearing. Not just European men.

    Not only has testosterone gone on a steady decline for several decades, but it seems women are acting too manly too (there won't be studies about that, obviously).

    It seems to me the human species as a whole is going towards being a weird androgynous and amorphous fat mass.

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    Exactly. Nothing turns me off more than a chick dressed like a dude with a full sleeve of tattoos. Bumper sticker on a Ferrari.

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    I wish men acted like Yeshua rather than the flesh of men.

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    Europe was actually not what I thought it would be. At least in England, it was very rough and people would openly pick fights with me there. American men seem more girly than they are, and that's not meant to be an insult.

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    What a shame to hear. I sometimes see American men walking in pink salmon colored shorts, they go a few inches above the knee, tight shirts and a comically feminine gait. High pitched voice with a vocal fry. To my horror, he was a straight male. After witnessing these images I could not sleep for nights.

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    They have been cowed into submission by feminism, porn, and THC

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    Beer and weed are both estrogenic. Obviously not a coincidence these are heavily promoted to men.

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    Alcohol, weed, and porn make men soft and faggotty. Avoid like the plague. Also, eshew the Jew.

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    The Rothschilds and associates first came to power there. Europe has been under their manipulation longer.

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    this can be said about any country. plenty of soy fucks in the states. in fact, i'd argue there's more soylets here than in europe. in europe they're just mostly leftists, but that alone doesn't make one effeminate, just retarded

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    So you think they are. You most def. won't ever see my my home and never you will see my real gf .

    Tell me exactly where'd you hang your intellect beforehand.