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This is reddit without the soy

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You didn't mention homophobic. Beat it, this isn't the place for you.

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I've never gelled with the term homophobe. I know people hate gays and others are disgusted by their lifestyle, but Fear them? It's a bullshit branding, a derogatory slur to demean those with other opinions. Homorejectus would be more accurate.

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a couple of decades ago, there was a gay boy that was walking home after a night out at our local gay bars and some haters took a 2x4 board that had large nails pounded into one end of it and they beat that gay boy to death just for being gay.

that is fucked up.

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Yes that is fucked up! Was that in the US? I know there is some extreme violent behavior there, like that arab who went to the gay bar and shot it up a couple of years ago. In Australia they used to have this thing called poofter bashing, usually at public toilets late at night but no one was ever killed. I never agreed with it or got involved, but that was decades and decades ago when homosexuality was still illegal. There was this super camp guy who worked at the local drive-through at the pub and we all liked him, probably because he was always happy and ALWAYS gave us the booze lol.

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yes, it happened in the U.S.. what a sad way to go.. could you imagine being beaten with a board (2x4) that had large nails sticking out of it? all because this boy likes dick. omg.

peace and love to all, and may that young man rest in peace.

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Yes but if you call me a nigger I will down vote you.

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though i hate it but it's definitely better than any site banning people. as long as you're not offering stl files for ak47s that is.

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I've noticed this site is verrry small

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"Cozy" as the real estate agents like to say.