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So, maybe I'm a sucker.

Perhaps I got seduced by the idea of trying to improve SaidIt by having M7 evolve past his problematic limits as monarch admin - specifically by making a more transparent banning process, clear guides, better rules, consistent enforcement, and an open history. I could go on - another time perhaps. My views on this are not new, nor a secret.

I still don't know what happened to /u/diogenesjunior, a very good one IMO, nor have I any clue about this LXXXVIII thing - but most importantly I've found some things out about /u/Debra_L. Nothing spectacular nor new to many of you, including /u/magnora7.

A friend recently said, "If I ask you a direct question, you will answer it, directly. Shills do not do this. Malcontents do not do this." /u/Debra_L is very malcontent.

In private messages I let /u/Debra_L waste my time in order for me to try to draw out their motivations, alleged injustices, and intentions. They wasted MANY chances in PMs to legitimately plead their case and win over my open mind. It's now my firm opinion they have mental issues, are asstrolls, are distraction shills, timesucks, and/or a combination. They admit they aim to bully and win by attrition.

/u/Debra_L wants to destroy SaidIt.

They are enemies of SaidIt.

M7 and I may have differences of opinion on some things and many things in common, but he is certainly not my enemy.

I can only (((speculate))) why /u/Debra_L uses "bubele" so often.

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A friend recently said, "If I ask you a direct question, you will answer it, directly. Shills do not do this. Malcontents do not do this."

i've got a direct question for you then:

  • is it true that you aren't raping babies anymore?

now keep in mind: if you cannot give a straight yes/no answer, it means you're a shill/malcontent and want to destroy saidit.

(hint: you might want to consider getting better sources for your bon mots.)

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My direct straight answer:
The only babies I rape are the minds of infantile asstroll imbeciles on SaidIt who squirm from my prodigious hard truths.

You don't get to define my freedom to answer beyond only "yes/no", a divisive limited black and white mentality (key word: mental).

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My direct answer not a direct answer.

your hypocrisy lies exposed.

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Oh no! I've been exposed! What ever shall I do?!!!

I guess I should bow down to your authority on what a "direct answer" can only be.

/u/magnora7, You may want to swat these bugs, though I don't know what good it will do.

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    How many accounts have you made so far?

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    Saying it doesn't make it true.

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    You do know that the way you phrase your comments makes it really clear who you are?

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      Perhaps I am. You being disingenuous about it certainly doesn't convince me you're helping to save SaidIt.

      /u/TheAmeliaMay has earned my respect and trust by actions, not trivial words. You could do the same but I think we both know who's (((team))) you likely play for.

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        No one gets my respect or disrespect from the start. I start neutral and actions earn notice.

        I suspect you're another timesuck, so clearly and concisely present your case on how I've earned your disrespect or I'll be distracted by you no more.