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TAM said it was because of a threat by the Loki88 troll.

The day before going down, TAM assembled a list of comments by me like "trannies should be shot", and said they were proof that saidit tolerates violent death threats in violation of US law, and scoffs at the TOS of the saidit host... Then he threatened to get the FBI involved.

(There were no 'death threats' or violations of US law in my comments.)

It's my belief that his claims of illegality and TOS violations as a saidit admin were taken seriously by the hosting company, and that they weren't thrilled about a customer getting the FBI involved. But the Loki88 troll might have added onto that after seeing the opportunity with his own threats, and/or by pointing out that statement by saidit admins.

The story M7 told was that the credit card being used was suddenly and inexplicably rejected, and saidit was just cut off then and there.

The real story is one of those three, or maybe something different. Those posts by TAM and M7 should be not too far down the front page.

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TAM's story is likely true, M7 might be trying to cover it up to not give the malicious person any credit/recognition.

Are we on the same host now or did we change?

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    I didn't do nothing, but I did not shoot the deputy.