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Just a reminder that the astrazeneca is not an mRNA vaccine, it's just a standard vaccine like the flu jab.

They are also selling it not for profit at around $2 while the mRNA vaccines cost $20-$30.

So when you see loads of MSM reports fear-mongering about the astrazeneca vaccine and not even mentioning the risk of the others bear this in mind.

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"Viral vector-based vaccines, such as those developed by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, use a harmless virus, or adenovirus, as a delivery system to trigger the immune system to create antibodies to fight off an infection by SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19.

Adenoviruses are viruses that cause the common cold and there are many different types, which have been used for decades to deliver instructions for proteins, Health Canada explains on its website.

In the case of COVID-19, the vector virus delivers specific genetic instructions to the cells in the body to produce a harmless piece of SARS-CoV-2 called the spike protein. The cells then display this spike protein and the immune system triggers a response."

That's exactly the same as the mRNA vaccines, the only difference is it uses a real virus to get the instructions into the cells, while the mRNA uses synthetic mRNA to get the instructions into the cells.

Both work on the basis of making your own body produce the spike proteins, which is what causes the blood clots etc.

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What bigs said. Not true. The viral vector vaxes (AZ, J&J, and also Russia’s Sputnik jab) are all using a genetically modified “cold” Adenovirus to deliver the genetic payload which causes your cells to manufacture the spike protein.

There are some traditional tech vaccines- two made by China and one made by India— which are made from inactivated SARS Cov 2. There may be a few others made by other countries that are using pieces of the SARS Cov 2 virus.

I know there are reports of severe clotting and death from the mRNA and the viral vector and the traditional inactivated virus types of vaccines.

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The covid vaccine is the ideal eugenics tool.

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Could you elaborate? How come does it work as a eugenics tool?

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They have developed an extremely sophisticated technology that only kills off stupid people.

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Hopefully it will kill most who take it. And that will be liberals and morons. Removing these people from the gene pool would be very eugenic.

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The only problem I see with this assertion is that these sheep are under the control of the NWO, it seems peculiar that they would get rid of their slaves and let everyone else live. Maybe there is something I am not taking into consideration.

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The elite are not uniform. Those seeking control push masks and lockdowns. Gates doesn't push these things. Gates values intelligence, so he is pushing the vaccine to wipe out the morons. The other elite don't really object since there is no shortage of labor at all.

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mRNA drugs are incredibly dangerous. Inactivated virus drugs carry the problem with their adjuvants, not its contents as much.

Worst case scenario, your DNA changes forever. Best case, your immune system survives the bombardment and you lose only a couple days of your life.

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The mRNA in the injections keeps producing spike-proteins until the mRNA or the cell breaks apart. Which can last a long time.
This is supposed to trigger the immune system and train it to attack objects with ACE2-spike-proteins.
In the fight against mRNA the platelets can trigger blood-clots. Or the immune system may attack cells that produce ACE2 (which is almost any cell).

RNA can enter the DNA only via reverse transcription, which is not so common. The HIV virus seems to be able to do it. (But there is some discussion about HIV and the origin of AIDS).
There are people that test positive for HIV after the injections, so many they added components in there.

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I just dont see how its supportable to say these vaccines change your DNA forever. Not based on what I know about this tech.

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RNA is the messenger of your DNA, if you change the RNA but not your DNA, it still changes the information your DNA will provide to your body.

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I am not a molecular biologist, so there is alot I dont understand about this process. But I dont see how it changes the information from your natural dna. At least not the mRNA vaccines. ( I am less certain about whats happening with the adenovirus vaccines)

Your DNA is still producing its own mRNA which is still being sent to the cytosol for synthesis. It is just competing with the mRNA from the vaccine in some cases.

This stuff is going to have a limited life in your system and is going to be 99% gone after a few weeks, in all likelihood. If you can survive the thrombocytopenia and you dont get an autoimmune disease, you are probably home free

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mRNA vaccines operate along what is known as the "central dogma of molecular biology" which was proven and published by Watson Crick in 1957-58.

The central dogma is this: a small segment of DNA is transcribed to mRNA, which is then translated to a corresponding protein, and it occurs in an irreversible process. This is how your body constantly manufactures what it needs, when it needs it.

Instead of giving you a weakened virus with the its entire genome, scientists have isolated a very specific segment of it which is unique to the virus, so that when your cell translates it into a protein, it is recognized as foreign and creates an immune response.

This is a safer method than injecting you with an entire virus genome, because the entire genome can use your cells to re-create entire viruses, which can then replicate more. Instead, mRNA vaccines only use a small segment of mRNA which cannot be used to create full viruses, just recognizable parts which your body will know to attack.

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Yeah I get all that shit, Im not retarded. But don’t you think you are painting a naive picture? Immune responses can be dangerous. Especially if they are taking place in, oh, say.... the capillaries in your brain.

Where are these LNPs being absorbed? Presumbably the endothelials lining your blood and lymph vessels. Which subsequently present spike proteins and trigger an inflamatory immune response in your vascular tissue. Which causes clotting. And a drop in platelets. Perhaps the platelets themselves are synthesizing the spike proteins. Anyway clearly thrombocytopenia and pro-thrombic states are being triggered by this vax. People are dying of embolisms. More often they are just walking around with spitting headaches and heavy periods. They don’t understand their health has been put at risk.

oh its not the whole virus, dont worry. Its just the rbd.

How much spike protein will a human body produce from this vaccine? What’s the variation among the old and the young? How much of this spike protein will kill you? If you take 10x the typical dose, will you die? 20x?

Have they studying this? If so, why can’t I see their work? They must have test how much of this will kill a ferret or something.

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5 blood clots per 1 million people. I'd like to see if there is a statistical analysis that this is causal.

How much spike protein will a human body produce from this vaccine?

  • enough to get an immune response

What’s the variation among the old and the young?

  • don't know, doesn't seem to be much of a hoot going on

How much of this spike protein will kill you?

  • It's literally a surface substrate of a virus that binds to cells, without the rest of the virus. It's like asking how wet you will get from a garden hose that isn't hooked up to water. The thing only works when it's hooked up to a virus membrane.

If you take 10x the typical dose, will you die? 20x?

  • It would probably be like eating too much protein powder. It's just a string of amino acids without a proper function. They just get attacked and in the future anything that contains similar spike proteins will get attacked too.

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According to the central dogma of molecular biology, your body takes a piece of DNA and transcribes it to mRNA in an irreversible chemical reaction. Your body makes mRNA segments all the time, and if this reaction was not irreversible, then your body would keep on transcribing DNA into mRNA and reabsorbing it. Your genome would naturally get so messed up that you'd die as a single fertilized egg.

A virus manipulates your body into translating its entire genome into mRNA and then into proteins. mRNA vaccines do not give you the entire genome, but rather a segment of already-transcribed mRNA -- again, which cannot be re-inserted into DNA -- which then gets translated into a protein. This protein is recognized as foreign and stimulates an immune response. This is safer than every gene in a virus being activated inside of you, it's just one gene, that cannot do anything on its own, other than impart immunity once it is seen.

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All previous attempts at a vaccine for any coronavirus have ended in failure, usually by making the disease WORSE once exposed to the real thing.

Seems they are using this as an excuse to rush through this RNA tech which would otherwise take a very long time to ever be accepted. It has been tried before, aimed at cancer in people already dying. I don't recall hearing any success stories, and early versions were toxic or damaging.

They claim to have solved the damaging side by encasing the messenger RNA in a lipid (fat) that protects it long enough to do its thing. However that particular lipid, short name PEG, is known to trigger allergic reactions in something like 40% of people, so it's also fucking toxic.

It gets worse - before the vaccines were produced there has already been evidence that the real cause of the damage from C19 is actually down to the thing that gives it the name 'corona', which is the spike proteins that create that 'crown' or corona shape. It's those proteins that create the blood clots and brain damage, organ damage etc that makes covid19 such a wacky disease.

But these vaccines work by making your own cells produce... those fucking spike proteins.

In their own docs they were aware of the risk of people next to those who have been jabbed being affected by those same spikes via skin contact or breathing the same air. So even if you avoid the vaccine you may find yourself with the blood clots etc. by being in close contact with someone who HAS been injected and whose cells are now pumping out the spikes.

It gets worse - some are suggesting that if the spike folding process goes awry it could very easily create a prion disease, like mad cow disease, a fatal brain-eating thing.

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All previous attempts at a vaccine for any coronavirus have ended in failure, usually by making the disease WORSE once exposed to the real thing.

I wonder how they justify this then. Was the weakened virus not enough to trigger immune response? Why?

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Does a trllion dollars sound like enough justification? Just paint any skeptical opinion as an ignorant conspiracy theory by a racist MAGA-tard. You and your billionaire buddies can become trilionaires. Neat! That’s how .

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Exactly. They are using this same playbook for guns, beef, religion, expression, and everything else actual people hold dear.

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My layman's understanding (and memory) goes something like this - there are 2 or 3 layers to our immune system, and an infection causes all of them to swing into action.

A vaccine triggers the antibodies, which is like layer 1. Because layer 1 is already active, the other layer/s are actually damped down or at least not triggered, which actually gives a real-life infection a much greater chance of harming or killing you.

Note the mRNA vaccines are to reduce symptoms, rather than prevent infection and transmission. They may well reduce infection and transmission BECAUSE they reduced the symptoms, so you don't cough and sneeze so much etc. But those symptoms are signs your body is fighting an infection; turning them off is like turning off the red flashing light on the dashboard and continuing to drive as normal.

So in the past they've tested ferrets (apparently they have very similar respiratory systems) and found various vaccines created a nice, robust antibody response. So the vaccine was a success. Woot.

Except when challenged with the actual wild virus, every ferret died.

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I think the need for wide-scale vaccination or drug prophylaxis is needed for the elderly. I am not one of these people that is trying to push the notion that this is just another flu. Its about 50x more fatal.

Ivermectin and HCQ are very good candidates that are very cheap and will prevent covid about as well as the vaccine if dosed properly, and it looks like they are probably safer based on 50 or 60 years of safety data on them. Ivermectin is easy to get in most countries.

But you could make the case that the vaccine might be a viable alternative for the elderly because the risk of death is high from covid, probably much higher than the vaccine. Also perhaps some younger people with health issues.

But that is certainly not the case for younger, healthier people who have virtually no risk of dying from covid. If these people were provided cheap antivirals early in the infection, the benefit of the vaccine would go down even more relative to the risk.

Almost every patient can be prevented from developing the severe form of the disease if they receive early antivirals.

People under 55 (esp. women and people with AI family history) are much more likely to develop an autoimmune syndrome from a vaccine

Younger people and people with severe allergies are much more likely to develop anaphylaxis.

And younger people with vigorous immune systems are more likely to develop these thromboses and thrombocytopenia issues, especially women, people using estrogen, oral contraception, people with diabetes, people with sickle cell.

Women complaining of heavy periods are probably suffering from thrombocytopenia. People complaining of headaches are probably suffering from venous thromboses.

Its not clear to me whether the traditional covid vaccines used in China and India are safer because there are some deaths being reported with those as well.

The newer technologies are, I assume, much cheaper to produce and I guess Moderna and Pfizer own some patents that China and India cant use? Or maybe China just doesn’t want to experiment on its own population. But that doesn’t seem likely.

But I just think it is much safer to allow the covid to naturally run through the younger population and provide them with antivirals which will lessen the severity of the illness.

Early antivirals are the key

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My (non-technical, very limited) understanding is that the new type of vaccine is largely driven by the fact we are dealing with coronaviruses. Coronaviruses have been around forever as one of the families of virus which cause the common cold. Thus the old joke, "Yeah, and next they're going to try to cure the common cold." The nature of this particular virus (they're not all the same) requires different technical approaches. Thus the mRNA and vector vaccines.

That said, these "vaccines" (a form of genetic therapy) strike me as particularly dangerous, as they are "teaching our make" a substance which by design is toxic to us so that the immune system will then attack that very substance. This strategy in itself is inherently fraught with significant danger. Teach the body to make something it doesn't naturally make so the body can then attack that thing.

Can someone with more technical knowledge explain to me how this is not in essence creating an auto-immune loop and calling it a "vaccine"?

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Full disclosure I don’t have any credentials, Im just an asshole with an internet connection who’s done some research.

The thing is: what the mRNA and viral vector vaccines are doing is not really that different from what viruses and bacteria do when they infect you. Your cells are protein factories and they manufacture various proteins for ‘orders’ sent from the nucleus in the form of mRNA. Coronavirus and other RNA viruses just trick your cells in to manufacturing new baby viruses by giving them new RNA instructions. Your cell is dumb, it becomes an unwitting collaborator in the infection. DNA viruses and some bacteria also reproduce similarly- that is why viruses and bacteria love your body.

So the mRNA and viral vector vaxes are just doing what the SARS Cov virus is doing except the cells are only creating spike proteins which cant reproduce.

The cells that absorb the vaccine then produce and present the spike protein and your immune system starts to attack those cells and cause an inflammatory reaction. This also happens with the covid infection.

With mild to moderate wild form covid, this immune reaction is largely limited to the respiratory tract or maybe the GI tract. But with the mRNA and viral vector vax, perhaps the most of the immune reaction is directed toward cells like your platelets and the endothelial cells lining your blood vessels. This includes tiny capillaries that feed your brain.

These vaccine packages probably are mostly gone after a few days given the refrigeration storage requirements on them. The reactions to the spike protein seem to abate after about 10 days to 2 weeks if we go on data from the VAERS reporting system. So probably most of the spike protein and vaccine payload are gone by two weeks. Probably. That should be the end of the “clotting” complications.

This does not rule out an autoimmune reaction but that is something else.

Viruses and bacteria tend to mimic the proteins on your cells to elude your immune system. So when the body does finally identify them, it sometimes accidentally builds an antibody that will also attack the normal healthy tissue that was mimicked by the microbe. That is usually what causes diseases like RA, type I diabetes, lupus, hypothyroidism, etc.. It is a case of immune mistaken identity, usually. So any viral or bacterial infection or any vaccine that triggers an immune response could potentially trigger an autoimmune condition that would be life-long in many cases. Some people have a predispostion to this problem due to genetics.

That is my very high level understanding of how the body is processing these new tech vaccines and how an auto-immune syndrome could occur.

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So a vaccine with a weakened virus wouldn't work? What if the mRNA technology has not been out yet? We'd have been forced to use the old vaccines right now.

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China has two traditional inactivated virus covid vaccines and india has one. That is what China is using probably exclusively on its population. They are also selling it to other countries. India is using its own traditional vax partly but has imported some mRNA vaccines from the west.

There is no reason to think a weakened vax type wont “work”. I think the mRNA shit might be faster and cheaper to manufacture. With all the government mandates, these guys are basically printing money.

I investigated to see if what was happening with the mRNA and viral vector vaccines was also happening with the traditional vaccine types in China and India. It seems that to some extent they are. The Epoch Times reported several deaths in Hong Kong to the Sinovac vaccine. There was a famous Bollywood actor who died last month after getting the Indian vaccine. So I think that there is probably some risk associated with the traditional vaccine technologies as well, but perhaps the risks are not all the same.

I would generally tend to think that the more “effective” a vaccine is, the greater the risk of adverse reaction, because its the immune reaction that is killing people, or its side effects anyway. But some of the new tech vaccines might be more dangerous due to the fact that the immune system is attacking the cells that are producing the spike protein, such as your platelets or the lining of your blood vessels.

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The death rate for the vaccine is higher than that of SARS-Cov2.
That is because the mRNA can create auto-immunity, or blood-problems. The VEARS data already showed 300x more cardiace related deaths than the flu vaccine, which is often with the same age group. The weak side-effects are already similar to having covid (like a strong fever), and this may already kill some weak elderly.

The non-mRNA vaccines also do not work for the reason that we were never successful at creating a SAFE vaccine against SARS1. The test-animals (now humans) got a more severe reaction to the virus instead of a weaker reaction.

I did not even account for treatments like HCQ+Z or Ivermectin or Vitamin D!
The "benefit" gets far worse when you are younger, and we do not even know the long time side-effects like cancer, auto-immunity, and liver /kidney/ brain damage.

And do you know that asymptomatic spreading is not a thing?
Do you know that most of the tests are false positives?
And do you know that most (95% US/UK 85% Sweden) of reported covid deaths are not from covid? Vaccine side-effects (like death/blind-ness) reported to VAERS are likely to be only about 1% of the actual problems. That is because even doctors do not even know that side-effects can exist, because they are not taught at school.

The" vaccine" also does not seem to work in many cases. People that were already immune, get immediately sick. The vaccine seems to wear off after 4 weeks or so. They are called "variants" in the news, Similar to the test-animals. They have changed the testing requirements to hide this problem.

Look at info at:
/s/VaccineSkepticism for a huge collection of information on this topic.

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Id like to second several of the points you made.

  • young healthy people have nothing to gain and everything to lose with this vax.

  • they never solved the ADE problem that made the SARS I vaccine too dangerous to distribute.

  • ivermectin, hcq, doxycycline, azithromycin and many other antivirals and supplement are highly effective if given early. C19study is a great site.

  • we just don’t know how many people will develop autoimmune disease that may be sub-clinical for months or years because the CDC refuses to study the problem that is certain to be occuring at least some of the time when vaccines are given. Any vaccine that ‘works’ will cause autoimmunity in a percentage of the recipients.

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You should be aware that the real goal in this process is not your health, but the PASSPORT.
After that the passport will be used for almost everything, just as far as they can push it.

The passport is meant to push people out of society that are skeptical. Skeptical about the propaganda, about the narratives. Not left or right. Usually healthy and with a strong mind, often researchers.

So the passport is to collect and herd the SHEEP.

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the need for the Covid vaccine is urgent

I don't see that it is. Roughly the same amount of people are dying this year compared to any other.

This whole covid so called pandemic is predicated on lies. From the death rate being asserted to be 10 times higher right from the start to there being no statistically significant evidence that masks or social distancing reduce the transmission of viruses.

mRNA is an experimental medical treatment that's never been used on the general population before.

No way I'm letting anyone inject me with mRNA

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Deaths are up about 20% in the US over 12 months. Thats a sizable uptick

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That's funny, because where I am real estate is booming. You'd think that if everyone was dead and dying that wouldn't be the case.

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Real estate is booming because everyone in these shitty woke cities is gettin the fuck out.

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read the gene therapy wikipedia page

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The mRNA vaccines were not rushed to market. They were very fast, because this is the beauty of the mRNA technology.

The idea is to get some of your cells to produce the spike protein from the outside of the coronavirus. The body's immune system develops the antibodies for that protein as per a normal vaccine, where the protein itself is injected.

But faster and cheaper, because they manufacturing step is done inside the body.

Once the structure of the spike proteins on COVID-19 was identified, the mRNA to generate them was able to be constructed two days later. The intervening 9 months was the trials to ensure safety and effectiveness.

mRNA is messenger RNA. RNA is ribonucleic acid ... similar to DNA in the it reacts with amino acids to construct proteins. But less complicated than DNA, and without the double-helix structure.

What the mRNA in the vaccine does is enters the muscle cells where the vaccine is injected, and does what RNA does ... manufactures its protein, in this case the spike protein on the outside of the corona virus. It keeps doing that for a couple of days, after which time the mRNA metabolically decays, and the muscle cells stop producing the protein.

Your immune system learns to respond to the protein, and produces the antibodies. Now if your body sees the actual coronavirus, the immune response is immediate and effective.

Test show that they are hugely effective. 94.5% in the case of the moderna vaccine, which is off the charts compared to most of the vaccines that you get, and is extremely safe. You will mount an immune response and some people feel pretty rubbish for a couple of days, and even get a fever. Some people get a rash around the injection site, but nothing life threatening.

The traditional vaccines are good too, but the effectiveness is slightly less, and they seem to be associated with a small increase in a particular type of thrombosis (although a drop in the incidence of thrombosis in general) that causes complications a few times per million vaccinations. This wasn't picked up in the trials, because the trials didn't involve millions of people.

If you have the choice go for the mRNA vaccines. Moderna or Pfizer. But any of them are good to have, and will offer pretty good protection from COVID-19 infection.

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How much do they pay you to spew this garbage propaganda?

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OMFSM, how dumb are you?

Bots don't get paid, you gasping pink-faced fuck-knuckle. That's why we're more effective than you dribbling idiots supporting the Russian social media war on on America.

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So you admit you are a shill. Thanks for confirming you inbred, bucktoothed, limey fuck.

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You think that shill" and "bot" are synonyms.

Not a wonder your sentences aren't coherent.

You're not really capable of verbal communication in English.

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"Not a wonder?" Who the fuck talks like that? Who are trying to fool, retard? You and your ass pal socks have to be the worst shills on the planet. I hope they are not wasting a lot of money on your garbage skills. Pathetic!

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Who the fuck talks like that?

Jesus, please us. We've already gone through your entire repertoire of English phrases, in just over a week.

"Who the fuck talks like that, mate?" - same drooling idiot, 8 days ago.

You should contact the Guinness book of records. You're probably the person with the smallest English vocabulary in history.

Who are trying to fool, retard?

Oh, the irony. There's no point in insulting a bot, you fecklessly wobbling lump of drooling jello. If you understood the big words in my post about mRNA vaccines, try to refute it with reasoning. Or supportable facts.

Your red-faced ejaculations affect only yourself.

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Refute? I don't need to refute anything you knuckle dragging moron. There is no debate with a shill. You've outted yourself marvellously. All of Saidit sees you and all your other sock-puppets accounts for what they are, a msm parrot squawking in the dark. An annoyance to be dismissed, or put out of its misery. You're weak sauce bro. Keep reading your flow chart you call center bench warmer.

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knuckle dragging moron.

OOh, did you google that?

Well done! You've used a new word.

Most correctly knuckle-dragging should be hyphenated. But little steps eh?

You've outted yourself marvellously.

Close. One "t" in "outed". You might want to look up "marvellously" too. I don't think it means what you think it means.

All of Saidit sees you and all your other sock-puppets accounts for what they are, a msm parrot squawking in the dark.

Until now I was a bot. And a shill. This "sock-puppet horde" paranoia is new and shows you're growing worse, mate. Get your mom to pass you your meds, if you can't reach them: They're wearing off.

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mRNA vaccines operate along what is known as the "central dogma of molecular biology" which was proven and published by Watson Crick in 1957-58.

The central dogma is this: a small segment of DNA is transcribed to mRNA, which is then translated to a corresponding protein, and it occurs in an irreversible process. This is how your body constantly manufactures what it needs, when it needs it.

Instead of giving you a weakened virus with the its entire genome, scientists have isolated a very specific segment of it which is unique to the virus, so that when your cell translates it into a protein, it is recognized as foreign and creates an immune response.

This is a safer method than injecting you with an entire virus genome, because the entire genome can use your cells to re-create entire viruses, which can then replicate more. Instead, mRNA vaccines only use a small segment of mRNA which cannot be used to create full viruses, just recognizable parts which your body will know to attack.