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There is a distinct change in flavor from pre shut-down to post shut-down. Interestingly, M7 is still out of action. Given that he "was" saidit, this is a huge question mark. It does feel like some action has been taken to neutralize the value this site provided.

What a shitty world this is so rapidly becoming... it was always a shitty world in most of it, of course, but there used to be areas that rose above. The past twenty years has seen a concerted and largely successful effort to crush the last bastions of individualism. Join the borg or die.


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seems those that have not chosen have the hardest time, GOoD or dEvil?

so many don't even know it is a choice

if you waver between the two, as most do, you have no power

evil people have the power of deception, but it only works on those inbetweeners

those that carry their own light make those folks run away as if you had injured them

usually it won't be obvious, they will just leave your presence

more need to be fully on God's side, meditate, read spiritual texts ..

define your own 'religion' .. only you can do it, following others is recipe for what we see now

if you do what YOU think is right, and then listen to your heart about how you feel.. it will tell you if you are on the Good path

if you are not (NO SHAME) shift to the right path you now see, condemnation for that which you didn't know is silly

condemnation for what you ignore.. is self inflicted

alright, hope you pull something from that.. or now you will call me crazy and I will return to my happy life and ignore you.

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You are not crazy.

Finding the path you describe is the first step.

But even once found, staying on it requires a lifetime's discipline. So many holes to trip and fall into between "beginning" and "end"...

Thanks for the slap. Friends don't let friends wallow...

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Thanks for the slap. Friends don't let friends wallow...

I love this!

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i seriously dont know why you guys dont move this site onto the darkweb/dot onion/tor network.. You would have no hosting fees and pretty much no problems with any silly hosting provider to shut you down..

you would be responsible for paying for bandwidth, but this can actually be operated from a netbook that uses a hotspot connection, which would mean that the entire site could be operated for about fifty bucks per month!

and the entire site would be portable, meaning that you can move the netbook and the phone that provides the hotspot data and the site would continue operating seamlessly.

you could point to a simple blog page that provides instructions about how to download tor and also gives the dot onion address of the site.

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Shill brigades for sure. Agency of employment is still unknown. When you keep offices hours, and use green accounts, it becomes pretty fucking obvious what your up to. Fuck all shills!

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It happened around the same time as the fighting in Israel, too. I am not assuming a connection, though. I personally think the Chinese or Russian governments would have more interest in meddling on this forum.

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Like whom?

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Whomstest ever mayeth op speaketh of?

I was camping for a few days, I'm kinda visible here.

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I knew you were still active, plus saw you on the old.reddit site that D3rr redirected us to. I was speaking of not only M7, but also the iron left, Panzerfaust (who chimed in here in comments already), and certain newer "trouble-maker" accounts. I didn't know if I was seeing something that wasn't there, but others here have noticed, too. Maybe we'll get back to "normal" in a few days.

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Plot twist: the iron left are sock puppets of M7 and this is all a very elaborate psyop. We have yet to discover the purpose of it. It may take 10 years for everything to come to light.

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I don't know about the iron left, but M7 has to have alt accounts so he can comment anonymously. I hope you're wrong because it would be a loss of innocence for me in a way.

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You're taking me far too seriously. And m7 posting anonymously is a possibility, but you'd think he would've given us a status update under his main account. Even TAM reports she hasn't heard from him. He's probably missing.

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I did.

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It's a snowball effect, some people got banned, m7 was paranoid long term users were part of the iron left, the same people drove users off, the 4 day outage lost some, and then there's so much less voices here, people like me don't have anything to respond to. So it gets very quiet.

I think we dipped below a critical threshold of users for a bit, but I see some new faces too so maybe it'll recover.

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Maybe you're right. I don't know what happened and was hoping others saw it and had some insight or even guesses.

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If any of them reappear working for the feds ( we wouldn't even know./s

Lot of wackos screeching about conspiracies, eugenics, and governmental illegitimacy. This is definitely one of the sites on the fbi's radar by now. I wouldn't be surprised if a few users got arrested for saying or posting something stupid on occasion.

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M7 used to post a monthly warrant canary.

I haven't seen one recently, and that is concerning.

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I hope M7 and his family is ok. I think he said he had stepped away while his mother had surgery the last time the site went down. Someone is still paying the server bills.

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I hope so as well

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Oh. Oh fuck.

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I like this comment under that video:

"These OP names are so good. I’m convinced that there’s a team on the fbi’s payroll who’s sole purpose is to come up with cool names for operations."

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I still believe a hypothesis such as yours isn't that easy to derive.

Classical statistics: You are observing two maybe three variables showing comparable behavior in continuity. So you conclude they are causally linked.

Usually they ain't. Either there is some deeper variable showing the same behavior behind this or it is what it is: Coincidence .

Now for the joky part: Correlation usually wins because it is easy to prove.

Causality loses because it mostly never even gets near to an idea of a proof.

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I haven't made any hypothesis. I simply noticed that around the time of the latest server disruption that some regular posters or commenters (and the owner of the site) went dark. The "posts to the top" stopped, although I've seen the vote brigades start back up yesterday. I made this post to see if anyone else noticed and had any insight.

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Panzordog alike name user has deleted his account he was posting good stuff about website and cyber stuffs I am missing him

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Panzerfaust, not Panzordog.


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And RealPanzer before Panzerfaust. You are one of the missing who I noticed.

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Name account names please!