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I guess you're assuming that Biden won't run in 2024? Because if he does, then of course Kamala Harris could not or would not run. Then she could run for president in 2028.

But if Biden signals that he won't run in 2024, then sure, she would likely be the Democrat nominee. If she lost the election, would Biden resign in November so she could be a lame duck for a month?

No, that would never happen. It would be a direct contravention of the will of the electorate. Congress would never go for it, and it would be a huge risk for Democrats for no gain. If voters were likely to care enough about the first female president to reward Democrats for such a maneuver, well then they would've elected Harris.

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I like your answer.

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The real question: Can America survive till 2024?

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Thumbs up for the first smart question i am asking myself.

Maybe i turn the spotlight on "else" places, but you get the picture.

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Is it doing so badly?

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If Trump doesn't run...

Biden isn't going to run in 2024, he won't be strong enough to defeat just about any serious Republican challenger even if he was physically and mentally up for a second term.

That's a huge problem right now, the right has a ton of former liberals like myself who will be voting with them because we don't like the alt-left in charge.

The idea was they'd just run Kamala, but they don't want another Hillary and it doesn't look like she has or will have the popularity either.

I think what they're going to do is both step down, pat themselves on the back for "Saving Democracy from Trump," and cry behind closed doors. Leave the race to challengers who actually have a chance.

If Trump does run they gain back a lot of the lost liberals who dislike Trump so Kamala will be a viable candidate.

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I like this answer, too.

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If Biden dies yes, she'll be president.

Can she be elected? Well the left basically controls all social media and most of the internet...

But the right is at fault here, of course letting all these silicon valley businesses own 100% of the internet...

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the media was unanimously in the tank for Clinton, and she still lost

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The big difference is that you could be Republican on social media. Try to be openly Republican on reddit or Twitter now. I mean, why are we on that sorry ass website at first place? Because you can't say what you say here on reddit,twitter and co today.

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They tried to run an unpopular candidate because she wielded the considerable Clinton political capital they have. She was owed. I think you both have good points, but Hillary should never have been a candidate and hopefully they won't make that mistake again.

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She is already the President.

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Who needs elections when you have Amendment 25 and dementia?

They project and telegraph everything they plan. The past is prologue.

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I think Kamala is there to make people feel relieved when they swap her out for Tulsi ‘CFR’ Gabbard.