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1967 here. It was such a better time! Men whistling at women in the street. The women appreciated it as a compliment and men knew how to be manly.

Media-wise, in French we had "La cage aux folles" which were a series of French movies completely ridiculing homosexuality. EDIT: While looking up that link, I just realized there was a US version made in 1996 with Robin Williams, Gene Hackman and Calista Flockhart.

In the 1980s, when I was a teenager, TV showed "Three's company" which today is non-PC. It was possibly the most entertaining TV show I saw until the recent mega-productions by streaming platforms. So basically homosexuality was fair game, and ridiculing it was all good fun.

Kids playing in the street. Me, playing with my friends, dog in tow, no leash. He was the nicest canine, too. One time this strangely dressed but nice man asks me if that's my dog, then asks me to show him my house. He gave my parents a fine for the dog going without a leash. First time I or even my parents ever heard of that then-new regulation. Sigh.

When we moved a couple years later, said dog would go on 2-3 day long outings by himself from time to time, returning home hungry and happy. Those were the days. Nowadays if your dog barks people call the police on you because they're scared.

Kids walking everywhere. At age 8 my parents thought nothing of sending me walking one mile on a country road to the store to pick up a few things for them. Nowadays if your kid is more than 50 feet from you it's a case of criminal negligence.

Neighbors talking to each other, even baking a pie to welcome the new neighbors to the area. Nowadays around here at least, they might file a complaint with the cops if you say hello. Bake a pie? They'll put it in the garbage straight away, suspecting it might contain razor blades or poison.

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Kids walking everywhere.

I don't think its a perception, I think crime is much higher now than before. I'm in my 30s and I remember there still being a lot of places where you could live without having to lock your doors or car. I often heard older people talk about how they uses to live like that but over time thier neighborhood changed. Those are nearly non existent now. I think it's because the country used to be 90% white and now it's more like 60% white. I suspect it will continue going down hill.

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"the" country... sigh.

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If you want your country to matter make it relevant.

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I think it's 65-70% white when you include Spaniards and Portuguese people. But, I also think there's loads of people that are part white as well, so at least there's mulattoes and mestizoes ig.

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Late 60s birth here. Blazing Saddles always comes to mind for me. That movie was genius, and represents the poster child for humor that goes absolutely over the heads of those in the current left. It was liberal in its time. Remarkable.

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It's still liberal. Capable black man defies expectations. It's still a modern trope, think of everything Will Smith has ever done.

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Gay bashing and segregation. Chickenpox parties

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Bashing? How abhorrent.

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I still got away with slapping my female bosses' asses in '98, and that barely flew then. I think it's safe to infer that was more acceptable back in the day.

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I ____ my female bosses. In Spain e.g. . And i "get away with it" even now.

One of these gals or should i write horse(?) wanted to marry me.

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Oh yeah I can definitely imagine! With intersectional/4th wave feminism, they would go on tw@tter and #metoo with that.

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People in blackface well white people, tolerance of different opinions.