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I don't know if anyone claimed they were?

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Wind, solar, geothermal, electric vehicles... The energy all needs to be stored in batteries. And they don't last long. That's a lot of lithium each person is going to be burning through. And mining lithium isn't clean. Also, recycling lithium is not cost effective, it's 6 times cheaper to mine new lithium.

So we're going to have a lot of lithium waste, an element that has a pronounced "mood stabilizer" effect on humans.

Just seems like we're trading one problem for another.

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Two of those are a few years old and while they don't not work, they work poorly and wastefully.

The red one is part of the new ones that just came in. It's smaller but a 1100mAh battery, the bigger one I think was only 650mAh even though it's bigger, but it was older tech. I might be wrong.... I got those long batteries a while ago.

Of course those claimed ratings aren't always true.