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To think a lot of the technocratic normies obsessed with TikTok are the same people who reference Idiocracy against others. People intelligent enough to reject globalist dominion and medical tyranny are labeled "anti-vaxxers" and "rednecks" and such and called "idiocracy" and laughed at --- while the people laughing are effectively robots with no meaningful life skills, and in the next breath are eager to tell you a list of a dozen Hollywood retarded shows they just binge-watched. They're worse than Idiocracy characters because they serve an entity that isn't stupid and that seeks global dominion. Normie neoliberal and "progressive" brains have no limit to their retarded enslaving consumption and regurgitation.

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They're worse than Idiocracy characters because they serve an entity that isn't stupid and that seeks global dominion.

I heard a theory that there's symbolism built into the TikTok operation.

The masonic black and white... Father time...

TikTok.. TikTok.. TikTok..



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This Poppy video makes more sense now. It was creepy at the time.

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Slaves to the same system that will destroy them...the progressive movement succeeded in keeping people away from real issues such as Talpiot, KGB and multipolar world order.

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The "Woooo!!"-faces in the YouTube thumbnails were the tell for me.

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In Idiocracy, the people are genuinely something like <70 IQ (Considered far below mentally retarded). On TikTok, you have many "Modern" Americans. You decide how close that is.

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These relatively new forms of social media (esp. past 20 years) show what most of us really are much of the time.

Especially since the 1980s there have been some approaches in movies and literature to revealing the banality of many of our conversations and social engagements. Writers and directors like Lynch, Tarantino, Richie, Waters, Anderson, Vaughn, Coppola (?), Mike Judge, &c have included very simple, normal discussions in their movies as a way of authentically furthering other aspects of the plot, unhindered by clever dialogue.

For a historical trajectory of development, see Auerbach's 'Mimesis', where one sees examples in literature of an increasing interest in selfish personal motivations. By the 1980s this developed as a focus on personal feelings, emotivisim and narcissism, even if these were nonetheless latent in people. TikTok reinforces this constant narcissistic desire for self-actualization, and is thus fundamental to the approaches in the movie, Idiocracy.

TikTok is evidence that many of us are immersed in a kind of Idiocracy, albeit an old trend. Mike Judge has commented on his approaches, noting that he writes about his own experiences. (Some of his prophetic approaches are noted here: .)

It's also important to look at what Fox has done since the early 1980s.

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It's the new 'normal', dude.

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I just look at the tits.

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Wait theres tits on there?

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There are tits everywhere. There's practically one tit for every person on earth.

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I prefer them in pairs tho

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Sighs... Yes.

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No. it mainly proves, that sad old boomers jerk off to sad old porno.