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I will vote against Biden or whoever the Democrats run.

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"I never vote for anybody, I only vote against."

With Trump gone, it seems that more normies are shaking off the TDS and questioning the insanity of the Dem's platform. Trump is too polarizing and too easy for the corporate media to demonize. I would honestly prefer it if he didn't run or get back into office.

That being said, I would vote for Trump against the Democrats if it comes to it. But I will never ever vote Democrat again.

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Yeah, it's tough. Because I agree with that point. However, on policy, Trump was better than any Democrat or Republican in my lifetime. He's literally the only President in the last 30 years to not start a new war. Even Democrats seemed to largely like his policies when polled about them with Trump removed from the context.

But I'm not sure simply not having Trump will removed TDS. Some of Trump's polarization was media created, and will exist with any Republican President who shows even a little backbone. I'm old enough to remember Bush Derangement Syndrome, and Bush, as bad as his policies were, was an excessively polite politician.

You could pick a "politically correct" Republican who plays by the media's rules and doesn't make waves. But they'll also end up being a weak and feckless President who doesn't get anything done, and ultimately loses the political culture war.

I do think Trump fought some battles he didn't need to fight, and gave the media more ammunition than they needed. But also ditching Trump to appease the media feels like a fool's errand, since no Republican will appease them.

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All good points. If Trump played his cards right and listened to Steve Bannon instead of Jared Kushner, he would have been a very successful president and even might have been re-elected. Sounds like America needs to fix the media problem first.

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Nope. I will protest vote Libertarian for the foreseeable future.

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what if the libertarian is the babyraping kind of libertarian?

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Those kinds of wackos don't tend to make it very far. But in all seriousness, I won't just vote blindly. The previous two candidates really resonated with me, that's why I voted for them. If I'm repulsed by the next candidate, I will consider the Green Party candidate. And if I still feel like none of my options represent me I will submit an empty ballot.

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Baby rapper? Like Lil Wayne?

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Not American, but I would definitely prefer Trump over Biden. I would also prefer someone like Trump over any politician in my country’s government.

However, Trump still has problems. He supported lockdowns and vaccines. He even made fun of Ron DeSantis because DeSantis refused to disclose his vaccine status. On top of other failures and errors of Trump's presidency:

  • The drone strikes on Syria. Thankfully he stopped doing that.
  • His lack of reaction when Erdogan sent his bodyguards to beat up protestors in Washington DC.
  • His lack of action on censorship by big tech firms. He did not care when Alex Jones, who promoted Trump, got banned from social media. Many other Trump supporters got banned, and Trump didn’t care. Until he got banned. All of a sudden, Trump wanted to do something about big tech censorship, but it was too late.
  • The only Trump did go after tech was TikTok, which wasn’t censoring Trump supporters, until after Trump went after them.
  • Trump ignored the beatings of his supporters on college campuses.
  • Trump banned criticism of Israel on college campuses.
  • Trump supported bump stock bans.
  • Trump had Soleimani murdered, the Iranian general who was going after ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
  • Trump appointed Mark Milley, who introduced critical race theory into military curriculum, and who is more loyal to China than to America, to the point of treason. Trump was warned about Milley, yet he appointed him anyway.
  • Trump also recommended the re-election of Lindsey Graham, who stabbed Trump and his supporters in the back. Lindsey also called for the assassination of Putin, because Putin was committing half the crimes Bush, Clinton, Obama and Biden were committing, which Lindsey is perfectly fine with.
  • Finally, January 6. Trump encouraged his supporters to come to DC to protest the election meddling. And we all know what happened then. Many protesters got arrested, and Trump threw them all under the bus. Yes, it is their right to protest, but Trump should have known there were glow in the darks in DC looking to disrupt the protest and cause even more trouble than is worth.

I say that Trump is better than Biden, but that doesn’t mean Trump is any good. Trump was weak, always listened to his son-in-law, and was clueless to how bad things were getting under his presidency. Trump must do better, or else some other candidate should run against Biden or Kamala in 2024. Now, I’m aware that Trump would have been able to do better if the Republican Party wasn’t cucked.

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Excellent list. I like Trump, but those are most of my criticisms of him as well.

Trump had Soleimani murdered, the Iranian general who was going after ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

You could be right, but I think that's the only one I partially disagree with. Soleimani was no saint or hero, and I doubt he was in Iraq to help Iraqis. Even Iranians were destroying statues of him after his death.

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Soleimani was no angel, but at least he was invited to Iraq. Unlike Bush or Blair's militaries.

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You left out how he was complicit in the election fraud. He warned how the democrats were going to *cheat and did fuck all about it to prevent and after had crap counsel argue it to intentionally lose and prevent real lawyers from presenting and winning.

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Trump really is that incompetent. Definitely not fit to return to office.

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I would never vote for Trump again no matter what. I would vote for DeSantis or Tucker Carlson.

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Tucker Carlson, who said it's wrong, blasphemous and sinful to suggest government involvement in 9/11. Don't fall for the controlled opposition, you should know better. Voting isn't going to change anything.

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That's interesting. To be fair, that's an old clip, back from Tucker's days on MSNBC. His views have likely changed a little since then.

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I'll admit that I don't see any red flags in his contemporary reporting, but in the above clip he outright discredited the guest using propaganda techniques, which is what the CIA instructed people to do. It's that one step further than saying it's unlikely that the government was involved. His fervor about the subject gives it away.

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True. Although if Tucker were still parroting CIA talking points, he'd be like Hannity and calling everyone a traitor for not wanting to nuke Moscow while giving Zelensky a 100 virgins to deflower.

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All pointless because no one understands the real enemy is the criminal mafia that call themselves congress. You can vote for Trump all you want they will just shut him down like they did last time.

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That’s a good point. Republicans controlled Congress in 2017 and 2018, and the wall still wasn’t built. It doesn’t matter who sits in the White House.

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Not American myself, coming from an opposing culture and never planning to visit the west.. But Trump did far less harm to the world than any other president.. So the odds of him coming back strong are really high and I would definitely cast my vote to him if I was american.. The only man who had balls to initiate Afghanistan withdrawal and suggested Iraq withdrawal.

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Nope - I will not vote for a traitor. I will vote for the opposite of a traitor.

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biden is the traitor

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Seems Biden is doing what many want him to do for the US, in his limited capacity as Pres.

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didn't know people wanted america to be ruined

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That's an interesting question. I, personally, write in candidates. I don't think I've voted for a (R) or (D) candidate on the ticket in the last 40 years.

Biden was a very mediocre candidate after the disaster that was Hillary. I think Bernie would have been a decent Populist president, but all of Congress (along with the DNC) would have been pulling against him, so he would not have gotten much done.

People voted for Biden simply because he wasn't Trump. Now that Biden has shown that he's not a very good President and he puts corporate interests in front of the people (as we already knew, but it pissed off the progressive far Left)... we are setting up a stage for Republicans to do very strongly in the midterms. Would Trump win in '24? I don't think so, since we know all of his true colors, but he'd make a showing. I think Biden would have to come to the table with something new in order to pull off a definitive lead.

I think almost any other Republican (other than race-to-the-bottom Idiocracy types like Marjorie Taylor Greene) would make a stronger showing than Trump. He has pissed off the Left, the Center, and even his own on the Trump Right wing of the GOP. His own people say that he doesn't pass his own purity tests as their Fuhrer. So I do not believe he'd win a fair fight if it was held today.

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yes but it won't matter since the election will be rigged again

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it won't matter since the election will be rigged again

This is really it.

To me, the logic is simple: if they could deny Trump an honest, legitimate win, then I don't see why they wouldn't do it the next time around.

And if he did win, it would be because they allowed it, and decided not to pull another steal.

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rigging is just going to be the norm going forward unless the people decide enough is enough

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And then the elections in Belarus become legitimate all of a sudden.

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Not this time around. We are too far down the slide to make any pick in R or D woth a shit. They are all on the take. Trump was a normal cocky business man with a bunch of money who got in office and did right. He was good for the first two years, then I think the machine got to him. They corrupted him just as all of government does from the people really running things.

It will be a toss out, but everything with an L nest to it gets my vote.

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I live in Canada and in this country, if you say anything positive about Donald Trump, that brands you officially a terrorist.

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And here I was thinking Ireland was bad. Saying anything positive about Trump here will get you yelled at, but people with TDS will think you’re just stupid. Not a terrorist. Well, at least not yet.

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I don't see the point anymore. The myth of honest, clean elections in the USA was shattered in November 2020. They rigged the election, and denied Trump his rightful win. And they'd just as easily do it again.

A big fundamental problem is the people, both elites and rank-and-file. They are so corrupted that they will employ outright fraud to deny someone they don't like victory. We live in a very bad society where such people who lack standards or principles are the norm now.

As far as I'm concerned, it wouldn't matter if every election from now on were legit -- because if you allow a fraudulent election to take place without rectifying it, you really can't expect, and don't deserve, an honest election to put a real leader in power.

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I think that was part of the intent.

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Isn't there any fresh blood in america?

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No. I have always voted third party, 24 years and running, and I likely always will. Do not vote against something you disagree with, vote FOR something you agree with (note I did not write someone). End the Coke/Pepsi paradigm.

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Hell and yes.

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Most definitely, though I doubt they will let him run in 2024.

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No because I am currycel and don't want to get mukducked

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2016 - Stalled and became misdirected. Too local, oppositional advantage. Failed to stab the beast in the heart.

Deserves another chance.

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Punch up (North). Not down (South)

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Lead towards unity. Not division

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Be humble. Not boastful