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The ruling class is implementing their plan to move to a CCP-style central control grid. The Information War has gone hot. If I wanted to be optimistic, I would say it looks like they are losing, but we're still in very early innings in this, and they have victories to their credit as well. The greatest tool we have is their own egregious lies. Never let one go past without pointing it out. Not even a little one.

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Remember to archive all of it as well. Screenshots and sites like Then compile tons of examples like and use that as a very hard redpill. Can confirm, the terf site IS effective.

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Except alt news has been doing that one to DEATH and look where it lead us! The funny kicker is the Conservatives did what the left did in 2016 which was they celebrated their parties A WEEK ahead of time before the official count. The left did it assuming Hillary had won to the point they made an animatronic for 'The Hall of Presidents' based off of her a few days before the election count. Now fast forward to 2020 the Conservative party (if they really ARE that anymore) all feasted and paraded the comment boards of Trump's winning LONG before the election count also.

It feels like both sides do what they accuse each other of doing (more or less) to a different degree.

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election count

Stolen Election

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I'm talking about before we know what the results are. We didn't know it was stolen till AFTER the official time. Until that time comes you CANNOT legally say he is or isn't the President. I'm sorry but that's the way it is. Sounds like you were one of those I mentioned that partied hard before the official count was up!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Since you mentioned not to let any lies go without pointing it out, I'd just like to point out that the CCP-style censorship is slightly different than what the globalists are implementing. There are certain parallels (obviously censorship is censorship)

A CCP-style internet is to keep 1) CIA-backed fake news from spreading, 2) maintain social order. There are, of course, situations where their use of censorship is questionable, especially with the latter justification, but they also justifiably censor out a lot of CIA-backed movements. There's also an illegal business in China where you can hire private companies to hack and delete social media posts. The CCP have been trying to crack down on that recently.

The globalist style of censorship is largely to maintain their fake 1984 Truman Show reality that the internet threatens to break. The fact that people think censorship has only been noticeable or increasing after Biden's inauguration is hilarious. There are many forms of censorship, including assassinating or imprisoning civilians for free speech, running mass astroturfs and sockpuppets online, controlling viral content, suppressing the truth by mass downvotes/algorithm manipulation/shadowbans/etc., spreading mass disinfo to hide the truth, global media censorship, paying bloggers/authors/journalists to discredit a truth, etc.

All of that has been going on for quite a while. I mean after hundreds of assassinations over the decades, you'd think the population would be pretty mad at their government killing off their own civilians, but nope. People still seem unaware that the government has been killing off people for speech they don't like.

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2 factors is what is causing this. 1. SJW's took over major servers like GoDaddy and targeted sites like Ruqqus to force them to ban speech they deem offensive which is usually right wing 2. Corporations selling out to China and trying to make their userbase CCP lovers by banning people critical of China.

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SJW's took over major servers like GoDaddy and targeted sites like Ruqqus to force them to ban speech they deem offensive which is usually right wing

Yeah, the ruqqus admins had no choice, the SJWs forced them to use discord all day long

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I lost a bunch of fun Zelda forums cause of this. They've all gone corporate sterile.

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Yes. It did.

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It was bad before him honestly. Ever since roasties logged on en masse

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But it was mostly limited to if you supported Trump or not. Outside of that you were usually given free will.

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When you can censor the president, you can censor the world.

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The last time the President was this much censored lead to the breakup of Ma Bell telephone company when the President was 'put on hold' during an emergency phone call he needed to get thru. That was the biggest thing that lead to the Bell monopoly breakup. Bell was like Google back then nobody could even compete without being shut down or threatened,etc.

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Ever since Ol' Man Biden been around I tell ya

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It was growing before then but the hammer really dropped after 2020!

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I don't think Biden is in charge, the cunt is in full control.

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Huh? I personally think Obama is in charge. He 'suddenly visited the WH but I think he's been there all along.

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Well it does seem like blacks have good control now.

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What do you mean by that?

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Look around, they go on shoplifting rampages and law does little to nothing, they riot loot and burn with ease. Plus this black judge is lenient on crime.

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It feels like a systematic attempt to kill off the white race. One day a ME effect will say whites never were in the majority and nobody will be able to dispute that claim!