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    Imagine thinking that white colonizers are any different from kikes

    Time to read up on the history of the British Empire and how they used minorities to break indigenous nations

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      Whites are "indigenous" too

      They lost that right when they adopted kike characteristics. The white man from Western Europe is now no more indigenous to any location than the Azhkenazi Jew, given that he has relied on nothing but Imperialism to fuel his economy. To be indigenous literally means to be have the greatest adaptations to survive in an closed-system i.e. self-sustaining environment.

      I presume there are some whites who actually retained indigeneity and did not rely on parasitism - though they must not be in large numbers, for Europe to remain Jewed so.

      White survival has nothing to do with imperialism.

      Piss off. Just as the Israeli Jew is as guilty of profiting from and perpetrating Jewish Imperialism over the Goy, so too is the White European guilty of profiting from and perpetrating White Imperialism over the Global South.

      The Global South will one day learn that a world without whites is a world without kikes, and a world worth fighting for.

      South Africa, Haiti, Zimbabwe.

      Europeans are not indigenous to any of those places, by the way.

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        is parasitism, not imperialism


        Keep denying that Western Imperialism is completely derived from Jewish Parasitism, and that Kikes are the ultimate Imperialists.

        have already sunk their claws into China and Japan.

        To this day, their claws are dulling and dulling. The number of Jews literally dropped over time in the PRC.

        jews will simply find a new host

        They physically cannot. Kikes are reliant on Kirbyan Mimicry to operate. Look it up.

        Why do you think people like Mark Zuckerberg are taking Chinese wives?

        Just because they try, does not mean they will succeed. Chinese people hate Jews and absolutely hate the idea of a Jew-like Cabal controlling their nation. If kikes try they will be fucked up badly and will end up in an even worse shape than the Manchus.

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        um...South Africa, Haiti and Zimbabwe isn't the homeland or ancestral land of white ppl. White ppl also run pedo rings there like on Bird Island. They traffic black kids through Soros and Clinton Foundations. It's why Clinton's NGO's tend to operate in nations that don't require birth certificates.

        Case in point, let's look at one of the countries you mentioned, Haiti:

        Last time I checked, Clintons are white. Nearly everyone on Epstein's list is white.

        The Anglo-Saxon Mission is to create a one world government dominated by white people.

        This includes inserting a contagious virus into China and having it spread to the rest of the world. Also includes depopulation, increased control over the population and increased control on social media. Posted in 2010:

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        More colored people than white people in the world. The white race is going extinct as many of them are trannies or gay with no choice but to adopt a foreign baby as white women get abortions because they are told to. Give a white man a brick and he'll build a house with bricks, give a black man a brick and he will destroy the white man's house and hurl bricks at his head. The more BLM riots the more small businesses go out of business. Wait until they start to riot in white neighborhoods. Murdering the white race until none of it is left. It is genocide by the colored people against the white people.

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        White ppl need to stop having sex with children and mate with ppl that have gone through puberty. That's how you procreate. Just stop sleeping with little boys or family members.

        Children spawned from incestual relationships tend to have a higher chance of deformity. I know you religious nuts don't believe in basic biology and that God miraculously inoculates you with babies, like virgin Mary who's also a prostitute, but that type of thinking is gonna dwindle your population. Survival of the fittest I guess, which u also probably don't believe in.

        White ppl are genociding themselves. Save the fucking children.

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        The New World Order is a bunch of pedophiles like Bill Gates and George Soros. They induct others into their child porn empire and kiddy fiddling.

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        I have often heard a theory that in ancient times India was white, but gradually the lower and darker classes multiplied more and more till the people who carried the Indian civilization with them were phased out. During the last decades we see something similar in Europe, with gypsies and other, more recent minorities multiplying more and more and whites becoming fewer and fewer and society going backwards.

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        yeah those were the brahmins

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        Whats so important about race?

        Being white just means youre adapted to living in the northern hemisphere with less sun and cold winters. There is really nothing more to it.

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          Yes exactly and although everyone can see that, it appears no one can figure out who was behind the decision to destroy European culture by opening the immigration floodgates or even how they could get the leaders of all those countries to agree to it.

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          Our adaption to certain ways of living is a part of ethnicity, not a part of race.

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          Race isn't necessarily important in everything, but I admit that I love the aesthetics of white features like natural red and blonde hair color and the pale skin look. I would love to find a good-looking girl with natural blonde hair and blue eyes, it's sad to see these features combo are rare and nearing extinct.

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          It won't exist. All my white friends on fB have one or fewer chirren....whilst all non-traditionally colored friends have a, raft-load....

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          It's not looking good

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          Caucasian society is on a decline and I'm guessing in 30 years or less there will be no "white" people.

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          Not good. Just look at your tv and see all the promotion of race mixing. Hollywood has it in for whites and is promoting black and browns non stop. I see that and I'm not even white!

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          We'll keep making vitamin d and inventing shit.

          Also,I really do think immigrant groups get paler when they move to a northern country. I have a picture of me nan at school and her class was 50% Jewish. Those Jewish kids in the 1930's look like Indian kids now.

          It's natural selection. Low vitamin d doesn't just make you die of things like covid more often but also effects mental health and even mental disabilities like MS.

          If you have a crazy or disabled person in the family that can hold back a whole generation. In India families they will even stop a child marrying so they can spend their lives looking after a disabled family member, that's them taken out of the gene pool.

          The you have the possibility the body can itself adapt its appearance to its environment.

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          I don’t think any race has a future. The ones who survive as part of the 500,000,000 slaves will do drugs and play a lot of video games to cope.

          There will be more East Asians because they easily follow orders from authoritarian governments.

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          Everybody turns white as they evolve, right? So, the same white people now ain't gotta be around for there to be whites in the future.

          Future saved.

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            I agree, I wasn't thinking of the old world though.

            The Mexicans are taking over as the new white people here in America. 70% of the "white people" in my county are Hispanic. I think it's great they're assimilating and adopting superior values.

            I'm for keeping Europe as an ethnozoo and restricting y'alls breeding to preserve your genetic diversity if that's what you want. Like Japan as an ethnostate.

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            In northern lattitudes

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            We won’t exist for long.

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            Quick find a gf

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            The majority of white numbers would decline and become extincted, if not in the more near future than in 30-50 years. There will be a few whites that do survive and they will replenish their numbers to grab an inch or so back.

            My opinion.