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No. And our rocket technology is rather primitive. We make big bombs of kerosene, liquid oxygen, or various nastier things that are open on one side: space rocket.

Do you know how nuclear energy works? We harness a nuclear reaction to.... Boil steam that turns a turbine. The modern nuclear power plant is a goddamned steam engine.

The phone though and computing... That's pretty impressive. You probably take it for granted you carry around a miniature computer and communicator. That's more advanced than The Original Star Trek's tech. The processing power in a phone is massively more power than anything they had for the first moon landing.

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This reminds me of a something Penn Jillette said. He was on an airplane with a guy who was complaining about not being able to connect to the on-board wi-fi. Jillette reminded the man of how far technology has advanced and that Genghis Khan would have probably given up all of his conquests for one ride in that airplane.

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It would explain the mandela effect, if true.