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Remember... The jew goal on these boards is to destroy intelligent conversation by posting petty, childish content, create infighting and brigade. They create multiple users then continue conversations with themselves trying to emulate a real user base. What's sad is posters like American Muskrat are high level trolls that have established user names so the line is constantly blurred. Admins have a hard time figuring out which mole to whack and sadly even if they do ban them it doesn't take long for them to sign up a new username.

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everything is the fault of the evil jooooooooos

most intelligent saidittor

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Everything is the fault of the evil Zionists!

Most insightful SaidIttor.

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I never said "everything is the fault of evil jews" but to ignore their clearly stated agenda to destroy the constitution and this country is a foolish thing to do. A strawman attack doesn't change it.

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If this is how you need to show people (((their))) clearly stated agenda then you should see a shrink

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Fuckin snowflake.

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Oy vey.....we found the jew shill account. You and your entire culture, your fictitious are the evil, the devil we all have been told about but only now come to know.

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I'm less Jewish than Adolf Hitler. Imagine being so obsessed by da joos that you see them everywhere.

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Look, this is going to hurt your feelings and I don't mean it to, but you post reddit tier garbage. Go post on Reddit. Or improve your efforts here.

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To go through someone's post history and judge them - that is the true Reddit tier Garbage

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I didn't have to look at his post history. Saidit is a small site and I try to read all the posts. For instance, you're the SEO guy. You wanted the sub and I said why not. I think I was named Mittens then.

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Ah yeah I guess that's true huh

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Why the name change?

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How very topical as it involves the recently banned u/socks. One of the co-creators of the site had changed his name to shoes to make fun of socks. I thought I'd continue the clothing theme so I made Mittens who lived all of one month.

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I agree. I haven't even done anything wrong other then wish for an alt to Reddit that isn't a shit hole and the comments on here prove that point still stands. The R/Reddit Alternatives have died because of the lack of a true alternative that retains the old Reddit feel that isn't a LGTB shit hole.

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????? Reddit garbage? Look in your own mirror dude! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Let's address your Reddit-tier questions

Least and most tyrannical providences of Canada to live in?

The answer to that is that for as long as bourgeoisie, imperialists and kikes rule Canada, it will be a tyrannical state. Doesn't matter where you go.

What would the 'Apocalyptic Difficulty' mode for this Ukraine war be like?

If you can only contextualize real life events in video game terms, perhaps you are the problem.

Why do so many rightwing people stick to the old stupid formula (word of mouth) trying the 1800s way of righting wrongs instead of adapting their techniques? They keep assuming most of the USA is a godly nation like their Conservative state is (which even there it's highly questionable)

First of all, your entire premise is false. They are not "righting wrongs", they are controlled opposition - an organ of Imperialists, to create a narrative. There's a reason why Marxist-Leninists call them "the Left/Right Wing of Imperialism" - it's because they are.

Second of all, any Marxist-Leninist knows full well that the "gay" culture war bullshit exists for the sole purpose of pushing US propaganda onto the Global South. Culture wars are fundamentally stupid wars, and the Imperialists know that, and hence neither side can "win", only appear to win.

Third of all, homosexuality would be purged long ago if the US was an Indigenous-run state. It's literally deleterious and even the CPC is purging it via. official censors.

Why does Fanfiction (pre 2018) have more full adventure stories for any given fandom and now it's mostly smut dumps and weird fanfic rants?

If you can write a full adventure story, just go indie. Why shackle yourself to a franchise when you can create your own?

Delving into fanfiction is the mark of an unimaginative mind.

I'm not even going to explain away your Reddit-tier love for the Zelda franchise.

Every single one of them is based on a false premise and/or calling Russians "Orks" or any stupid Reddit-tier rigged question.

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I understand your reaction. I am merely being blunt. I'll save this convo so I don't have to write it from scratch for the next guy. You're not the first one with this problem. You're writing Reddit style content. It doesn't work here. Maybe I should have gone with that to begin with.

Reddit is where reddit style content works. Otherwise you have to craft your message to fit your audience. There are other options out there for forums, but you'll still need to adapt to their communities.

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I remember when Aaron Swartz was involved with reddit, was a great place with actual free speech.

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I remember that too but I didn't know it was him. I just browsed it once in a while in my area of interest and knew shit was going down when it all become low tier effort. I at least talk about things most wouldn't where people seem to stick to the same topics.

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Even if you did find an alternative, all there is to see is people bitching about Reddit instead actually making good content.

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Exactly! And just news memes.

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Maybe you failed because you post low tier delusional nonsense like this one that addresses the war in Ukraine as if it is a video game.


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Or your salty about those who DO like entertainment on the side. The people on here are reflections of the bad part of society.

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The people on here are reflections of the bad part of society.

Confession through projection, or birds of a feather?
Ether way, you're here now.
Bask in your self-reflection.

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Wait, you're all the letters in the LGBTQAI+ALSEKJHQPOIWETRHNQAWILGJRDFVSDFJK insanity spectrum of leftardism, aren't you?

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It was just a silly question nothing wrong there that was related to the topic. Right now it feels for the Ukraine is on super easy level as Russia tanks get blown up left and right. You obviously never even TOUCHED a video game so you have no right to speak here. Be gone demon! If you played Age of Calamity Link can fight 100 Bokoblins in one hit much like how the Ukraine keeps whipping the ass of the Russians. The Russians act like the 'scary' Boko whatever they are called filling up the screen coming at you and you have your Shiekah Runes just wiping them out left and right.

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This site has discussions, even though its membership has largely dried up over the last 18 months or so. You just have to give yourself time for people to get to know you. You've been here for only 4 days.

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That's the thing. What do you think made the membership dry up so much? Would this be a good place to post any mod videos if not where? I want to show off some of the key differences between the original BOTW and Relics of the Past as YT's version has to have 2 hour long videos of guy's commentary and I want to change that by showing smaller segments. For example I want to show off the optional scavenger hunt where to find the Giant Ancient Cores and the challenges they pose.

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I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I think we've had a problem with trolls and shills, which is mostly resolved now.

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"This site has discussions, even though its membership has largely dried up over the last 18 months or so" You don't even remember what you just said? Geez who is the one on drugs here?

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I want to show off some of the key differences between the original BOTW and Relics of the Past as YT's version has to have 2 hour long videos of guy's commentary and I want to change that by showing smaller segments. For example I want to show off the optional scavenger hunt where to find the Giant Ancient Cores and the challenges they pose.

That. Gibberish. WTF are you talking about.

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BOTW Relics of the Past is a much harder and welcome relief mod of BOTW. What's gibberish about that?

There's only like 2 channels that do it but they have very long gameplay footages so if you just want to see what changed you have to shift thru a bunch of shit to get to the meat of it.

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OK so now we've advanced to the point where I finally know you are talking about GAMES. I'm a gamer too, yet I still have no idea what you are talking about.

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I just said it's a mod that patches over Breath of the Wild and IMHO it should've been standard all along/ Here's a blind playthru. The reactions are funny and so far he isn't naughty which helps too.

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What's Breath of the wild?

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 It only sold the most copies like ever! It charted number one for a damn long time due to the number of things players discovered with the physics engine for YEARS after the game got abandoned by Nintendo. I think it sold overseas even longer!!! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been a sales monster since it released last year. It sold just about ten million units worldwide in early 2018, smashing records and making BotW the best selling Zelda game if you don't count remasters (we all love shiny updates to our old titles, after all).

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As for what it is about Arlo (The cookie monster dude who reviews titles) has the best hands down review out of all of them as most mumble or never get to the point of the review. His 'Big Fat Review' covers all the aspects including for those who may have played previous Zelda titles explaining why it went the way it did in contras the the hand holding earlier titles. (cough) Skyward Sword (cough cough). Thankfully Skyward Sword HD fixed some of the annoying issues that plauged the Wii version but it still has empty skies to fly around in.

[–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) This is a playlist of the big fat review video broken into different parts due to length. Even if I didn't care about the game nor Zelda it would still be a very interesting video.

BOTW is a VERY interesting history to it especially considering Satori Iotwa the brains behind Nintend of the time died halfway thru causing a special horse to be placed in his honor and an NPC that looks like him. You can only go to the horse at night if your good enough you can even ride him but you can't keep him. Believe me I tried to register it and the reaction of the stable master was priceless!

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Also YOUR the one advancing enough to figure it out. I guess the drugs must've wore off. Almost everybody knows you can mod BOTW.

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No, some of us, EVEN A 40+ YEAR GAMER LIKE MYSELF, have no idea what that BOTW acronym means.

Interesting, isn't it?

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Weird considering it sold the most copies ever and even got decent mods including some full length dungeons that were never in the game. The modders stitched a bunch of Shrines together created some rather interesting full dungeons for that experience you never got to have. The first mod was a Sky Dungeon. Shrines are generally short but often clever puzzles to solve. I hate the ones that require motion controls so I skip them. Note in Skyward Sword you cannot skip nothing which is why BOTW got praised so well.

I don't get why BOTW fans never post online their discoveries outside of niche circles. Believe me when I say there's a damn lot to discover! I never could get into the other games as they are too dark and violent. BOTW still has some of the 'sadness' but also that cute Nintendo charm is still there at the same time. I really hope BOTW2 fixes some of the major glares (lack of proper dungeons) but not break what makes it work.

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Skyward Sword however wins hands down for the music department which BOTW fails at though the few pieces we get BOTW does a damn good job but some of it got a much needed facelift in the spin off Age of Calamity by Komi Techno. The reused pieces sound so much fuller in this game which makes me mad Nintendo keeps playing stupid mind games regarding the sequel that seems to keep being delayed. From the trailers it makes me wonder how little they are actually worked on it.

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BOTW was also both for the Wii U and Switch. Yeah the Wii U you know that console almost nobody had. Nintendo Pee U.

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I hear Saidit's pretty good.

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Try and or wizchan

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Since we're talking about alternatives, and one of these months I/we will get 2 Lemmy sites up - both self-regulated by their communities. TruthSeeker.Club for elevated discourse and TruthSeeker.Party for free speech folks and where we'll ban trolls to.

Rules will be clear, hard, and few.
Guides will be more grey, more arbitrary, and have many examples to try to be as clear as possible.

Besides democratically improving on magnora7's rules, openly and transparently with community feedback, perhaps it might be worth developing lists of things to avoid or embrace to improve quality content. Quality is more important than quantity, especially in these strange times, because whether you're in the rat race, busy with family, or a UBI NEET - we all only have 24 hours in a day.

Within this OP, a some things come to mind, proposed for your consideration and feedback (not close to being written in stone):

1) TruthSeeker.Party is free speech so these limitation guidelines don't apply there.

2) TruthSeeker.Club is the name, so truth-seeking should be the primary focus.

3) Avoid discussion of Reddit and/or pop culture (games, music, movies, TV, etc.), unless it directly relates to truth-seeking.

4) No humour or meme posts. (Share them on TruthSeeker.Party, and link to them only when relevant.)

Obviously some of these may put a "serious" damper on the .Club, as intended - but perhaps it might help people to manually separate the ephemeral fun stuff from the quality serious stuff.

Let me know if you like any of these guide ideas, if you think they're a recipe for disaster, or something in between.

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What if the post is a cross between humor and serious as it can't be all humor and serious all the time. Humans are not built that way but judging by most on here I guess they are not human.

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Your word craft, inner intentions, and facial emotions don't translate to text well.