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The ultimate meaning of life is to survive. When the zombies come, you will be the sum of all knowledge and experience you have acquired. As an atheist, I honour no god's, but a moral life should be sought to ensure ones survival. Live hedonistically when possible, what is the point in survival if the result is misery instead of happiness? I doubt we'll see significant advantances in society in our lifetime, instead just make the most of it. Eat donuts, get laid, have fun.

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Yes, and the easier it is to "survive" without challenge, the less meaningful life can feel. Would you want to be immortal? What would the challenge/meaning in life be then? Would procrastination take over as there was no expiration date on achievements?

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I'd argue that without challenge, survival would really just be existing. Jordan Peterson spoke in detail about the importance of delayed gratification and the reward in achieving that which you've worked for, and I completely agree. And yet life is short, it should be an enjoyable challenge without being purely responsibility which will itself become as unfulfilling as having no challenge at all.

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Non-morons should work on escaping from the doomed human gene pool.

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The conception is brilliant, didn't read all the details but it pinpoints the basic problem of the modern world.

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I'm down to join a eugenics positive community. But not in the "kill the undesirables" way rather the selective breeding and genetic selection kind of way.

Anyone else here think we should attempt intelligent design?

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My purpose now is to leave a legacy for my son so he can accomplish even more than I have, and he can do the same for his children. Community comes next.

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Seek wisdom, cultivate peace

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    It's what Rick Sanchez would do

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    This world is not the real world. We’re undergoing a test.

    Our purpose is to find God, know God, love God and serve God. If we fail the test we end up in hell.

    In the real world we don’t have to deal with scarcity to survive, women are capable of love, people do not sin, things don’t rot or fall apart if not maintained. The real world is where we find happiness.

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    Wake up Neo

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    God is simply the Creator of this world, and Satan helped corrupt it. The original program was a utopia.

    Satan now just tempts people into building their own utopia without the Creator, but his utopia sucks, since many of the bugs after the corruption remain, he just makes people think this world is the real world. One day soon the Creator will end this simulation and downgrade wickedoers into a reality called hell, and most of these wickedoers fail the test simply because the idea that this world is not the real world seems laughable, and they do everything, even evil things, to make their lives better, deluded into thinking their every thought, action, or decision is not being closely monitored.

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    pee pee doo doo

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    Great wisdom was spoken this day.

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    You must have a vast and magnificent estate,’ said Candide to the turk. ‘I have only twenty acres,’ replied the old man; ‘I and my children cultivate them; and our labour preserves us from three great evils: weariness, vice, and want.’

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    "To stop talking about what the good man is like, and just be one." - Marcus Aurelius.

    Summary of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius | (22 Stoic Principles) -

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    Can we free Assange & challenge the hegemony of centralised power & corruption? That would be nice.