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Yes, God will smite the modern scum.

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Yes. The existence of a Creator of the universe is obvious if you have critical thinking skills and understand the philosophy of physics.

Perhaps the term supernatural is misleading. Spiritual might be better explained as a higher dimensional existence than the physical universe.

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So everything needs a creator except The Creator?

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Yes, there has to be a first cause otherwise we have an infinite regression. Just like how you can’t prove anything in math without having unprovable axioms as the base case.

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If not everything needs a creator why posit one to begin with?

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Everything doesn't need a creater. Everything that moves requires a cause, except for the first mover, that does no require prior cause. Even in an eternal universe the cycle cannot begin without a first mover, without whom there is no change in the system.

Not posit, prove.

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Eternal means no beginning and no end, so you contradict yourself when you say “in an eternal universe the cycle cannot begin”.

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Could have existed forever but nothing would change because each effect would depend on a prior cause. The only thing that could set it in motion is a first cause, which by definition is not caused by anything else.

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If the universe has always been changing then by definition there wouldn’t be a first cause

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How can the universe always be changing if every event is dependent on being caused by something else? Without that cause it cannot cause anything else and is static

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Having no first cause is the nature of being eternal.

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I do not believe supernatural deities exist if that is what you mean. I mean they could, but I am unconvinced by the current evidence.

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Supernatural beings could just mean they live in higher dimensions than we can comprehend.

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no because I have a high iq

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Define God. Because a lot of people worship gods in a shape of drugs, gambling, fast cars, money, sport clubs, women, social media, governments ...

In other words, there are no atheists around as everybody has their personal god that they worship.

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Define God

supernatural deity

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Short answer Yes.


I was raised as a Christin. I attended a Catholic, Christin reform and (Sigh...) in the end, an Evangelist church. I also was part of an extra curricular group called Cadets which was like Scouts but with a religious base. I am well versed in the Christian religion.

TBH I hated all the churches. I found the people very hypocritical. When I was young I didn't understand that word so I call them two faced instead and that was at the age of just 8.

I was taught to pray every night to god and be thankful for what I had, and I always did. As I grew older I saw though the BS and have pretty much given up on churches but I hung on to the praying. It's evolved into less of preying and more of meditation each night.

I feel it's important to reflect on my day and give thanks that I live in a western country. Despite all my misgivings and issues, it's still an amazing life that the majority of people on this planet won't even come close to experiencing. It is this aspect of the religion that I feel is most important.

As for God himself, I don't think it's some guy sitting on a cloud watching and judging us. I do think there is something more to this life.

Much like trying to teach a sparrow calculus, a human trying to understand God is simple beyond us. I just feel there is too much that had to align for there not to be some form of intelligent design behind it all.

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I believe in God using its definition. Someone or something that can create sentient life, a creator, those aren't the words in the dictionary, but that's what it boils down to.

The Bible is a mishmash of pagan stories used to control people. The entire story of Jesus, the north star, the wise men, the Virgin birth, all of it is a collection of many Pagan religions that predate the Bible by hundreds of years.

I do believe this place is a construct. And it was created. For all I know this place is the hell you go to when you fuck up on Galgamek 13. It sure feels like it.

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Do you believe in punctuation?