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Banned for repeated TOS violations.


Good riddance to disruptive users who try to fuck up the site.

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It goes under crustybutt now, be careful

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Said Tucker Carlson should be murdered.

That's the "be kind" take from the left.

If you want tough love, I'm here.

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i want some of your tough love

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Banned, but still around contrary to what the others are saying

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socks was a schill that got banned.

nothing of value was lost

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Not least because he's still around.

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hard to get shit off your shoe

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he was executed by kamala harris for being exposed as a spy. his blood keeps her young. he was so, so young.......

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That's a shame he deleted that account, but he has plenty of others. He was banned for getting pissed off at Tucker Carlson and saying he should die. Seems a dumb reason to throw away a big contributor, even if most don't like his politics. Because while he is still here, he doesn't post or comment nearly as much. We didn't gain anything from the ban.

In chat yesterday, four of us had been banned. It's pretty ridiculous.

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What are you doing that's getting you banned? Maybe stop doing that.

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That was for arguing against bans, as I have argued against yours.

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I haven't done anything to get banned, unlike so many others who constantly harass the site's userbase.

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constantly harass the site's userbase

That's exactly what you do. You occasionally attack people baselessly in your posts. Accuse them of all sorts of unfounded things.

I haven't done anything to get banned

You drag discussions down the pyramid. You are the most egregious example of breaking that particular rule I have ever seen.

You post really good stuff tho, makes up for you having the personality of a wasp.

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LOL sure.

makes up for you having the personality of a wasp.

So do you realize you're using ad hominem attacks, breaking Saidit TOS, while accusing someone else of doing the same? Or not? It's a textbook example of psychological projection.

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So do you realize you're using ad hominem attacks, breaking Saidit TOS

That was how things were under D3 and previous admins. Magnora7 changed the rules, check it out. Now it's repeatedly dragging down the pyramid specifically -- which is like a neon sign pointing to you.

Incidentally, because of the shift in this interpretation of rules, calling you whatever name, not that I'd do that, fuck nugget, is actually not against the rules. I was actually removed from consideration for the content admins because I deleted ad hominem attacks. That's how we did it, but I guess m7 never wanted that? Idk.

I literally had to argue against your ban multiple times. It's crazy because not only are you a rude little shit to me, I also don't particularly like you. Still don't want you banned. I feel you are an asset to Saidit.


Well, you're almost right. We have both been afforded more lenient treatment than others. Our situations are not totally dissimilar, I'm certainly not perfect, but I do try to be nice to people usually. More or less.

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I haven't done anything to get banned. At this point you're just sealioning. Again.

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At this point you're just sealioning. Again.

Chipit's ability to reason fails, he throws out buzzwords hoping they distract.

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He's still here incognito ...still picking fights with his (or her) bullshit.