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Mention you want to kill yourself and take some people with you and they'll supply the weapons, target and goad you into it too.

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    Damn that's crazy

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      You're getting too paranoid. Tards gonna tard. Use common sense. Better yet, ask the rest of SaidIt for their takes for an open-source crowd-sourced triangulated perspective.

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        No I’m not.

        IMO, you are.

        People who observed a riot are sitting in jail.

        Yes. That was a psyop. The people who were there walked into a trap. Yes, tyranny is getting more extreme. People online have other things to worry about.

        This guy I’m talking to is from down under. They just took their guns.

        Australia hasn't had guns for a long while.

        You should start self censoring and don’t trust anyone onlinez everyone is going the way of china.

        Fuck that.

        I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

        Quality of life over quantity.

        Maybe I'm stupid. Maybe I'll live a shorter life. But I'm open about myself and views and hope it gives courage to others who can to do the same. Enough of us can make the change.

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          it seems to me the people who speak all the crazy online tend to be the ones doing all the crazy shit IRL. So when the FBI finds those people, they give them large stockpiles of weapons and give them a target to hit. Why else can you say all these mass shooters were known to the FBI? It's a fucking meme at this point. The Uvalde kid, no one has explained how an 18 year got like 10k worth of guns and ammo. Same with Buffalo. It doesn't add up, and the investigations don't even hint that they are even looking at that. I wonder the fuck why?

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          You shouldn’t meet up with people from said it.

          I would meet you if given the chance, you seem friendly enough. Yeah maybe one day we'll have a beer together and you'll show me how the world really works! The urge to meet new people makes people like me do desperate things.

          Don’t say anything like calls for violence. Don’t plan to do anything. And don’t egg anyone on to do something. And don’t be hateful.

          So in other words, I'll never meet a fed in my life? I just want a job, man! Getting paid to laugh at saidit people sounds like a dream job. I want to be a fed, I even added "police simulator" on my wishlist on steam so im pretty much qualified for the job.

          Be carful

          I'll be sure to do that. Vroom vroom! take car

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            ok brb

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              You can be honest with people when it benefits the situation, but yes, sometimes it's best to withhold some things from conversation and let them be.

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              if you have invisible people following you on reddit that you can't get rid of, it's probably a fed

              on saidit, you can probably talk to site_sux, socks (or w/e his alt account is)

              Possibly Jet199, cottoneyejoe.

              People pushing mainstream conservative conspiracies and ignorant takes on countries far far away (e.g. 1984's Eurasia and Eastasia) after being proven wrong are also very likely astroturfs.

              Some of the users have names associated with their astroturf program (e.g. an Elgin Air Force Base or military astroturf may have a username like "Fleet", "Jet", etc.)

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              i would also like the attention of a fed

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              Yeah the seventeen regular posters of this reddit-clone are sure to attract the United States' justice department's office of brandon-posting, q love and transphobia.

              Talk about an inflated self image....

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              No doubt that Feds visit this site just to check on activity or even just the climate. Whether or not they are active users here is another guess.

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              Really, you have no doubt that there's a team within the justice department who do rounds of twenty-member Reddit clones to "check on activity".

              How on earth did you develop a worldview where a statement like that leaves you with "no doubt"?

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              That's how they work. Do you think they sit around and wait for a "tip" to come in? Maybe they visit once a week, but this site gets enough traffic for them to visit. Maybe they even have crawlers that search for text and keywords and only bring in a real person when something pops up.

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              wait for a "tip"

              Yes, that's how I think they work, they deal with criminal complaints.

              And no, if you read the snowden leaks you would have seen - even with thousands and thousands of contractors they can't deal with every flagged statement that gets typed into the internet.

              "I'm going to kill the president with a bomb"

              That's not going to summon a human for review. It just doesn't work like that

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              We're going to have to disagree on this one and leave it at that.

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              Do you think I'm the FBI's most wanted muskrat at least? Perhaps my cooking is seen as subversive.

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              No. I think IranianMuskrat and ColombianMuskrat are higher on the list.

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              I think unless you're doing crimes which the justice department prioritise looking into, then you're not on their radar at all. Sorry to bear the bad news

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              I actually was briefly caught up in a joint FBI task force investigation once, they were going after a friend of a friend who was a meth cook. I guess they cast the net wide and were looking at everyone connected even though I had nothing to do with that. They got pretty much everyone too. Me and my friend just got followed around a bit by a 5 car tail!

              They stopped at a gas station with us once. We pulled in and so do maybe three of the SUVs with the super dark tink. They don't even get out of their vehicles. And we're just sitting there, not wanting to get out of the car to fill up with them flanking us. Eventually I said fuck it, if they're going to arrest us, we're fucked anyways. Filled up the tank, and had them all just sit there till they followed us out again.

              I got some practice trying to lose tails. The traffic here helps, even something as simple as an unexpected U-turn and it can be real hard to follow. But that's why they use multiple vehicles.

              People usually don't believe that story, they think the FBI would never do all of the sloppy shit they did, they'd be watching us with sophisticated technology. CSI effect.

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              ^ canned response

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              How did you determine that

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              Allahu Akbar! Sharia now! Islamic Emirate of the United States coming in 2030! Inshallah! Anyone knows a good carrier service to transport my uranium shipments between North Korea and Iran? I can pay with Bitcoin freshly extorted out of those Colonial Pipeline suckers.

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              Solicited gay sex? In particular, request 'power bottoms' with tiny dicks that like getting their prostates pounded into mush. Within minutes, you'll get private messages from at least a dozen or so FEDs, plus many more follow ups, for years to cum.

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