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Ignorance is bliss, if the solution is not easy. Ignorance is stupid if the solution is easy, I would reckon.

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Did you ever read Arthur Schopenhauer ?

He wrote down most of my thoughts about human beings, about 200 years before I actually could think them. He is like the father, I deserved but sadly never had. At least it felt that way, when I discovered his stuff for the first time.

"90% of human beings walking this planet are stupid." He has one really nice small book where he concludes this in very different but sound ways more or less in every chapter. It is one of my secret little favorite ones.

It is called "Aphorismen Zur Lebensweisheit" but sadly I can't find an English copy to download right now.

Imo, if you read some of Schopenhauers work, you don't need Nietzsche or Hegel. Schopenhauers deductions are totally down to earth and sound, imho.

It is even occasionally funny, which Nietzsche e.g. certainly isn't.

Even nowadays, most of us still do the same shit. If that isn't a clear sign, that humanity mainly consists of complete idiots and retards, I honestly don't know what ever even possibly could be.

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Idiots and retards most of the time, yes. Seems very pessimistic in my opinion.

I'll check out some summaries, when I can.

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"Das Leben ist kein Volksfest." translates roughly to "Happiness in life is sparse anyway you look at it" in context.

Very sad, indeed. But the purest truth nonetheless.

According to Schopenhauer, you free your mind by taking assumptions away. Not by adding them.

Things you add to your mindset, especially when "only" done implicitly, are like voluntarily put on mental shackles, so to say.