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If the West falls, at least software would stop decaying. Actually nothing would be better for the world than for the West to collapse. It has become a putrid depraved cesspool that only harms humanity. There is some hope that the Russian sphere may become a decent civilization.

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Fair enough. Maybe it will be Asia's turn to reign. China unchecked would just collapse itself in the process so I guess a global China that lasts a century can be ruled out. I'm not saying China would take over, they most certainly will but they won't be at it for long.

I agree with the Russian sphere. Europe Comics will be a thing for the world. Maybe English would stay the lingua franca and those European comics would be translated to English.

Japan and Korea would decide what to do with the world and maybe be a very dangerous opposition to China.

The Middle East stays destabilized. The Western European nations would scramble to repair the damage they caused. America is already in shambles and is probably between niggers, niggaz, crackas and crackers with the tacos and burritos interspersed between. Basically a hellhole. I wouldn't be surprised if they nuked each other.

To address what you said about technology, I guess so. Japan and Korea and regrettably China runs the technology world.

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the world would stop sucking ass and incelphobia will decrease

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Who says it hasn't already fallen?

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Well, you still have critics and Paris hasn't gone to total shit unlike San Francisco. Some niggers sure but not total San Francisco.

Maybe I'm just talking out of my ass. Maybe.