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Unfortunately the good stuff is buried under the shit stuff. For every real one there are 100 versions of varying quality that inject flaws and pretend to be the real deal, so when someone investigates they find the flaw and become convinced that the whole thing is bullshit.

The best stuff is usually from the sources that get slandered and censored, but a sheep will always disbelieve it just because the source is "not credible".

So I would suggest starting with things that are no longer conspiracy theories. Look to official sources and point out that at one point this was considered a conspiracy and all the official sources denied it. Literally everyone in authority unanimously denied it. Get him to understand that just because everyone in authority unanimously says something that doesn't make it true.

There are lots of declassified human testing like operation sea spray, syphilis experiments, mk ultra, Tuskegee experiments, radiation exposure experiments, etc.

All of the victims listened to thier doctors. They listened to the news. They believed the science. And because they never trusted themselves to question those authority figures they became victims and often died horribly.

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I like this idea. We need something like a ConspiracyFact sub or something to gather a bunch of the proven stuff.

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Watch project veritas videos with him.

They undercover record journalists to expose them. You hear their lies exposed for all to see from their own mouths.

If he denies video and audio evidence from their own mouths, then he cannot be saved

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Plus the many verified "conspiracies": big tobacco + doctors recommending them, tire companies getting rid of city transit, light bulb conspiracy, JFK, etc.

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The mainstream media has a way of contradicting itself over time. Just point out out those contradictions and try to appeal to his sense of logic in a non-condescending manner. I'm doing the same with my mother. She is aware that a lot of the agendas being pushed are bullshit. Godspeed.

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Ask your dad about the transgender stuff. If he finds it appalling, there’s your foot in the door.

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He's not a fan but it is presented to him as a tiny minority who are being oppressed by hateful bigots. When I explained the "Don't Say Gay Bill" he totally agreed with it.

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The Business Plot is an overlooked conspiracy that's directly relevant. The public would be told that FDR was sick and needed help from a sort of helper president (who would practically take over). When Smedley Butler, the front man for the coup, asked how they expected the public to go along with it, he was told: "we control the media. They'll believe anything we tell them". And indeed, after Butler defected, the whole affair was called a hoax in the media and Butler was vilified intensely, even though historians today can only admit that it was real, just not near fruition yet. This is one of those subjects of which even the Wikipedia page is helpful.

(Incidentally, this is relevant to the current situation where the president is going senile and is partially in deep fake mode. This was also preceded by an economic crisis (which warms people up to coups), as well as a lot of propaganda to rig the election, by making the public think it's necessary to have mail-in ballots, which enable fraud.)

The Wikispooks article I linked to references two Unwelcome Guests episodes. These are highly recommended (kudos if you get the joke). The website seems down right now, which happens rather frequently, unfortunately. I have these archived and I can upload them somewhere if you want.

There's a recent documentary called 2030 Unmasked. This one is good in that it brings him up to date regarding the covid psy-op without seeming hung up about it, since it's also, as the name implies, about the road to 2030. The subject is, of course, very politicized. Subjects that the media aren't touching currently are better as introductory material. Nonetheless, this one is also worth a try.

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Thanks Larry!

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Stop trying to get your dad's approval, he's an arsehole.

The Spectator and Unherd are good sources from the UK.

And if leave the Ukraine stuff alone. Many on saidit hate the West and their beliefs about it are driven by that and not facts.

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I'm close to my father, this is something to talk about over beers on the patio, not bitterly argue over. He wants to know, but collections of good links aren't really my thing. I find the news disposable, as it always keeps happening.

Many on saidit hate the West and their beliefs about it are driven by that and not facts.

The scuttlebutt, and this seems to be borne by the reduction in articles, is that we're distancing ourselves from Ukraine because a lot of that aid got pilfered and they're kind of a shitty government themselves.

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Fuck off scum.

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So rather than trying to get him to think like you why not let him live his life as he want's, are you a reddit admin.

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He wants to know. Perhaps you should not assume the worst.

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Who's asuming anything, I just said let the dude live how he want's. Not how the son expect's.

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You're assuming I'm trying to change him against his will. Don't be a negative Nancy and always assume the worst.

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So the title saying I'm trying to open my father's eyes to the lies of the mainstream media is incorrect, your not trying.

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-2 to your social credit

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So you are a reddit admen, poor snowflake.

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The media has repeatedly been caught lying about Ukraine. Remember snake Island? The Ghost of Kiev. The repeated claims the Russians for some reason keep shelling their own positions every time civilians or ukrainian POWs are killed by ukrainian munitions and missiles supplied by the US.

The great thing about using Ukraine to red pill people on the media is that you can watch their lies made and then exposed in real time. Like the current misinformation about Ukrainians shelling a nuclear power plant the Russians control, risking a nuclear disaster that contaminates Ukraine and parts of Europe.

The media initially claimed the Russians were shelling themselves again, but as its becoming obvious that makes no sense, they muddy the waters with bullshit headlines like Zelensky warning the world about a pending nuclear disaster in ukraine. Omitting that Zelensky is the one causing the fucking disaster in the first place by shelling critical cooling components at the plant.

Its also hard to red pill people on the media without bringing up Jewish media control. Its so central to whats happening and is fairly easily proven at this point. Anyone who understands ratios and proportions can at least understand their massively disproportionate media power. The famous charts showing all the major media owners, execs, editors and prominent journos who are Jewish at all the major media and social media tech companies is astonishing.

As long as u make it clear not all Jews are in on it and they dont all act as some hive mind, most people will acknowledge that theres something not right about such a tiny and often hostile minority having so much unchecked power.

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Just keep pointing out the inconsistencies in the media. They'll slowly figure it out as long they don't want to stay in the matrix.

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Watching CNN pander to BLM by saying that burning buildings and angry mobs looting stores and murdering people on the street was 'fiery but mostly peaceful' is a good start.

Watch the videos of the police letting in protesters into the building on Jan 6th then casually walking around like tourists within the rope barriers before leaving quietly. Also the fact that the media always refer to how right wing protesters had involvement in the fatalyon the day, but both that I know of were caused by the police themselves.

Endless amounts of information out there, but much of it is lost from YouTube and Google as it falls under misinformation and conspiracy, or fake news.

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That's often the angle I take but he sees Jan 6th as way worse, that it was an attempt to overthrow the government and the other thing was just blacks being blacks.

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Have you considered showing the previous protests where people stormed the building unarmed? This was of course not an isolated event and the left frequently do the same. The crowd was also unarmed and left without harming anyone or overthrowing the government. There's also AOC's statement which was found to be a lie, where she claimed her own security guard asking she leave to safety was a right winger trying to rape her.

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He knows, it's just in a different league to him.

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Hmm. One way could be to propose a simple test when trying to assess whether something is legitimate.

Firstly, is the test subject, in this case the media, a business for profit, gain or government funding? What do they have to gain? And what method would they use to manipulate gain, might they be trying to induce fear in the public, perhaps due to dwindling viewers?

Secondly, where does their funding even come from, for example, advertising revenue, and who is the major contributor? Pharmaceutical industries? Political lobbyists? The Clinton Foundation?

Realising that the media is only there to profit from people by selling 'ideas', not necessarily facts, exposes their lack of integrity as it is not material produced in good faith. Articles use words that exaggerate for emotive effect for this very purpose.

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Morpheus said that the mind does not want to let go with age. It will be difficult, but it is possible.

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OP, Your dad has willfully chosen to keep the blinders on. The MSM narratives are constantly changing. The narratives don't make sense and the changing narratives contradict themselves. If he has chosen to ignore all the illogical arguments and inconsistencies, it is because he wants to keep his bubble intact. At this point in his life, he cannot psychologically or emotionally allow any information in that will shatter that bubble. He will disregard anything you try to show him that goes against what he wants to believe to be true. If you alienate him by trying too hard to shatter his bubble before he is ready, he will hate and resent you for being the one to do the shattering.

At this point, there is nothing you can do but be patient and kind and try to focus on the things that you agree upon so that there is a high level of trust and mutual respect. The day will come when his bubble is shattered and he will need your help to pick up the pieces, and he will not turn to you if you haven't built the trust relationship.

You can give some gentle hints, though. Optimun85's suggestion was good, but only in the right context. For example, if he brings up the latest news on the injection, you can say something like "Oh, I thought the narrative was X, but they just changed it to Y, huh? The narrative changes so often that I can't keep up!" Like I said, provide subtle and gentle hints when he says something to indicate he may be willing to hear your words and not block them out.

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Just boom your way through it. So to say.

Best of luck in this endeavor.